Monday, September 01, 2014


Over a thousand people marched through the city centre of Newport, Wales, on Saturday at the start of a week of protests and public events to counter the NATO war mongers official summit to be held in the city later this week starting on the 4 September.

The Counter-Summit is being organised by British CND and Stop the War Coalition UK with the participation of ICC No to NATO, an international peace organisation based in Berlin.

 Full details of the public events can be found here:

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 The Summit was supposed to be a showcase for Brit premier, David Cameron to prance about with his NATO buddies and celebrate their "triumph" in Afghanistan but events have gazumped the proposed celebrations with the rise of the murderous "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria, a direct result of NATO's disastrous military interventions there and the chaotic situation in Ukraine following the NATO/EU sponsored fascist coup in February.

 Irish attendees will include veteran Peace activist, Margaretta D'Arcy, who recently served a jail term in Ireland for daring to protest against the illegal use of Shannon Airport by the US military with the direct collusion of the Irish Government, to their eternal shame. 80 year-old Ms D'Arcy is assured of a rousing reception from the delegates. Also attending are Roger Cole, Chair, and Dr Edward Horgan, International Secretary, of Ireland's leading peace group, Peace and Neutrality Alliance (see sidebar for link).

 The Irish attendance is timely as Ireland's Neutrality was under attack publicly this weekend where Brigid Laffan, a scurillous pro-Nato imperialist scumbag, was calling for an end to Neutrality "to stop Putin having a veto on where Irish peacekeeping troops were despatched". Meaning that the Russian veto at the UN security council could prevent UN  peacekeepers being established anywhere. Never mind that ending Irish Neutrality couldn't change the UN charter to remove any of the SC vetoes, including those of her NATO buddies, the US, Britain and France and if Irish troops were sent anywhere without the backing of a SC resolution, they wouldn't be "peacekeepers" any more but part of the rotten inhuman aggression of the NATO warmongers.

 The stupid waster, a disgrace to the academic world she floats in, overpaid and ensconsed in plushy offices, will never be seen in any of the miserable war-zones created around the world by her NATO buddies, nor in the desperate refugee camps with the millions of refugees who have lost their homes and family members to NATO's disastrous military interventions which they began with their attacks on Yugoslavia in 1999. Laffan was a vociferous ideologue supporting the Brussels Bureaucracy in both Lisbon Treaty referendums in Ireland in 2009/10 where she peddled the same lying nonsense she continues with today.

The Counter-Summit of mass popular opposition to the aggressive warmongering of the NATO war criminals, is a fitting response to the type of lying propaganda being peddled by the likes of Laffan and her ilk. Only by united peace actions on a world scale can the Warmongers and their miserable toadies in academia and the whore press be successfully opposed and defeated in the name of common humanity and permanent world peace.

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