Friday, March 22, 2013

Cyprus Says NO! to Brussels Dictatorship



After several days of negotiations at the summit of EU leaders in Brussels, a deal on Cyprus was agreed by the Finance Ministers, including Ireland's Michael Noonan, on Saturday last, which was nothing less than a blackmail ultimatum of the type usually associated with the worst Mafioso Gangsters. The Cyprus government was told to come up with €5.8bn funds by literally robbing the private bank accounts of its citizens before getting a €10bn bailout loan from the EU and IMF. Banks in Cyprus were closed and are still closed as the shock wave of this monstrous imposition on the people of Cyprus spread across Europe.
The blundering gobshites of the Brussels Dictatorship, Barosso, Draghi and Rumpoy, had however miscalculated badly thinking they had intimidated a compliant Cyprus Government desperate for a bailout and were unprepared for the outraged reaction of the Cypriot people which forced the Cyprus Parliament to reject the blackmailers of Brussels and demanded an alternative solution to the financial crisis in Cyprus which is a direct result of the failure of the Brussels Dictatorship to properly handle the Eurozone crisis especially in relation to Greece.
In a historic event, for the first time in this prolonged crisis of the Euro currency and world Capitalism, an entire people have risen up against the Dictatorship of the thieving financial elite represented by the Three Stooges of Brussels and said an emphatic NO!

This is a profound political shock to the Stooges as they have succeeded in imposing their austerity agenda on the rest of Europe with vicious intensity and the actions of the Cypriot people is an example which they would fear more than anything else in the coming months. The Euro-Parliament, if it had any guts in the majority, should demand the resignation of these three bunglers and a complete reformation of the Commission and the other EU institutions which, since the Lisbon Treaty, have become seriously undemocratic and unaccountable as the opponents of the Treaty in the only country allowed to have a referendum on the document, Ireland, warned in the two referenda held here in 2009/10. Remember the lying slogans of the pro-Lisbon campaign? "For Stability, Growth and Jobs". We got no growth and no jobs and continued instability of the Eurozone.
Draghi, in two separate speeches Thursday last, addressed the 27 leaders of the EU and the 17 members of the Eurozone on the need to further drive down their labour costs and increase productivity. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, declared that Draghi’s “very interesting” reports made clear that it was “productivity levels and wages in a number of countries that were responsible for the high unemployment today.”

This brazen lie that "high" wages are the cause of unemployment is typical of the propaganda which accompanies the forced austerity agenda being imposed on Europe and elsewhere in trying to blame working people for the crisis of the financial system which has been authored by the Elite themselves with insatiable greed, corruption and fraudulent deals on fake credit which has been their regular practice since the banking deregulation of 1999 in the USA.

The delusion that productivity can be increased by lowering wages is again being peddled by the Elite and their Brussels Stooges. As if anyone would work harder for less money and longer hours!

Draghi, with brazen effrontery, has now given the Cyprus Government another ultimatum to comply with his extortion policies or be expelled from the Eurozone on Monday next. If the Cyprus people can hold their courage and continue to resist they can defeat this brutal dictatorship. Russia may yet step in and assist Cyprus to solve its financial problems. At a meeting in Moscow yesterday, attended by Barosso, Russian Premier, Dimitry Medvedev, delivered a scathing public rebuke to the Brussels Dictatorship calling their schemes absurd and unworkable. The spectre of increasing Russian influence in Cyprus may cause more sober reflection in Brussels over this weekend and force the Dictatorship to moderate its demands on the people of Cyprus to the benefit of us all.

Barosso, Draghi and Rumpoy Must Go!
Down with Brussels Dictatorship!
Restore European Democracy and Social Progress!
No to Austerity and Neo-Liberal Thievery!

Áth Cliath/Dublin
Márta/March 22/ 2013