Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scottish Referendum Rigged?


 70,000 sign petition for re-run:

Within hours of the announcement of the result of the Scottish referendum on Independence on Friday, allegations were being made of vote rigging, not only by the pro-independence 'YES' campaign but additionally by some international observers as well.

Several videos of the count process have begun to appear on YouTube and other social media in the last few days apparently showing serious irregularities in the counting process. These videos have been dismissed as "errors" and "misinterpretation" by apologists for the UK status quo. The videos also include a view of a count table which clearly shows bundles of 'YES' votes on a table labeled 'NO'. This has been explained by the apologists as uncounted 'YES' votes merely "resting" on a random table before being transferred to their proper location, bearing a quite uncanny resemblance to a similar incident in the European Parliament election in Ireland in 2009 (see below). And we all believe in Tinker Bell, don't we?

 (See sidebar video link)

 The petition, which was started by a 'YES' supporter in Rosyth continues to gather signatures but there is no clear legal route for a re-run except via a case for judicial review in the Scottish High Court.

 It wouldn't be in the least surprising that the power elite in Britain would conspire to undermine the Scottish attempt to achieve independence considering what would be at stake for the UK/EU/NATO warmongering alliance of an independent Scottish state whose leaders have already signalled in advance that they would remove the British nuclear submarine base from their territory forthwith.

 In Ireland we have had direct experience of skullduggery by the elite and their foreign cronies in the two referenda on the Lisbon Treaty in 2008/2009. In the first vote the Treaty was rejected by the people by 53.4% to 46.6%. This, to the elite and the Brussels bureaucrats was the "wrong" answer so a second vote was forced on the people in 2009 so that they could correct their "mistake".

 The anomalies in the second referendum were: while the first referendum had been designated the "28th Amendment to the Constitution Act" and followed in chronological order all previous amendments whether accepted or not, the same number was applied to the second vote also as the "28th Amendment" when, in correct order it should have been the 29th Amendment. What difference would this make? Well, it meant that used ballot papers from the first vote would be indistinguishable from second vote papers if laid side to side. Now, the law says that referendum papers must be officially be destroyed within six months of the poll. No certificate of destruction of papers from Lisbon 1 has ever been issued.

 The further irregularity was, that contrary to the Electoral Acts 1992/97, the ballot boxes for Lisbon 2 were delivered, not to police stations or Army barracks as the law requires, to be held there until the morning of the poll
 but to the private homes of returning officers two days before the referendum was due to be held. In another significant incident, two senior agents of the anti-Lisbon campaign had agreed with the National Returning Officer that they could attend the national count centre in Dublin Castle overnight and supervise the custody of the ballot boxes which would be stored there until the count began the following morning. But, when they arrived at the centre to take up duty, they were denied access by police and told to leave the premises or be forcibly ejected.

 The disparity in expenditure between the two sides was also glaring. The total budget for the second anti-Lisbon campaign was less than E10,000, whereas pro-Lisbon outfits, including EU funded "research" groups and corporate businesses like Ryanair and Intel spent in excess of E40,000,000.

The result, when announced was a complete reversal of the first vote with 67.1% for Lisbon and 32.9% against. People in various constituencies around the country were astonished in the reduction of the anti- Lisbon vote as they and most of their neighbours reported not having changed their vote since the previous referendum in 2008. Only two constituencies, in Donegal County, returned an anti-Lisbon vote as previously. This is, apparently, a glaring anomaly since all other counties switched their vote.

Some canny anti-Lisbon campaigners explain that the reason Donegal wasn't "nobbled" like the rest of the country was that an earlier inicident in the European Parliament elections where thousands of votes belonging to one candidate were found "resting" on the table of votes for another candidate (strange, how history repeats itself, isn't it?) was still under police investigation and it just wouldn't do to have another embarrassing "table switch" in the same county, would it?

Scotland, be brave, demand a full enquiry! Boycott the London parties and their business cronies until they come clean!

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