Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Votes "NO" ;


 The result of  the Scottish Referendum, announced earlier this morning was a victory for the"NO" side which campaigned for the retention of Scotland within the United Kingdom of 307 years since 1707.

 The 'NO' side achieved 2,001,926 votes, 55.3%, and 'YES' 1,616,989, 44.7%. As expected, YES did better in cities and towns in central Scotland, winning Dundee, 57.35%, and Glasgow, 53.49% but not a sufficient gain to seriously dent the NO lead.

 The decisive factor, in the end, was the massive scaremongering campaign mounted by the Westminster politicians with their banking and business cronies which bullied and intimidated voters with threats of financial losses, loss of pensions and reduced employment possibilities if Scotland chose independence. Promises were also made of more devolved powers for the existing Scottish Parliament, which are legally impossible without the agreement of the majority of Westminster MP's and the feudal landlords in the anachronistic House of Lords. Also, the Westminster Government doesn't have any spare cash for bribing Scottish voters without deducting it from allocations for other regions which is, politically, not on.

These lies and false promises will soon be exposed and it remains to be seen what the effect will be on British politics as a whole with a General Election due in 2015.

 The result is a severe disappointment for the supporters of Scottish independence but also a blow for World Peace as it leaves intact the UK /NATO alliance with London's regular support for Washington's warmongering foreign adventures.

 Scottish Prime Minister, Alec Salmond, who led the YES campaign, was previously reported as wanting to step down if independence was rejected but, what Scotland needs now is firm leadership and, tactically, even more representation at Westminster even to the extent of what the Irish party, under Parnell, achieved in the 19th Century when no British government could be formed without his support.

 If Salmond's Scottish National Party(SNP) held the balance of power at Westminster, they could write their own terms for devolved powers in Scotland with an option for independence even without a further referendum.

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