Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Justification for 2nd
Albanian State in Europe!
The precipitate and illegal secession of the province of Kosovo from Serbia is a tyrannical act which can only lead to instability and conflict in an area of Europe that has seen too much of such events in recent years.
The situation is worsened because of the way it has been connived at by the US and its NATO followers, contrary to all international law and practice and solemn agreements these countries have entered into themselves. The hypocritical US, NATO, and EU leaders have breached the UN Charter, the Helsinki Agreement on European Security and Cooperation and in the case of EU countries, the EU Treaties and Common foreign Policy Agreements, in recognising this illegal entity.
Despite the presence of thousands of NATO troops (and a small contingent of Irish Defence Forces personnel), the Kosovo enclave, forcibly separated from Serbia in 1999 after the barbaric bombing of the Serbian capital, Belgrade, other cities and towns, schools, hospitals, and public transport by the USA and its NATO allies, has increased in lawlessness and criminality ever since. Denounced by Interpol, the International Police Organisation, as the headquarters of the worst human traffickers, drug cartels( 5000 tonnes of heroin per month now passing through), financial fraudsters and identity fraudsters, political power in the enclave has been handed over by NATO/EU to the leader of the terrorist KLA militia, Hasim Thaci.
This monstrous crime against the Serbian people shows the contempt for law and solemn agreements of the current EU/NATO leadership and opens to question whether these lying hypocrites can be believed on any issue of international importance in the future. It also shows the Irish people, soon to vote in a referendum later this year on the disguised EU “Constitution” now posing as the “Lisbon Treaty”, the falseness and hypocrisy of the promises now being made in support of this dishonest Treaty by the same mendacious political fraudsters.
Leading the charge in promoting the recognition of the illegal entity is Javier Solana, EU “Security” chief and former Secretary General of NATO whose entire career has been devoted to seeing how low he can get in bootlicking his Washington masters in the NATO alliance. Solana was also in the forefront of organising the barbaric bombing of Yugoslavia in1999 and the bullying and intimidation of Macedonia into accepting NATO occupation in the same year, using the KLA terrorist militia as part of this nefarious scheme. This is the same muck-maggot who is now telling us to vote yes in the coming referendum in order to get even more power into his own hands and the hands of the Brussels Bureaucrats Club of which he is a leading member.
True to form, the toadying Irish Government, which has allowed the USA to transport its troops and material through Shannon Airport to aid its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan plus the scandalous use of the airport for illegal transport of prisoners, kidnapped by US agents, to torture camps in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and other countries in league with the USA in these criminal activities, has announced, through Foreign Minister, Dermot Ahern, their intention to recognise the illegal Kosovo enclave. Luckily for us, this disgraceful decision is challengeable in the Irish courts as it cannot be legal for any Irish Government to spend taxpayers money in support of a criminal enterprise, contrary to the UN Charter and international law. The sooner the better this challenge is mounted to show that the Irish people themselves are not intimidated by EU/NATO political bullies and vicious warmongers, whatever about the spinelessness of our so-called “leaders”.
Fear Feasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/Dublin Feabhra/February 19 2008.