Monday, September 29, 2014

A Weekend to Remember:


 Just when Brit Premier, Dithering Dave Cameron, was preparing for a triumphant entry to his Conservative (Tory) Party Conference in Birmingham (Brum to youse each), having saved the Kingdom from those ungrateful Scottish malcontents by securing a NO vote in the recent referendum, the clear blue sky was rent by two massive thunderbolts which turned Dave from dithering to desperate in just 24 hours.

Mark Reckless, Tory MP for Rochester (and no stranger to a bit of dithering himself) pooped on the entire weekend of his erstwhile Tory colleagues by turning up at the rival UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) Conference and announced his defection to the 'Kippers, as they are now known in the argot of the Brit tabloids and pub pontificaters.

 As if that wasn't bad enough, Shambles Saturday brought the resignation of senior cabinet officer, Brooks Newmark (don't ya just lurrv those public schoolboy names) who was caught in a "sexting" scandal which had been picked up at Rancho Notorious, Brit tabloid Sunday Mirror, from a freelance journalist who had contacted several Tory MPs besides Newmark, using a false female identity as "Sophie Williams". Apparently, Newmark was the only one who took the bait and began sending "Sophie Williams" bedroom pics of himself, pyjama clad with protruding male member prominently displayed. The imminent publication forcing his immediate resignation from the Government where he was Minister for Civic Society, one of Desperate Dave's favourite projects.

 There is a separate issue now arising as to whether Rancho Notorious was within journalistic ethics in going public with the story and this is sure to keep the matter in the headlines for weeks.

 The defection of MPs is the more serious matter for embattled Dave coming only weeks after MP for Clacton, Douglas Carswell also defected to UKIP. Both have indicated that they will be standing as UKIP candidates in the necessary by-elections now due as a result of their resignations. If both regain their seats as 'Kippers, this will be the last thing the Tories want in the run-up to the General Election in May, 2015. It will also encourage rather than deter other "ditherers" who might be thinking of jumping ship. The entire conference must now be a seething mass of suspicion and gossip as to who might be next to defect to the "enemy".
 Rumours abound that UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, whose sharks-tooth smile is ubiquitous on British television these days, has another high profile defection up his sleeve which might be announced on Wednesday as a spoiler against Desperate Dave's end of conference big speech.

The right wing, anti-EU, UKIP is showing 17% in recent polls and made serious gains in the European Parliament elections, as did other right wing demagogues throughout Europe. The shambolic Tories with their traditional corruption and dishonesty of false promises at every election are handing Farage all his opportunities on a plate.

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