Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nationalise the Banks!



The renegade Green Party, locked in a suicide pact with Fianna Fáil, is making a desperate attempt to retrieve its situation by distancing itself from the major policies of the Government as polls show the party at only 3% and its FF partners at only 21%, the lowest FF result in history. The Greens are now at the same level of the PD’s (the Nasty Party) just before they went out of existence last year. With 93% of Green supporters expressing dissatisfaction with the government, the Green parliamentary group have little room to manoeuvre having sold out on every single policy they had espoused prior to the 2007 general election which led to their death embrace with FF. The voters can now see that a vote for the Greens is a vote to keep FF in power, the most unpopular government in the history of the Republic which is clinging on to office with their help.


In an unprecedented move, Biffo’s scrooge government is to further raid the pockets of working people by backdating the increased income levies of the April Budget to 1 Eanáir/January 2009. This scandalous and oppressive move shows once again the contempt of these right-wing crony capitalist politicians for working people and their families who are suffering the worst effects of this capitalist authored economic crisis. At the same time the proposed reduction in Dáil members’ long-service payments and ministerial pensions for TD’s on top of their regular salaries has proven to be a misleading propaganda stunt. The proposed changes will not be implemented in the current Dáil but, must await new legislation in some future date, if ever.
The decision of the ICTU leaders to re-enter discussions with this miserable Government, which have amounted to nothing but abdication by ICTU of its primary duty to defend the interests of Trade Union members and their families, must now be questioned as there is no sign of any leeway being given to the interests of working people and the agenda continues to favour the wealthy parasites who, with government collusion, brought about the economic crisis. ICTU has some leverage now as the Biffo Gang are facing local and European elections in only a few weeks and are desperate to get a semblance of national consensus before then. No such escape route should be provided for this gang of desperadoes.

Labour Party Leader, Éamonn Gilmore, has finally moved the Party into a clearly distinct position from Fine Gael by calling for Bank Nationalisation. Although the Party motion in the Dáil was rejected, the political impact in the coming elections will give the Party a clear position to fight from in the interests of the majority of the people. This stance is welcome but should be extended to clear declarations of economic and social policy that leave no doubt in peoples' minds as to what Labour would do in government. An end to the disastrous neo-liberal economics of the past 12 years; no more privatisations of state assets and public utilities, no privatisation of Education or Health Service or domestic water supplies as facilitated by the damnable Lisbon Treaty. State subsidy of employment instead of dole money. A viable State Bank to provide credit for development enterprises and small businesses and the safe custody of working people’s savings and pensions. Ireland’s resources to be used for the benefit of the Irish people and not for the enrichment of corporate gansters.

Sack this scrooge Government! General election NOW!
Make the Rich pay for their Crisis!
Vote LABOUR and other Left in the Local Elections!
Vote only for Euro candidates who oppose
the Lisbon Treaty!
Nationalise the Banks!
FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 19 Bealtaine/May 2009.