Thursday, September 04, 2014

Independent Scotland on the cards:


 On Thursday, 18th September, 2014, the Scottish people will go to the polls in a historic referendum to decide their future as an independent nation or to remain part of the British Union which they were incorporated into in 1603 following the death of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Scottish King, James VI, claimed the Throne of England through his mother, Mary, Queen of Scots, who had been executed by Elizabeth as a rival claimant of legitimate birth, whereas Elizabeth was an illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII.

James became James I of England and gradually united the two kingdoms into the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A separate Scottish Parliament continued to meet in Edinburgh until 1707, when it was abolished and Scottish representatives were transferred to Westminster.

 Scottish Nationalism became a rising factor in British Politics throughout the 20th Century until, in 1998, the Blair Government introduced devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales in an effort to stave off calls for Scottish independence. The scheme failed to stem the nationalist tide and eventually the Scottish National Party won power in Edinburgh, in 2011, promising an independence referendum in 2014.

 The referendum campaign is now in full swing, with the 'YES' campaign gaining ground rapidly despite a slow start. 'YES' is now within 3% of a historic victory, shocking the Westminster establishment and the motley  crew of ex-Labour and Tory ministers who have been campaigning for a 'NO' vote.

 Scottish independence will have huge implications for NATO, which is holding it's Summit in Wales this week. There will be no more "Great Britain"  and what will become England's nuclear deterrent, the Trident submarine fleet will have to be moved out of Scotland to a new base in England, much to the chagrin of Mr Obama and his Generals 

 The Scottish Prime Minister and SNP leader, Alec Salmond, probably the shrewdest politician in Britain, and more in tune with the feelings of the people than the crew of clapped out Westminster politicians opposing him, has driven the independence campaign to its current highest rating and looks set now to be the winner on 18 September. Mr Salmond has been able to easily demolish his opponents in public as their campaign was patronising, dismissive of the Scottish peoples ability to run an independent country, as if their running of Britain in recent times was any kind of success. The disastrous Iraq war being a prime example.

 Mr Salmond, when he appeared with his Deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, today in Buchanan Street, the main shopping area, was mobbed by large numbers of the public anxious to greet the Scottish leader. While in Edinburgh, former Labour Scottish Secretary,Jim Murphy, was pelted with eggs and driven off the street. Glasgow is a key city in this referendum, having the largest number of voters and formerly a Labour stronghold. But with Labour voters moving in droves to the 'YES' side in the past few weeks, things look screwed for the Labour leader at Westminster. Ed Miliband, who stupidly joined Cameron and the Tories in the 'NO' campaign. Sheer panic now grips the London based 'NO' political has beens.

 The social Darwinism of the Thatcher era alienated Scotland as never before. Thatcher, who rarely visited Scotland, became a hate figure there resulting in the political wipe-out of the Conservative Party in the country leaving them with only a single MP. Thatcher, in a catastropic political mistake, imposed her infamous 'Poll Tax' on Scotland before introducing it to England leading to massive protest which eventually spread to England leading to the downfall of Thatcher following the 'Poll Tax Riot' in London in 1990. Lesson for the Tories: don't mess with Scotland! No amount

of appeals to shared history or alleged benefits of sticking together as the UK will work now. Britain's oil production, located in Scottish territory, has seen its revenues shamelessly used for Britain's wars instead of social and economic development in Scotland. The sneaky privatisation of the health service by Cameron's government has further alienated the Scottish electorate.

 Scotland, a proud nation of the Celtic tradition with great cultural, musical, literary and scientific achievements; two fundamentals of our modern world, the steam engine and television were invented by Scots; lacks nothing that would prevent the country thriving as an independent state.

 Scotland's independence will be a gain for the whole world as it means the end of the barbaric and colonialist British Empire.

 The people of Ireland will welcome the accession of our Scottish cousins, joined with us by language and history, to the next independent Celtic state in Europe. A cause for celebration for us all.

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