Monday, September 29, 2014

A Weekend to Remember:


 Just when Brit Premier, Dithering Dave Cameron, was preparing for a triumphant entry to his Conservative (Tory) Party Conference in Birmingham (Brum to youse each), having saved the Kingdom from those ungrateful Scottish malcontents by securing a NO vote in the recent referendum, the clear blue sky was rent by two massive thunderbolts which turned Dave from dithering to desperate in just 24 hours.

Mark Reckless, Tory MP for Rochester (and no stranger to a bit of dithering himself) pooped on the entire weekend of his erstwhile Tory colleagues by turning up at the rival UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) Conference and announced his defection to the 'Kippers, as they are now known in the argot of the Brit tabloids and pub pontificaters.

 As if that wasn't bad enough, Shambles Saturday brought the resignation of senior cabinet officer, Brooks Newmark (don't ya just lurrv those public schoolboy names) who was caught in a "sexting" scandal which had been picked up at Rancho Notorious, Brit tabloid Sunday Mirror, from a freelance journalist who had contacted several Tory MPs besides Newmark, using a false female identity as "Sophie Williams". Apparently, Newmark was the only one who took the bait and began sending "Sophie Williams" bedroom pics of himself, pyjama clad with protruding male member prominently displayed. The imminent publication forcing his immediate resignation from the Government where he was Minister for Civic Society, one of Desperate Dave's favourite projects.

 There is a separate issue now arising as to whether Rancho Notorious was within journalistic ethics in going public with the story and this is sure to keep the matter in the headlines for weeks.

 The defection of MPs is the more serious matter for embattled Dave coming only weeks after MP for Clacton, Douglas Carswell also defected to UKIP. Both have indicated that they will be standing as UKIP candidates in the necessary by-elections now due as a result of their resignations. If both regain their seats as 'Kippers, this will be the last thing the Tories want in the run-up to the General Election in May, 2015. It will also encourage rather than deter other "ditherers" who might be thinking of jumping ship. The entire conference must now be a seething mass of suspicion and gossip as to who might be next to defect to the "enemy".
 Rumours abound that UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, whose sharks-tooth smile is ubiquitous on British television these days, has another high profile defection up his sleeve which might be announced on Wednesday as a spoiler against Desperate Dave's end of conference big speech.

The right wing, anti-EU, UKIP is showing 17% in recent polls and made serious gains in the European Parliament elections, as did other right wing demagogues throughout Europe. The shambolic Tories with their traditional corruption and dishonesty of false promises at every election are handing Farage all his opportunities on a plate.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ukraine ceasefire extended:


 Measures to extend the September 5th ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine were agreed at the Contact Group meeting in Minsk, the Belorussian Capital, last weekend. It was agreed that the positions held by each side on September 19th would be retained. Weapons of calibre greater than 100mm would be withdrawn 15 kilometres either side of the ceasefire line creating a buffer zone of 30 kilometres without such weapons located there. No aircraft or drones would be flown by either side. Prisoner exchanges would continue as supervised by OSCE monitors. The entire ceasefire line would be monitored by OSCE, who would be allowed use drones.

The buffer zone would prevent shelling of Donetsk city by Junta forces still located at the northern side of Donetsk Airport, which they have been doing even since the September 5th ceasefire was agreed. Also the Junta forces located close to Lugansk would be prevented from shelling there.

In the meantime, Poroshenko was in Washington making a grovelling speech to the US Senate and House of representatives selling out his entire country to Washington's anti-Russian agenda. The speech, obviously not written by himself, but by some backroom neo-con hack, was overloaded with neo-con clichés, soppy sentimentality and sob stories of Junta military losses in the conflict calculated to produce regular bouts of applause and standing ovations from one of the most corrupt legislatures in the world, most of whom are in the pocket of some corporate business lobby or other and at least half of them paid agents of the US Military-Industrial Complex. The whole vomit-inducing charade lasting over 40 minutes of prime TV news time on US channels.

It seems the whole set-up was an insipid, Hollywood style mock-up of Winston Churchill's infamous "Iron Curtain"  speech at the same locale in 1946, with cued-in applause outbreaks and standing ovations according to script.

 More interesting than the absolute drivel of his staged rant, was what Porkypie left out; he failed to mention the shelling of civilian areas with heavy weapons and ballistic missiles causing thousands of deaths and injuries and destruction of property. He also had several pleas for arms sprinkled throughout the speech indicating that the Pentagon has not made any deliveries yet on the military aid that Porkypie was boasting about at the NATO summit in Britain two weeks ago and neither have any of the other NATO members Porkypie was relying on. This also indicates that from Washington down, the NATO gang are unsure whether Porkypie  would still be "President" when the arms arrived.

The political situation in Kiev continues to deteriorate. The Nazi thug elements, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor, have attacked Porkypie for agreeing to the ceasefire and likewise, recent jailbird and EU fav, Julia Tymoshenko, has opposed the ceasefire agreement and declared Porkypie a "traitor" for accepting it. Queen Julia, political prostitute par excellence, continues to be the most scurillous russo-phobe in the Junta, uttering threats and racist comments on Russians and the Eastern rebels, daily calling for Ukraine to be allowed into NATO immediately. Snowball's chance in Hell of that happening now. "Rat"senyuk, the Muppet "Prime Minister" of the Junta and another EU fav, has split from Queen Julia and resumed leadership of his own faction. Porkypie, fearful of being ousted if he leaves the country again, has cancelled a trip to New York for this weeks UN General Assembly meeting and "Rat"senyuk is going instead. "Rats" being Brussels' favourite anti-Russian ranter.
 The military situation on the ground now is that Novorussiya is an established entity outside Kiev control and occupying the southeast quarters of the Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts with control of both cities. The people's militias of both areas have been united as the Novorussiya Armed Forces (NAF) but the political administrations remain separate for the present. Novorussiya controls their side of the Russian border from due east of Lugansk city all the way south to the Sea of Azov coast road and the town of Novoazosk.

From August 27th, the NAF launched surprise attacks on all fronts from Lugansk to Donetsk and opening a new front to the south capturing  Novoazosk on the road to Mariupol, the Junta occupied main port on the Sea of Azov. The smaller, faster NAF units were able to surround the larger Junta encampments destroying large quantities of equipment and inflicting heavy casualties. The Junta Forces (KJF) were forced to abandon their offensive and switch to defensive tactics with large units surrendering in order to avoid destruction and others abandoning the field altogether and taking advantage of any gaps in the front to escape to non-rebel territory. Other units crossed the Russian border seeking asylum there. It was this catastrophic defeat which forced Porkypie to accept the September 5th Ceasefire agreement in Minsk. Porky later admitted in a television broadcast that KJF losses of men and equipment were in the region of 65%. Today, KJF units have been seen building Berlin-style fortifications on their side of the Ceasefire line which is a tacit admission by Kiev that they have lost the War. Not that they wouldn't try to resume their offensive if they had the means to do so but their fourth mobilisation order has been a failure and the renewed faction fighting in Kiev means no direction and no coordination for running a military campaign.

The international situation is that Novorussiya has survived the NATO/Junta plan to eliminate the eastern rebellion and extend full NATO hegemony over Ukraine. At the same time, NAF inflicting a humiliating defeat on the Junta and its Fascist thug allies. Ratsenyuk still ranting about "19 Battalions" of Russian troops operating in Eastern Ukraine. Now, if there really were 19 battalions of Russian troops in Ukraine they wouldn't be sitting in Donetsk, they would have arrived in Kiev in 24 hours and cleaned out Rats and his nest of fascist criminals in bloody short order and restored the dignity of the entire Ukrainian people forthwith.

 Russia has played its cards expertly. They have de-escalated the conflict in Ukraine, refusing to respond to NATO baiting to promote an actual invasion and face isolation in Europe ( much to the satisfaction of the Chancellory in Berlin). They have forced the Kiev Junta to the negotiating table and de-facto recognition of Novorussiya (of whose security they remain the principal and permanent guarantor; and the Pentagon has realised this). NATO/EU now have to pay the bills of a bankrupt and corrupt regime in Kiev which is falling apart by the day. With the winter arriving soon and the doubling of gas prices as the result of EU/NATO's stupid anti- Russian sanctions, unrest will breakout in all major Ukrainian cities and towns and if the Junta hasn't collapsed by then, it will be done-in shortly thereafter.

 This is the poisoned chalice handed to the Ukrainian people by their criminal overlords promising an EU/NATO paradise. Ain't gonna happen. Time the Ukrainian people started to organise in their own interests after 24 years of Oligarchical corruption.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scottish Referendum Rigged?


 70,000 sign petition for re-run:

Within hours of the announcement of the result of the Scottish referendum on Independence on Friday, allegations were being made of vote rigging, not only by the pro-independence 'YES' campaign but additionally by some international observers as well.

Several videos of the count process have begun to appear on YouTube and other social media in the last few days apparently showing serious irregularities in the counting process. These videos have been dismissed as "errors" and "misinterpretation" by apologists for the UK status quo. The videos also include a view of a count table which clearly shows bundles of 'YES' votes on a table labeled 'NO'. This has been explained by the apologists as uncounted 'YES' votes merely "resting" on a random table before being transferred to their proper location, bearing a quite uncanny resemblance to a similar incident in the European Parliament election in Ireland in 2009 (see below). And we all believe in Tinker Bell, don't we?

 (See sidebar video link)

 The petition, which was started by a 'YES' supporter in Rosyth continues to gather signatures but there is no clear legal route for a re-run except via a case for judicial review in the Scottish High Court.

 It wouldn't be in the least surprising that the power elite in Britain would conspire to undermine the Scottish attempt to achieve independence considering what would be at stake for the UK/EU/NATO warmongering alliance of an independent Scottish state whose leaders have already signalled in advance that they would remove the British nuclear submarine base from their territory forthwith.

 In Ireland we have had direct experience of skullduggery by the elite and their foreign cronies in the two referenda on the Lisbon Treaty in 2008/2009. In the first vote the Treaty was rejected by the people by 53.4% to 46.6%. This, to the elite and the Brussels bureaucrats was the "wrong" answer so a second vote was forced on the people in 2009 so that they could correct their "mistake".

 The anomalies in the second referendum were: while the first referendum had been designated the "28th Amendment to the Constitution Act" and followed in chronological order all previous amendments whether accepted or not, the same number was applied to the second vote also as the "28th Amendment" when, in correct order it should have been the 29th Amendment. What difference would this make? Well, it meant that used ballot papers from the first vote would be indistinguishable from second vote papers if laid side to side. Now, the law says that referendum papers must be officially be destroyed within six months of the poll. No certificate of destruction of papers from Lisbon 1 has ever been issued.

 The further irregularity was, that contrary to the Electoral Acts 1992/97, the ballot boxes for Lisbon 2 were delivered, not to police stations or Army barracks as the law requires, to be held there until the morning of the poll
 but to the private homes of returning officers two days before the referendum was due to be held. In another significant incident, two senior agents of the anti-Lisbon campaign had agreed with the National Returning Officer that they could attend the national count centre in Dublin Castle overnight and supervise the custody of the ballot boxes which would be stored there until the count began the following morning. But, when they arrived at the centre to take up duty, they were denied access by police and told to leave the premises or be forcibly ejected.

 The disparity in expenditure between the two sides was also glaring. The total budget for the second anti-Lisbon campaign was less than E10,000, whereas pro-Lisbon outfits, including EU funded "research" groups and corporate businesses like Ryanair and Intel spent in excess of E40,000,000.

The result, when announced was a complete reversal of the first vote with 67.1% for Lisbon and 32.9% against. People in various constituencies around the country were astonished in the reduction of the anti- Lisbon vote as they and most of their neighbours reported not having changed their vote since the previous referendum in 2008. Only two constituencies, in Donegal County, returned an anti-Lisbon vote as previously. This is, apparently, a glaring anomaly since all other counties switched their vote.

Some canny anti-Lisbon campaigners explain that the reason Donegal wasn't "nobbled" like the rest of the country was that an earlier inicident in the European Parliament elections where thousands of votes belonging to one candidate were found "resting" on the table of votes for another candidate (strange, how history repeats itself, isn't it?) was still under police investigation and it just wouldn't do to have another embarrassing "table switch" in the same county, would it?

Scotland, be brave, demand a full enquiry! Boycott the London parties and their business cronies until they come clean!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Votes "NO" ;


 The result of  the Scottish Referendum, announced earlier this morning was a victory for the"NO" side which campaigned for the retention of Scotland within the United Kingdom of 307 years since 1707.

 The 'NO' side achieved 2,001,926 votes, 55.3%, and 'YES' 1,616,989, 44.7%. As expected, YES did better in cities and towns in central Scotland, winning Dundee, 57.35%, and Glasgow, 53.49% but not a sufficient gain to seriously dent the NO lead.

 The decisive factor, in the end, was the massive scaremongering campaign mounted by the Westminster politicians with their banking and business cronies which bullied and intimidated voters with threats of financial losses, loss of pensions and reduced employment possibilities if Scotland chose independence. Promises were also made of more devolved powers for the existing Scottish Parliament, which are legally impossible without the agreement of the majority of Westminster MP's and the feudal landlords in the anachronistic House of Lords. Also, the Westminster Government doesn't have any spare cash for bribing Scottish voters without deducting it from allocations for other regions which is, politically, not on.

These lies and false promises will soon be exposed and it remains to be seen what the effect will be on British politics as a whole with a General Election due in 2015.

 The result is a severe disappointment for the supporters of Scottish independence but also a blow for World Peace as it leaves intact the UK /NATO alliance with London's regular support for Washington's warmongering foreign adventures.

 Scottish Prime Minister, Alec Salmond, who led the YES campaign, was previously reported as wanting to step down if independence was rejected but, what Scotland needs now is firm leadership and, tactically, even more representation at Westminster even to the extent of what the Irish party, under Parnell, achieved in the 19th Century when no British government could be formed without his support.

 If Salmond's Scottish National Party(SNP) held the balance of power at Westminster, they could write their own terms for devolved powers in Scotland with an option for independence even without a further referendum.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ukraine 'ceasefire' a temporary measure:


 The ceasefire agreement in Ukraine signed in Minsk last Friday can only be a temporary measure and by no means a prospect for an end to the conflict in the ruinously divided country.

 Diplomatically, it snookered Washington's attempts to get NATO countries at their Summit in Wales last week to give military support to Kiev Junta puppet "president", Poroshenko who was invited to attend. It also spiked the guns of Rasmussen, retiring General Secretary of NATO, whose blood thirsty rhetoric calling for more sanctions on Russia, more NATO bases in Eastern Europe, more defence spending by EU countries, went down like a lead balloon.

 Poroshenko, who announced to a press conference that five NATO countries had agreed to supply Kiev with military aid was laughed out of town when four of the countries he mentioned denied any such agreements. Only the most corrupt East European régimes supported Washington's line with most of the EU members of NATO employing delaying tactics and diplomatic manoeuvres to avoid any serious commitments to the Kiev Junta.

 Poroshenko had no option but agree to a ceasefire as Junta forces were in retreat from a surge of forward moves by the resistance of what are now described as the Novorussiya Armed Forces, the combined militias of the Lugansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics which declared independence from Kiev in May this year and were subject to vicious and criminal military assaults since by the illegal Junta and its fascist allies, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor with overt collaboration by Washington and the NATO warmongers in defiance of all international law, the Helsinki agreements and the UN Charter.

 The opening of a southern front by NAF forces on the coast road to
Mariupol, on the Sea of Azov, caused panic and disarray in the Junta military and led to the collapse of their assaults on the Eastern oblasts. Nevertheless, the situation for NAF forces is not sufficiently consolidated for further advances to be made yet as the Junta is still holding Donetsk Airport and has a large force close to Lugansk. In Mariupol, Junta forces have been reinforced and a similar sized force is camped outside the city.

 The military situation has more advantage for the NAF than for the Junta; while both sides can reinforce numbers, Kiev can do nothing to reinforce morale which is at rock bottom. The constant Junta propaganda of daily Russian "invasions" was counterproductive in that its own forces feared meeting regular Russian troops in the field and thus were wary of any direct confrontation with the opposition and chose instead to encamp in large groups and shell Donbass towns and cities causing massive civilian casualties and property destruction. The tactic allowed smaller NAF forces to surround these groups, cut off their supply lines and force them to surrender along with their equipment.

 Undoubtedly, there will be provocations in several areas where static elements of Junta forces are located. Poroshenko recently visited Mariupol threatening to reverse NAF occupation of the coast road. This is an empty boast; while the Junta is occupying the city, half the population is anti- Kiev and any excursion along the coast would be likely subject to large-scale rear guard sabotage by hostile civilians.

The political situation is that the 1990 Ukrainian state which emerged from the former USSR is now a defunct entity brought to ruin and civil war, bankruptcy and criminality by the corrupt gang of Oligarchs who have been running it since then. There is now no possibility that this failed state can be restored to any kind of stable democracy. The Eastern Oblasts will never again accept rule from Kiev. There is no legal government or central authority anymore. Poroshenko has no more authority than a used postage stamp. His rule extends from his office desk to the door and no further. He may issue all the orders he wants but no one is listening. The Junta political factions are squabbling among themselves as usual and bedamned to the rights of the Ukrainian people to a decent civilised life like most of Europe.

 Only when the Ukrainian people organise themselves to rid their country of the Oligarchs, Nazis and political gangsters will they get functioning democracy, constitutional rights and a prosperous economy again. They will never get this from Brussels bureaucrats or NATO's warmongers.

Scotland vote on knife-edge


Despite massive intervention by Westminster politicians, threats by Bank of England governer, Mark Carney, a Canadian (whose country gained independence in the 19th Century), Business moguls, Supermarket bosses,Uncle Tom Cobbley 'n all, the Scottish 'Yes' vote is holding at 49% in the latest poll released by the "Guardian" newspaper tomorrow. More significantly, in the most active population group, the 25-45 age bracket,  'YES' has a majority of 55%.

 With 5 campaign days left before the referendum poll on Thursday the factionalised 'NO' campaign is dismayed that their 'big guns' Westminster organised effort this week has failed to stop the advance of the 'YES' side to any significant extent to be certain of victory on Thursday next. With Cameron caught out this week calling Supermarket bosses into his office to ask them to make negative statements about Scottish independence, there is an easy answer for the Scottish people to this kind of political skullduggery which is to start boycotting these supermarkets immediately; there is always a competitor waiting to take their place and of course, vote a resounding 'YES' in Thursday's referendum.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

New Poll on Scotland shocks London!

 'YES' AT 51%:

A "Sunday Times" poll this morning showing the "YES" side in the Scottish referendum has climbed into a 51% lead has sent shock waves through the British Establishment in London. After weeks of complacent smugness and downright patronising insults of the Scottish people's right to decide their own future, the London timeservers and parasites are stunned at the dramatic turnaround in the campaign. For the first time in generations, the Scottish people have realised that power is in their hands and they can give two fingers to the Westminster ratbags and decide the government they want for themselves.

 Frantic scrambling is now going on in London to promise a more "Federal" Union with more powers for the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Too little and too late, and since no such thing is on the ballot paper, no one in Scotland is going to believe it! The corrupt British Establishment is now faced with dissolution and loss of power on an unprecedented scale, and not before time. For too long they have parasited on the labour of the people of Britain with wasteful expenditure on personal luxuries and sinecures. The ludicrous fancy-dress 'House of Lords' pantomime being one example. Queen Elizabeth is reported as being in a state of shock at the development. Well she might, she might have to start paying local tax on her palace at Balmoral.

With the political momentum now firmly on the 'YES' side, the situation is the most stirring development in British politics for a long time. The corkscrew twists and turns of the Westminster fraudsters are a sight to behold. Bookies are already making bets on how many rats will desert the sinking ship before polling day.


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Independent Scotland on the cards:


 On Thursday, 18th September, 2014, the Scottish people will go to the polls in a historic referendum to decide their future as an independent nation or to remain part of the British Union which they were incorporated into in 1603 following the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Scottish King, James VI, claimed the Throne of England through his mother, Mary, Queen of Scots, who had been executed by Elizabeth as a rival claimant of legitimate birth, whereas Elizabeth was an illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII.

James became James I of England and gradually united the two kingdoms into the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A separate Scottish Parliament continued to meet in Edinburgh until 1707, when it was abolished and Scottish representatives were transferred to Westminster.

 Scottish Nationalism became a rising factor in British Politics throughout the 20th Century until, in 1998, the Blair Government introduced devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales in an effort to stave off calls for Scottish independence. The scheme failed to stem the nationalist tide and eventually the Scottish National Party won power in Edinburgh, in 2011, promising an independence referendum in 2014.

 The referendum campaign is now in full swing, with the 'YES' campaign gaining ground rapidly despite a slow start. 'YES' is now within 3% of a historic victory, shocking the Westminster establishment and the motley  crew of ex-Labour and Tory ministers who have been campaigning for a 'NO' vote.

 Scottish independence will have huge implications for NATO, which is holding it's Summit in Wales this week. There will be no more "Great Britain"  and what will become England's nuclear deterrent, the Trident submarine fleet will have to be moved out of Scotland to a new base in England, much to the chagrin of Mr Obama and his Generals 

 The Scottish Prime Minister and SNP leader, Alec Salmond, probably the shrewdest politician in Britain, and more in tune with the feelings of the people than the crew of clapped out Westminster politicians opposing him, has driven the independence campaign to its current highest rating and looks set now to be the winner on 18 September. Mr Salmond has been able to easily demolish his opponents in public as their campaign was patronising, dismissive of the Scottish peoples ability to run an independent country, as if their running of Britain in recent times was any kind of success. The disastrous Iraq war being a prime example.

 Mr Salmond, when he appeared with his Deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, today in Buchanan Street, the main shopping area, was mobbed by large numbers of the public anxious to greet the Scottish leader. While in Edinburgh, former Labour Scottish Secretary,Jim Murphy, was pelted with eggs and driven off the street. Glasgow is a key city in this referendum, having the largest number of voters and formerly a Labour stronghold. But with Labour voters moving in droves to the 'YES' side in the past few weeks, things look screwed for the Labour leader at Westminster. Ed Miliband, who stupidly joined Cameron and the Tories in the 'NO' campaign. Sheer panic now grips the London based 'NO' political has beens.

 The social Darwinism of the Thatcher era alienated Scotland as never before. Thatcher, who rarely visited Scotland, became a hate figure there resulting in the political wipe-out of the Conservative Party in the country leaving them with only a single MP. Thatcher, in a catastropic political mistake, imposed her infamous 'Poll Tax' on Scotland before introducing it to England leading to massive protest which eventually spread to England leading to the downfall of Thatcher following the 'Poll Tax Riot' in London in 1990. Lesson for the Tories: don't mess with Scotland! No amount

of appeals to shared history or alleged benefits of sticking together as the UK will work now. Britain's oil production, located in Scottish territory, has seen its revenues shamelessly used for Britain's wars instead of social and economic development in Scotland. The sneaky privatisation of the health service by Cameron's government has further alienated the Scottish electorate.

 Scotland, a proud nation of the Celtic tradition with great cultural, musical, literary and scientific achievements; two fundamentals of our modern world, the steam engine and television were invented by Scots; lacks nothing that would prevent the country thriving as an independent state.

 Scotland's independence will be a gain for the whole world as it means the end of the barbaric and colonialist British Empire.

 The people of Ireland will welcome the accession of our Scottish cousins, joined with us by language and history, to the next independent Celtic state in Europe. A cause for celebration for us all.

Monday, September 01, 2014


Over a thousand people marched through the city centre of Newport, Wales, on Saturday at the start of a week of protests and public events to counter the NATO war mongers official summit to be held in the city later this week starting on the 4 September.

The Counter-Summit is being organised by British CND and Stop the War Coalition UK with the participation of ICC No to NATO, an international peace organisation based in Berlin.

 Full details of the public events can be found here:

(see sidebar for link)

 The Summit was supposed to be a showcase for Brit premier, David Cameron to prance about with his NATO buddies and celebrate their "triumph" in Afghanistan but events have gazumped the proposed celebrations with the rise of the murderous "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria, a direct result of NATO's disastrous military interventions there and the chaotic situation in Ukraine following the NATO/EU sponsored fascist coup in February.

 Irish attendees will include veteran Peace activist, Margaretta D'Arcy, who recently served a jail term in Ireland for daring to protest against the illegal use of Shannon Airport by the US military with the direct collusion of the Irish Government, to their eternal shame. 80 year-old Ms D'Arcy is assured of a rousing reception from the delegates. Also attending are Roger Cole, Chair, and Dr Edward Horgan, International Secretary, of Ireland's leading peace group, Peace and Neutrality Alliance (see sidebar for link).

 The Irish attendance is timely as Ireland's Neutrality was under attack publicly this weekend where Brigid Laffan, a scurillous pro-Nato imperialist scumbag, was calling for an end to Neutrality "to stop Putin having a veto on where Irish peacekeeping troops were despatched". Meaning that the Russian veto at the UN security council could prevent UN  peacekeepers being established anywhere. Never mind that ending Irish Neutrality couldn't change the UN charter to remove any of the SC vetoes, including those of her NATO buddies, the US, Britain and France and if Irish troops were sent anywhere without the backing of a SC resolution, they wouldn't be "peacekeepers" any more but part of the rotten inhuman aggression of the NATO warmongers.

 The stupid waster, a disgrace to the academic world she floats in, overpaid and ensconsed in plushy offices, will never be seen in any of the miserable war-zones created around the world by her NATO buddies, nor in the desperate refugee camps with the millions of refugees who have lost their homes and family members to NATO's disastrous military interventions which they began with their attacks on Yugoslavia in 1999. Laffan was a vociferous ideologue supporting the Brussels Bureaucracy in both Lisbon Treaty referendums in Ireland in 2009/10 where she peddled the same lying nonsense she continues with today.

The Counter-Summit of mass popular opposition to the aggressive warmongering of the NATO war criminals, is a fitting response to the type of lying propaganda being peddled by the likes of Laffan and her ilk. Only by united peace actions on a world scale can the Warmongers and their miserable toadies in academia and the whore press be successfully opposed and defeated in the name of common humanity and permanent world peace.