Monday, July 13, 2015

Shootout in Mukachevo:



On Saturday last, 11 July 2015, the Western Ukraine border town of Mukachevo, in the region of Transcarpathia, about 30 km from the border with Hungary, experienced a firefight between Right Sector militants and local police. The militants were surrounded, and the police called on SWAT reinforcements and the National Guard. They entered into negotiations in order to have the Right Sector lay down its weapons. In response, the Right Sector alerted all of its forces in Ukraine. and claimed to be withdrawing its battalions from the frontline in Donbass.

The firefight in Mukachevo started on Saturday around 2pm. About 20 camouflaged Right Sector militants drove into the town in cars bearing Right Sector decals. According to the Transcarpathian Region Prosecutors General Office, they scheduled a meeting with local inhabitants in a local cafe where the firing started. Rada (Ukraine Parliament) deputy Mustafa Nayyem reported on facebook that the meeting was to occur in the Drakon restaurant, but was eventually moved to the adjacent Antares sports complex.
"Both of these establishments are owned by Rada deputy Mikhail Lanyo," reported Nayyem, who arrived in Mukachevo in the evening in order to establish what had happened. 
"They walked up to the door and asked the security person to summon Mikhail Lanyo. After an exchange of words, the security person was shot in the head. He is now in a coma in a critical care unit. The Emergency dispatcher received a call at 1:20pm that camouflaged individuals had closed off the Lermontov Street. Vitaliy Shimanyak, the city police chief, arrived at the scene. He was issued an ultimatum to disarm. When he refused, firing broke out--Right Sector fired in the air and detonated a smoke grenade. SUVs rammed a police vehicle and a chase ensued," Nayyem writes.

Transcarpathia, formerly part of Czechslovakia (1918=45). Seized by Stalin in 1945.

The vehicles reached the town's outskirts where the police organised an ambush at a gas station, blocking the street with their own vehicles. But, the criminals shot up the cars with kalashnikovs firing from the Right Sector vehicles. Local inhabitants said they could hear rifle shots and grenade explosions. A gas station on city's outskirts caught fire.

"We know there's one critically injured individual with a head wound. Five SWAT police and one driver suffered wounds. A grenade launcher was also used, according to paramedics," locals reported. 

In Kiev, Porky Pie Poroshenko soon issued a statement ordering the MVD to arrest perpetrators. MVD head Arsen Avakov quickly issued a statement that the militants were surrounded and were being asked to surrender. He confirmed the militants destroyed two police vehicles and described the casualties: four locals and three police suffered wounded, two of them critically. Right Sector representatives said later that evening that the police had opened fire first and without warning. RS chief for the Transcarpathian Region Aleksandr Sachko appeared on TV Channel 112 and explained that there was a third party participating in the fighting, other bandits against whom the Right Sector was fighting. "Unfortunately the police supported the bandits...opening fire on our militants. The bandits didn't want the Right Sector in the region," Sachko said. Right Sector press service also announced its losses: two killed and four wounded. "Having evacuated both the dead and the wounded, the unit fought its way out of the bandit encirclement and withdrew into the mountains," says the Right Sector press release. (Incidentally, Rada deputy and Avakov's advisor Anton Gerashchenko announced three attackers were killed.)

The entire RS was put on alert. "Special operations troops are being put on alert in order to destroy our comrades. If it happens, it will set off an irreversible process. We won't allow anyone to kill off our comrades," says the RS announcement. The RS release also names those whom it considers the participants in the Mukachevo clash: Rada deputy Mikhail Lanyo.
"Our demands are as follows: an immediate public arrest of Lanyo, who personally participated in the events, the arrests of all the bandits and police who opened fire, and those who gave the order," says the RS announcement. RS representative Andrey Sharaskin clarified that the Mukachevo blockade is due to smuggling which was allegedly interdicted by the RS militants. He said that RS leadership received threats due to its attempts to stop smuggling operations. This was contradicted by locals who stated that the RS gang came to town to collect “protection money” from Lanyo and associates alleged to be the main organisers of smuggling in the area which has become rampant since the Kiev Junta bankrupted the Ukrainian State.

In the meantime, Mukachevo saw a special operation unfold in full swing. The RS militants were blockaded in a forest or, according to other information, in the sports complex. An operational HQ was established in the region whose staff includes one of SBU deputy directors. Special operations troops and National Guard have been deployed there. SBU representatives called on the participants of the firefight to lay down their weapons and surrender. It was refused by the Right Sector. It appears that RS leader Dmitriy Yarosh and a member of the Junta, was on a vacation. He announced at 8pm on Saturday that he was going to Kiev “in order to avert bloodshed”. Right Sector representatives scheduled a meeting in front of Poroshenko's administration for 8pm and their supporters began arriving in numbers and started blocking off streets in the area of the Kiev Parliament building.

Negotiations with trapped RS militants continued in Mukachevo. Gerashchenko wrote on facebook: "I was reached by phone by the commander of militants blockaded in Mukachevo, callsign Letun, who requested to be connected with SBU counter-terrorism center leadership in order to enter into negotiations to end the armed standoff, render aid to wounded militants. I did what he asked." He believes that the situation will be resolved in a matter of hours in a lawful fashion. He also said that the smuggling claims will be investigated. "All the media-announced information concerning possible police protection for smuggling operations conducted by Mikhail Lanyo's associates and his boss will be thoroughly checked by the SBU and the MVD as part of the counter-smuggling operation," Gerashchenko wrote.
Nayyem also wrote that the locals say the conflict concerns the smuggling of cigarettes. "Local inhabitants' information indicates that all the parties to today's conflict are complicit in smuggling. Some were doing the organising, others collected protection dues, yet others provided security," Nayyem wrote on facebook. He noted that the smuggling involved sending the cheapest sorts of cigarettes from Ukraine to Germany and Italy.
"In any event, it doesn't justify the Right Sector's use of heavy weapons on peaceful territory," Nayyem wrote. He called on Yarosh and Lanyo to explain to the public what had happened in Transcarpathia.
Explaining the attitude toward the RS, Gerashchenko said: "MVD is not fighting against patriots." He also said that the police had the right to open fire on people armed with grenade launchers.

"The police have the duty to prevent armed clashes, no matter who the participants are. And to use weapons in cases where the law allows it, including when its officers are fired on by grenade launchers on the streets of the quiet Transcarpathian town of Mukachevo.
The most recent information suggests that three people were killed and 11 were wounded. 

This event shows that the Kiev Junta is riddled by criminals, thugs and lawless mercenaries which has more in common with the Mexican Drug Cartels than a civilised European country. It seems not to bother a whit Mrs Merkel’s “principles” in regards to bailing out Greece, paraded to the world’s media this week in Brussels, when it comes to handing over EU taxpayers money to the criminal Junta in Kiev without any “conditions” or “rules” whatsoever.

This event is bad news for Washington and their muppet in Kiev, Poroshenko. For the last two years Washington and the Western Whore Press and TV have been claiming that the Ukronazis don’t exist with even the BBC broadcasting programs portraying the Azov’s and Right Sector as Ukrainian “patriots” defending Ukraine’s "territorial integrity" against “Russian aggression”. But, this propaganda lie is no longer tenable and expect a sharp switch in the Washington line shortly in order to shore up Poroshenko. It may be too late, of course, if the Right Sector goons go crazy on the streets of Kiev and start shooting up the population. Then, the whole house of cards of the Junta and its hangers-on will rapidly collapse. Incidentally, only Russia Today and Euronews reported Saturday's events; nothing on Sky, BBC or the rest.

The Junta has nominal control only in areas where they have concentrations of troops or police. Elsewhere, it is local administrations and militias of various stripes holding sway, some supporting the Junta and others remaining neutral to see which side comes out on top.

Even that situation is deteriorating by the day:

Ukranian Tank Battalion send message to Poroshenko.

Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 17th Tank Brigade of the UAF announced they will not follow their commanders' orders in a video address to President Petro Poroshenko.

The tankers called on the president to deal with "the anarchy which is unfolding in the army," stating that over the course of the year their unit was never rotated, and when the brigade commander decided he had enough, "he simply shrugged his shoulders and went on leave,"

"We don't give a shit about our superiors, just as they don't give a shit about us--we'll ignore their orders and we won't give up our weapons, you shouldn't try to disarm us. We're ready to demobilise and we'd be ready to give up our weapons in that situation, but if they try to take us by force, we'll fight them", the soldiers stated.

Have a nice day, Porky Pie!