Sunday, September 07, 2014

New Poll on Scotland shocks London!

 'YES' AT 51%:

A "Sunday Times" poll this morning showing the "YES" side in the Scottish referendum has climbed into a 51% lead has sent shock waves through the British Establishment in London. After weeks of complacent smugness and downright patronising insults of the Scottish people's right to decide their own future, the London timeservers and parasites are stunned at the dramatic turnaround in the campaign. For the first time in generations, the Scottish people have realised that power is in their hands and they can give two fingers to the Westminster ratbags and decide the government they want for themselves.

 Frantic scrambling is now going on in London to promise a more "Federal" Union with more powers for the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Too little and too late, and since no such thing is on the ballot paper, no one in Scotland is going to believe it! The corrupt British Establishment is now faced with dissolution and loss of power on an unprecedented scale, and not before time. For too long they have parasited on the labour of the people of Britain with wasteful expenditure on personal luxuries and sinecures. The ludicrous fancy-dress 'House of Lords' pantomime being one example. Queen Elizabeth is reported as being in a state of shock at the development. Well she might, she might have to start paying local tax on her palace at Balmoral.

With the political momentum now firmly on the 'YES' side, the situation is the most stirring development in British politics for a long time. The corkscrew twists and turns of the Westminster fraudsters are a sight to behold. Bookies are already making bets on how many rats will desert the sinking ship before polling day.


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