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Former Brit Prime Minister, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, died early Monday, 8 April in London from the affects of a stroke and promptly divided the country as she did when she was alive. The usual gang of sycophants, who expressed admiration for Dame Hilda's combative class war policies, queued up on British TV channels to whitewash the monster's career and attempt to give a veneer of humanity to the personality who made it her mission to wipe out effective trade unionism in Britain along with the consensus Welfare State established in 1945 by the post-WW2 Labour Government.


Never an economist herself, Thatcher swallowed whole the Neo-Liberal fantasies of the US right-wing and continued to parrot the same ideas throughout her time in Downing Street(1979-90) until she was unceremoniously dumped by her own Conservative Party in 1990. Hailed today by the sycophant circus in London as a politician of "conviction"; so was Hitler, so it depends on the content of the actual "convictions" whether this appellation has any worthwhile meaning or not. She did succeed in doing something Hitler failed to do with his Luftwaffe and Blitz on Britain during WW2, that is, destroy Britain's manufacturing base which Thatcher did with the stroke of a pen with her "privatisation" programme of Britain's major traditional industries like shipbuilding, steel production, vehicle manufacture, aircraft design and manufacture and of course her greatest "triumph" the destruction of the coal mining industry, producing large-scale unemployment and the heartless wiping out of communities and even whole towns in those areas of the country dependent on this industry.

This correspondent is proud to have been a member of the Dublin Council of Trade Unions during the 1984 Miners Strike in Britain, when we organised two ship containers per week, one to Liverpool and one to Cardiff each week while the strike continued; filled with food, clothing, household goods, children's toys and other requirements for the miners and their families to counter Thatcher's aims to starve the strikers into submission. We also arranged for the transfer of NUM funds to Dublin banks where they were safe from confiscation by Thatcher's kangaroo "Industrial Relations Court", staffed by legal muppets of the Tory Party intent on trying to bankrupt the Trade Unions by confiscating their funds. Despite an attempt by Thatcher's government to sequester the funds in Dublin, the Irish Courts refused to comply as the Irish Republic's constitution forbade the confiscation of private property.

Thatcher aligned herself with Cold-War Washington, especially the Reagan regime which had the same dogmatic character as herself, supported the continued possession of nuclear weapons (the Trident submarine fleet bought from the US cost £12Bn) and NATO's first strike policy; During her first year as Prime Minister she supported NATO's decision to deploy US nuclear cruise and Pershing missiles in Western Europe and permitted the US to station more than 160 cruise missiles at RAF Greenham Common, starting on 14 November 1983 and triggering mass protests by the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; indulged in flag-waving anti-Soviet and anti-communist/socialist rhetoric at every opportunity all in the name of "freedom" and "liberty" but, had no compunction in offering political and military support to such odious regimes of murder and oppression as Pinochet's Chile and Botha's Apartheid South Africa. Also as noted in today's bulletins from Tel-Aviv, she was a firm supporter of Zionist Israel and its brutal oppression of the Palestinian people. Freedom and Liberty how are ye, a dyed-in-the-wool hypocrite never advancing an inch beyond her petty-bourgeois madam's restricted view of the world in general.


In the Falklands/Malvinas war in I982 following the invasion of the islands by the Military Dictatorship then ruling in Argentina, Thatcher achieved further infamy by personally ordering the sinking of the Argentine Navy light cruiser General Belgrano by the nuclear submarine HMS Conquerer, despite the fact that Belgrano was leaving the conflict zone and returning to port. Three hundred and twenty-three members of Belgrano's crew died in the incident. Over 700 men were rescued from the open ocean despite cold seas and stormy weather. The losses from Belgrano totalled nearly half of the Argentine deaths in the Falklands/Malvinas conflict. This callous act caused the Irish Government, then led by Charles J. Haughey as Taoiseach, to withdraw its support for the EU imposed sanctions against Argentina and led to a bitter diplomatic hostility between Dublin and London while Haughey was Taoiseach. Despite railing against the military dictators in Argentina, Thatcher hypocritically continued to rely on the neighbouring odious Pinochet regime in Chile for intelligence against the Argentines and territorial backup for stray British aircraft having to land there during the conflict. When Pinochet, under threat of arrest for war crimes by courts in France and Spain arrived in London years later, Thatcher was the only British politician to provide accommodation and a welcome for the despicable war criminal and murderer.

Thatcher entertains War Criminal Pinochet in London.

Thatcher's policy in Northern Ireland was an unmitigated disaster, prolonging the conflict for many more years than was necessary given the legitimate demands for the nationalist-minded population there for the same democratic standards which she lauded for the rest of the UK. In 1980 and 1981, Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoners in Northern Ireland's Maze Prison carried out hunger strikes in an effort to regain the status of political prisoners that had been removed in 1976 under the preceding Labour government. Bobby Sands began the 1981 strike, saying that he would fast until death unless prison inmates won concessions over their living conditions. Thatcher refused to countenance a return to political status for the prisoners, declaring "Crime is crime is crime; it is not political", but nevertheless the UK government privately contacted Sinn Fein leaders in a bid to bring the hunger strikes to an end. After the deaths of Sands and nine others, some rights were restored to paramilitary prisoners, but not official recognition of their political status. Violence in Northern Ireland escalated significantly during the hunger strikes; in 1982, Sinn Féin politician Danny Morrison described Thatcher as "the biggest bastard we have ever known".Thatcher's militarism and gung-ho employment of illegal state murder campaigns only alienated the population further and consolidated support for the IRA military responses resulting in the assassination attempt on herself and her Conservative Party colleagues in Brighton in 1984.

As with all despots, Thatcher eventually got her comeuppance in 1990 when, despite opposition by most of her cabinet colleagues, she insisted on pursuing her policy of imposing a local tax dubbed the "Poll Tax", officially the "Community Charge" ostensibly to fund local government services which she had stripped of funding for many years previously and was first imposed in Scotland. Popular opposition in Scotland led to the wipeout of her Conservative Party there and in England & Wales a mounting crescendo of militant resistance led to the events of 31 March 1990 in London when a massive demonstration of over 200,000 protesters blockaded central London from 11am in the morning until late in the night. Aggressive police tactics, stupid in the extreme since they were severely outnumbered by the huge crowd, led to the most serious outbreak of public violence ever in the history of the British capital.

As a large cohort of mounted police charged the crowd in Trafalgar Square, trampling many people in the process, outraged protesters resisted and a violent melee spread throughout the central area. Windows were smashed and buildings were set alight creating a scene of utter mayhem in full view of the international press and TV, rapidly broadcast throughout the world. What became known as the Poll Tax Riot shocked Thatcher's cabinet and the British ruling elite, especially as they were told the next day by London and Provincial police chiefs that the police forces did not possess enough resources to contain the following weekend's planned demonstrations in every major city in Britain by the organisers of the Anti-Poll Tax Campaign and Martial Law might have to be considered as an option. The implementation of the poll tax in England & Wales was immediately postponed and in November that year Thatcher was forced into a leadership challenge by her cabinet colleagues and replaced by John Major who abolished Thatcher's poll tax on the day he became Prime Minister.

The only liberty Thatcher was really interested in was the liberty to exploit by the capitalist economic and financial system by restricting trade union rights in Britain and facilitating the export of British industrial jobs to Sweatshop Asia and de-regulating the City of London stock market allowing the likes of Goldman Sachs to set up shop in London along with the other fake credit fraudsters with their pyramid schemes which has led directly to the current world crisis of financial capitalism and the vicious class-war austerity attacks on working peoples standard of living throughout the  developed capitalist countries. Thatcher's deliberate and planned destruction of Britain's industrial base has left the country floundering in the weakest position of the major EU economies as it struggles to survive the consequences of the collapse of the so-called financial "industry", a corporate conspiracy which produces nothing but debt based on false credit and is succeeding in its audacious claims on the savings of ordinary people to pay off its gambling debts on an unprecedented scale.
This is the real legacy left to the British people by Dame Hilda and her Stock Market Bandits as we can see today.
As this article is being posted, spontaneous demonstrations of celebration of Thatcher's demise have started in several cities throughout Britain, much to the chagrin of the Whore Press and the Sycophant Circus in London!


Áth Cliath/Dublin
Aibreán/April 9, 2013