Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Smarmy Brit Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has been let loose in Europe in a vain attempt to stir up more anti-Russian agitation among the disparate clutch of politicians now running Eastern Europe. First stop was turbulent Tbilisi where he assured dotty Georgian dictator, Shitfacevili, that his territorial integrity was fully supported by Britain and all her might. Such territorial integrity now extending three feet beyond Shitfacevili’s office desk, the sofa and the private loo.

Next stop is calamitous Kiev where a vicious hair-pulling row has broken out in the Government quarter between paranoid President Yuschenko and foul-tempered floozy, Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister in the shaky coalition government there. The row is about who is going to be the first to get back in Moscow’s good graces after the dust settles on the recent Georgia-Russia conflict in the Caucasus. So, slim pickins for Militant Milli there. Romania and Bulgaria don’t count for anything and Poland has already done a deal with Buckfush on stationing US missiles on its territory to which there is widespread public opposition so that only leaves Slovakia which isn’t interested in antagonising Russia and Milli is box-office poison in Belgrade.

Russian President,Dimitri Medvedev, signs the decree recognising South Ossetian
and Abkhazian independence. (PHOTO: Novosti)


Milli has been desperately chasing the TV cameras for the past two months as rumblings of discontent against Brit Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the British Labour Party threatened to explode into a leadership contest ahead of the Labour conference next month. Milli fancies himself as front runner and is a media dahling in what passes for “newspapers” in Britain but, his smarmy Blairite demeanour has cut no ice with the rank and file who are fed up to the gills with Blairism and expected Gordo to ditch such tripe as soon as he moved into 10 Dowdy Street. Gordo dithered too long in the past year and has steadily lost favour in the polls leaving Milli with the chance to make a flanking movement via media exposure while still professing complete loyalty to Gordo.

Standing on the corpses of a million dead Iraqis, and the hundreds of young Brits dead in futile wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while preaching morality and the rule of Law ,won't do Milli any good in a Labour leadership contest so it has to be down to sheer arrogance and puffed-up intellectual conceit that motivates the smarmy upstart.

Abkhazians celebrate Russian recognition of their independent Republic. (PHOTO: Novosti)

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 28 Lúnasa/August 2008.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Both houses of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council and the State Duma, Monday (25 Lúnasa/August 2008), in Moscow, passed a resolution recognising the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia and recommended that Russian President Dimitri Medvedev formally legalise the decision which was accomplished, Tuesday 26 .08.08, when the President signed the decree giving effect to the parliamentary decision. The decision was greeted with celebrations in the two Republics.

This puts paid to any dreams of mentally unstable Georgian dictator, Shitfacevili, that these Republics would ever again be a part of any Georgian state and ends centuries of Georgian oppression against the peoples of these Caucasus territories. South Ossetia will likely apply for full membership of the Russian Federation in the near future as the majority of the population are already Russian citizens and are kin to the people of North Ossetia which is a full member of the Federation. Abkhazia will likely remain independent for the time being but, will chose a close alliance with Russia like nearby Armenia. Thus the US/NATO scheme for establishing a hostile presence on Russia’s southern flank comes to an ignominious end with the collapse of the Georgian puppet army which fled from the battlefield leaving behind vast quantities of military hardware which is now in the possession of Russia and its local allies.

Abandoned Georgian tanks left behind in the Kodori gorge area of Abkhazia as

NATO-trained Georgian troops fled from a determined Abkhazian advance (PHOTO:Novosti)

You now have the same pack of EU/NATO leaders who illegally detached the province of Kosovo from Serbia only months, ago and recognised its “independence”, crying for international law and territorial integrity of states to be respected. Brass-faced hypocrisy their only resort having been caught with their trousers down. Nevertheless, the shock-wave from the Georgian conflict has severely rattled the cabinet tables of the Western cohort of the EU/NATO alliance and brought a pronounced division into an already shaky coalition as Paris and Berlin realised how close it came to a direct confrontation between Russian and US forces in the Caucasus and the horrendous consequences of such an outcome.

Israeli supplied Gun-howitzer left behind as the Georgian rabble fled Abkhazian forces (PHOTO: Novosti).

The Milli & Villi Show
London, as usual, played lapdog to Washington’s furious leaping up and down as Condasleeza nearly swallowed her false teeth with hyperplexy at various media shindigs. Mincing Milli, British Foreign Secretary, rushed to Tbilisi to console Shitfacevili and offer more air-balloons of “support” for his crumbling regime. The Milli and Villi show, played out on Georgian television, was a replica of scenes from a “Carry-On” movie as Milli arrived with vast quantities of elasto-plast, Yorkshire puddings, cheese & onion crisps and Vimto. Essential supplies for an Army that has fled the battlefield.


There was a severe outbreak of teeth-gnashing in Kiev this week as paranoid President Yuschenko turned on Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and accused her of trying to arrange a secret deal with Moscow for political support in return for her staying stumm on the Georgia conflict. Yuschenko ordered his secret police to investigate Madame Yulia's movements and contacts, not a difficult job since she spends most of her time at a certain hairdressing salon in central Kiev. More likely, though, the always opportunist Madame Yulia has seen the writing on the wall and with the ever fading chances of her country getting into NATO she has cutely covered the obvious option of renewing relations with resurgent Russia.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 27 Lúnasa/August 2008.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

(PHOTO: Novosti)



The events of the past two weeks should be a clear warning to the people of Europe that their peace and security is being seriously jeopardised by the reckless and irresponsible projection of US foreign policy agendas using their control of NATO for outright imperialist military adventurism and needless confrontations in the world’s most volatile conflict areas.

European territory has now been arbitrarily drawn in to the paranoid fantasies of the Buckfush regime in Washington with the signing of an agreement to install US missile launchers in Poland despite serious warnings from Russian leaders that they would regard such a development as a hostile act directed at their security and they would respond accordingly. Using bribery and diplomatic pressure the USA has imposed its warmongering agenda in an EU member country regardless of any objections of the local population or of other EU neighbouring countries. So-called “Common foreign Policy” of the EU is now exposed as a farce and the fact revealed that it is US/NATO which dictates the agenda in these matters.

We are seeing the results on the ground of the decision in the Nice Treaty to hand over European “defence” to NATO and what it amounts to, in effect, is ceding EU territory to the Pentagon military commanders for whatever tactical or strategic moves they want to effect in pursuit of their warmongering global agenda. NATO is now the principal author of aggression in a wide geographic arc from Eastern Europe across the Middle East and Asia to the Pacific Ocean. One might ask now what “North Atlantic” has to do with any of these areas and the question must now be brought forward immediately as to what justification there is for the continued existence of NATO and its misuse of European territory solely in the interests of a foreign Empire.


We have seen, only days ago, the NATO inspired aggression by the war-criminal, Shitfacevili, against the civilian population of South Ossetia, fully supported by Washington politically and militarily. A few months ago NATO opened a new round of conflict by illegally detaching the province of Kosovo from Serbia and setting up a puppet regime there run by indicted war criminals, drug dealers and people traffickers. The illegal occupation of Iraq by NATO forces, begun in 2003, continues, with over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian dead and widespread destruction of
Cities and towns. The brutal war in Afghanistan continues with increasing civilian casualties while NATO forces there are losing against a growing insurgency. Next door, in unstable Pakistan, encouraged and aided to develop nuclear weapons by NATO leading power, the USA,
through a series of corrupt and brutal military dictatorships, the political situation deteriorates daily creating serious doubts about the security and control of these nuclear weapons. The whole frightening scenario here a direct result of US/NATO policy.

NATO breeds aggression; destruction in Tskhinvali after Georgian Army criminal attack
(PHOTO: Novosti)
In the Middle East, NATO surrogate and principal US ally,Israel, was given the arms and equipment to invade Lebanon in 2006 in the worst outbreak of warfare there since 1973. Thousands of civilians died as the Israeli air force mercilessly bombed Beirut and other towns and cities in Lebanon and the use of cluster bombs against the civilian population aroused wide international condemnation. Israel was also involved in the training of the criminal Georgian Army which attacked South Ossetia this month. Israel and the USA are together involved in racking up tension against Iran and publicly threatening invasion and attacks against that country in a further example of US/NATO state terrorism.

NATO breeds aggression; residents of peaceful Tskhinvali shelter underground
from bombing of criminal Georgian Army, 07.08.08. (PHOTO: Novosti).
The US/NATO Alliance has shown total disregard for International Law and the UN Charter while arrogantly demanding that other countries comply with these instruments whenever US interests are involved. This situation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. The time is now for the Europe-wide campaign to begin for the abolition of the NATO warmongering alliance; for a peaceful, democratic Europe with friendly relations with Russia and our Mediterranean neighbours. Make the Mediterranean and Black Sea seas of Peace!




FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 26 Lúnasa/August 2008.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Russian forces have begun to withdraw from areas of Georgia outside the autonomous regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia after a week in which the nefarious attack on Tskhinvali in South Ossetia by NATO trained and armed, with significant Israeli assistance, Georgian troops was defeated and the NATO puppet army fled in disarray from the scenes of conflict leaving behind massive quantities of US and Israeli supplied equipment in their barracks and encampments.
Once on the spot and in charge, the Russian forces began eliminating the military resources of the Georgian government, led by mentally unstable dictator Mikhail Saakashvili, in Tbilisi.

Shitfacevili, installed in power in 2003 by a CIA organised coup, badly miscalculated both the level of support his backers in Washington were actually prepared to give and the swiftness and power of the Russian response to his unprovoked and genocidal attack on the peaceful town of Tskhinvali in South Ossetia last Thursday. With massive upgrading of his armed forces by NATO (see previous articles) and the help of up to 1,000 advisers hired from private security firms in Israel, including assembly in a plant near Tbilisi Airport of reproduction Su-25 Soviet design jet bombers, Shitfacevili thought he had the opportunity to attack without much opposition. There are no military installations in Tskhinvali. It is a small town with basic industries like lumber mills and some light manufacturing plants, otherwise residential. Most consumer goods are imported from Russia. To attack a town like this with heavy artillery, rockets and bomber aircraft would inevitably lead to massive civilian casualties and this is exactly what happened. Shitfacevili and the commanders of his military engaged in this attack must have known this which, under international law, makes it an indictable war crime.

The hypocritical response of the NATO/EU Alliance to this crime was not one word of condemnation or one bag of aid for the 30,000 South Ossettians who had to flee their homes
into neighbouring Russia, but, a twisted propaganda cover-up aimed at justifying the insane actions of their lapdog, Shitfacevili, and the misrepresentation of the situation as a Russian “invasion” of “poor little Georgia” and an absolute lying refusal to accept their responsibility for preparing the ground for this conflict through their arming and political support for the war criminals of Tbilisi. The tied media of the NATO/EU elites performed to task, reporting only on the Russian “invasion” and the raucous demands of the Washington Warhawks for “respect” for international law and the “territorial integrity” of Georgia. Some irony, isn’t it, the murderer of over a million Iraqi’s and the illegal occupier of that country calling for “respect” for anything?


Georgia doesn’t have any “territorial integrity” since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990. No treaty was ever made defining its borders with its immediate neighbours, South Ossetia and the Russian Federation to the North, Abkhazia in the west, Turkey and Armenia to the South and Azerbaijan in the East. The border with Turkey is the only one with previous international recognition as an external boundary of the Soviet Union. The politicians in Tbilisi, firstly Ghamsakhurdia, followed by Shevernadze, just assumed that they were entitled to the same territorial extent as the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, which no longer exists and did not have the status of an independent state with recognised boundaries.

The Georgians can blame Yelstin and the other two scoundrels for that. However, they gave popular support to Ghamsakhurdia's attempt to annex South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 1991-2 which led to hostilities and the defeat of such attempts. These two regions have enjoyed de facto independence since then. South Ossetia and Abkhazia were never part of a historical Georgian nation, having their own languages and culture and a closer relationship with Russia than the Georgians ever aspired to. It was Josef Stalin, Soviet leader 1923-53, himself a Georgian born in Gori, a town in contention in the current conflict, who divided Ossetia in two and transferred the southern part to Georgian administration, not for any love of his fellow countrymen but, to balance out Georgian nationalism with a pro-Russian minority on their doorstep “just in case” they might get stroppy with Moscow one day. Likewise with Abkhazia in the West.

The second grand irony of this conflict is the sight of Buckfush, Condasleeza and Co getting their knickers in a twist over “territorial integrity” which is predicated only on Josef Stalin’s mischievous map-making in the previous century. And isn’t it a further delicious irony that Buckfush was governor of a US federal state, Texas, whose territory was outright stolen from neighbouring Mexico in 1836. “Territorial Integrity” how are yiz!


Earlier today the full gathering of NATO foreign ministers was held in Brussels to vent their anger at Russia’s whacking of the Georgian upstart last week. Condasleeza, now the Banshee of international conflict as, wherever she turns up, thousands of civilian deaths follow soon after, led the foot-stamping rage brigade in condemning Russian actions but, still failed to acknowledge the criminal attack launched by their puppet on 07.08.08. Nevertheless, the NATO herd of frothing- at-the-mouth hyenas stopped short of offering Shitfacevili full membership of their bandits club. Instead they shoved everything off the table into a “Commission” which will look at means for future support for the naughty puppies in Tbilisi. And, of course, they threatened not to talk with the Russians if they wouldn’t do as they were told. Woo-hoo! I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots. More likely he will be glad his day's work will be less likely to be interrupted by unwanted visits by Condasleeza or Sarkynoze wanting to give their usual boring lectures on international politics.


It seems the NATO gang haven’t yet got the message from these events and might need a few more little reminders from Russia. Russia has no intention of allowing the Georgian dictator ever again to mount a threat of any kind against South Ossetia or Abkhazia which is why their army will neutralise all assets of the defeated Georgian military in a wide area of country before withdrawing to their original positions in the autonomous regions, which have now been given further guarantees of security at a meeting with Russian President , Dimitry Medvedev. This is a salutary lesson to the arrogant manipulators of the NATO/EU alliance who encouraged, armed and egged-on Shitfacevili in his insane rantings as part of their tactics to isolate Russia by surrounding it with hostile NATO puppet states, mainly constructed from former territories of the Soviet Union.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 19 Lúnasa/August 2008.

Thursday, August 14, 2008




"Much of the city of Tskhinvali was reportedly in flames on Friday. The regional parliament building has burned down, the university is on fire, and the town’s main hospital has been rendered inoperative by the bombardment."

Vesti(Russian) radio reported that Georgian forces burned down a church in Tanara in South Ossetia where people were hiding, to the ground, with all the people inside. The Deputy Director of an information agency as an eye witness reported that fragments of cluster bombs of were found in Tskhinvali. There have also been reports by a South Ossetian reservist that civilians who were hiding in basements were shot dead by Georgian soldiers.

Wikipedia reported that, "Russian soldiers captured group of American mercenaries on territory of South Ossetia. The group was captured near of Zare village."

An estimated 1,500 people have died in the onslaught and up to 30,000 more fled across the Russian border into North Ossetia. Large swaths of the city have been reduced to rubble including the one hospital that was pounded by Georgian bombers. Georgia has cut off the water supply to the city.The Red Cross now anticipates a "humanitarian catastrophe" as a result of the fighting.

“I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars,” Lyudmila Ostayeva, 50, told the Associated Press after fleeing the city with her family to a village near the Russian border. “It’s impossible to count them now. There is hardly a single building left undamaged.”

At least 15 Russia peacekeepers were killed in the initial fighting and 70 more were sent to hospital. Georgia's army stormed the South Ossetia capital, Tskhinvali, killing more than 1,000 fleeing civilians. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told news agencies in an interview how the hostilities began: “Russian peacekeepers were killed by their own [Georgian] partners in the peacekeeping forces. There is a Russian battalion, an Ossetian battalion, and a Georgian battalion... and all of a sudden the Georgians, Georgian peacekeepers, begin shooting their Russian colleagues. This is of course a war crime. I do not rule out that the Hague and Strasbourg courts and institutions in other cities will be involved in investigating these crimes, and this inhuman drama that has been played out."

According to South Ossetia's president, Eduard Kokoyti, Georgian troops had been taking part in NATO exercises in the region since the beginning of August. Kokoyti stated that there was a connection between the NATO activities and the current violence.

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, said on last Sunday:

"The actions of Georgia have led to deaths - among them are Russian peacekeepers. The situation reached the point that Georgian peacekeepers have been shooting at Russian peacekeepers. Now women, children and old people are dying in South Ossetia - most of them are citizens of the Russian Federation. As the President of the Russian Federation, I am obligated to protect lives and the dignity of Russian citizens wherever they are. Those responsible for the deaths of our citizens will be punished."

A selection of the reports from the conflict zone in South Ossetia since last Thursday’s sneak midnight attack by American trained Georgian army units on the peaceful city of Tskhinvali.


Washington's bloody fingerprints are all over the invasion of South Ossetia. Georgian puppet President Mikhail Saakashvili would never dream of launching such a massive military attack unless he got explicit orders from his backers in Washington. Shitfacevili owes his entire political career to American power-brokers and US intelligence agencies. If he disobeyed them, he would have been ousted in a week. An operation like this takes months of planning and logistical support; especially if it's perfectly timed to coincide with the beginning of the 29th Olympic games in Beijing (another snide neocon contempt for efforts at peaceful international endeavours). That means Pentagon planners must have been working hand in hand with Georgian generals for months in advance. Shitfacevili has been working closely with the Buckfush regime ever since he replaced Eduard Shevardnadze (former Soviet foreign minister in the disgraced Gorbachov regime of the 1980’s) as president in 2003. That's when US-backed NGOs and western intelligence agencies organized the overthrow of the Shevardnadze regime in the so-called "Rose Revolution" in Tbilisi that year.

Since then, Shitfacevili has done everything according to instructions from Washington; he built up the military and internal security apparatus, he allowed US advisers to train and arm Georgian troops, he applied for membership in NATO, and he has constantly provoked conflict with Russia. In 2005, Buckfush was féted on a showcase visit to Tbilisi where he pronounced to a crowd of nearly a million Georgians “The American people will stand with you”. He meant, of course, his neocon inspired government and its misuse of the American people’s tax dollars for waging bloody war and destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf and the world-wide so-called “War on Terror”. Last week, Shitfacevili opened a new area of conflict when he sent his US trained army into battle on Washington's orders.

Vladimir Vasilyev, the Chairman of Russia's State Duma Security Committee, in a press interview last week underlined the Russian view of these developments: "The further the situation unfolds, the more the world will understand that Georgia would never be able to do all this without America. In essence, the Americans have prepared the force, which destroys everything in South Ossetia, attacks civilians and hospitals."

It is notable that neither Buckfush nor any NATO/EU officials condemned the initial Georgian attack and tried to divert world attention to their spurious claims that Russia had invaded Georgia solely in pursuit of its own interests.

Shitfacevili is an American educated lawyer and a muppet of the neocons, the ideologues of the despicable Buckfush regime and its plans for world domination. He came to power on a platform of “anti-corruption” and economic “reform” which emphasized free market solutions and privatisation. Instead of raising the standard of living for the Georgian people, Shitfacevili has been running up massive deficits to expand the over-bloated military forces. His government has made huge purchases of Israeli and US-made offensive weapon systems and has devoted more than 4.2% of GDP (more than a quarter of all Georgian public income) to military hardware.

According to a Russian Defence Ministry statement:

"Georgia has received 206 tanks, of which 175 units were supplied by NATO states, 186 armored vehicles (126 - from NATO) , 79 guns (67 - from NATO) , 25 helicopters (12 - from NATO) , 70 mortars, ten surface-to-air missile systems, eight Israeli-made unmanned aircraft, and other weapons. In addition, NATO countries have supplied four combat aircraft to Georgia. The Russian Defence Ministry said there were plans to deliver to Georgia 145 armored vehicles, 262 guns and mortars, 14 combat aircraft including four Mirazh-2000 destroyers, 25 combat helicopters, 15 American Black Hawk aircraft, six surface-to-air missile systems and other arms." (Interfax News Agency, Moscow, in Russian, Aug 7, 2008)

The Chairman of Russia's State Duma Security Committee, Vladimir Vasiliyev, summed it up like this: "Georgia could have used the years of Saakashvili's presidency in different ways - to build up the economy, to develop the infrastructure, to solve social issues both in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and the whole state. Instead, the Georgian leadership with President Saakashvili undertook consistent steps to increase its military budget”


Israeli arms manufacturers have also been supplying Shitfacevili with state-of-the-art weaponry. According to Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, earlier this year: "In addition to the spy drones, Israel has also been supplying Georgia with infantry weapons and electronics for artillery systems, and has helped upgrade Soviet-designed Su-25 ground attack jets assembled in Georgia, according to Koba Liklikadze, an independent military expert in Tbilisi. Former Israeli generals also serve as advisers to the Georgian military."

The Israeli website,, has revealed further details on the geopolitical implications of Israeli involvement in Georgian and Caucasus politics:

"The conflict has been sparked by the race for control over the pipelines carrying oil and gas out of the Caspian region....The Russians may just bear with the pro-US/NATO Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s ambition to bring his country into NATO. But they draw a heavy line against his plans and those of Western oil companies, including Israeli firms, to re-route the oil routes from Azerbaijan and the gas lines from Turkmenistan, which transit Georgia, through Turkey instead of hooking them up to Russian pipelines”.

Debka also revealed that Shitfacevili had signed a contract last year with Tel-Aviv for supply of 1,000 Israeli advisors to train the Georgian army. Some of these advisors were helping Georgia to build reproduction and updated versions of Soviet Su 25 aircraft at a factory next to the International Airport at Tbilisi, which is why this location was bombed by the Russian Air Force. some of these aircraft were used to bomb Tskhinvali in the initial attack by Georgian forces on last Thursday, 7-8-2008.

Tel-Aviv also owns a significant interest in Caspian oil and gas pipelines which attach to the Turkish terminal port of Ceyhan, rather than the Russian network. Intense negotiations have been going on between Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan for pipelines to reach Turkey and thence to Israel’s oil terminal at Ashkelon and on to its Red Sea port of Eilat. From there, supertankers can carry the gas and oil to the Far East through the Indian Ocean. The objective of Israel is not only to acquire Caspian sea oil for its own consumption needs but also to play a key role in re-exporting Caspian sea oil back to the Asian markets through the Red Sea port of Eilat. The United States and Israel are both knee-deep in the ongoing war for vital petroleum and natural gas supplies in Central Asia and the Caspian Basin.


Russia and particularly, Vladimir Putin, when he was Russian President, now Prime Minister, was acutely aware of these schemes to bypass Russian oil and gas pipelines to Europe coupled with the security implications of the expansion of NATO right up to Russian borders and the proposed installation of missile launching systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, ostensibly to defend against Iranian missiles, and has publicly expressed its concerns in every forum over the past year or so. NATO/EU had clear warnings from Moscow that the policy of military encirclement and economic pressure would not be tolerated by Russia.

This week, again, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underscored the destabilizing impacts of foreign military aid to Georgia: “It all confirms our numerous warnings addressed to the international community that it is necessary to pay attention to massive arms purchasing by Georgia during several years. Now we see how these arms and Georgian special troops who had been trained by foreign specialists are used,” he said. (Russia Today television, August 9, 2008) There is no doubt that Russia’s swift and powerful defensive actions have confounded the plans of the NATO/EU imperialists for using their Georgian puppet to create “facts on the ground” which is one of their favourite terms. It is now Russian tanks which are parked on the ground that the NATO/EU alliance hoped to seize as part of their long-term military plans for isolating Russia and dominating the oil resources of the Middle East and the Caspian Sea. The Warhawks of Washington and their despicable lackey, Shitfacevili, have received a bloody nose and humiliating defeat.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 14 Lúnasa/August 2008.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008




Mentally unstable Georgian dictator, Mikhail Saakashvili, came a cropper last week when, probably after taking an overdose of Viagra to enhance his macho-ness, he suddenly launched a massive attack with troops, artillery and aircraft against the principal town of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, the capital of the self-governing region which declared independence from former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 1992.

In a deeply cynical move, while the rest of the world was preparing for the start of the peaceful endeavours of the world’s sportspeople at the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Shitfacevili started a cruel artillery bombardment against the peaceful town of Tskhinvali at a quarter to midnight on Thursday, 07 Lúnasa/August 2008. Shells from Grad rocket systems, mobile artillery and large-calibre mortars began falling every few minutes on the 30,000 population of the sleeping town, destroying many buildings including the main Hospital and University campus and staring numerous fires all over the town. Five Su-25 Georgian aircraft began bombing South Ossetian villages along the border. Casualties were estimated at more than 1,400 civilian deaths in the first 24 hours after the attack. The President of the Republic of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, referring to the heavy losses of civilian lives said in a statement; “It is the third genocide of the Ossetian people from the side of Georgia, and Saakashvili is the main murderer,”

In connection with the attacks in South Ossetia, Abkhazia’s armed forces were moving to the border with Georgia, the Republic’s president Sergey Bagapsh said on Friday morning:“Irrespective of the development of situation in South Ossetia, we won’t stop moving to the border with Georgia. Today they launch a military aggression against South Ossetia and tomorrow it could be Abkhazia. It cannot go on like that,” Bagapsh said.

The roots of this conflict arise from the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990 with the Russian Federation, it’s largest component, becoming the Union’s legal successor and the other 14 members following their own destiny as separate entities. Under the leadership of Boris Yelstin, the Russian Federation’s first President, no arrangements were made for an orderly transition to independence for the remainder of the country and, soon enough, conflicts broke out in several peripheral areas including Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia and within Russia’s borders, Chechnya. While the borders of the Soviet Union were recognised international frontiers, the internal administrative boundaries did not have such status and thus, were liable to various forms of dispute. A similar situation occurred with the break-up of Federal Yugoslavia which devolved into the most vicious civil conflict in Europe since WW2.

In the case of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, non-Georgian minorities in South Ossetia and further to the West, Abkhazia, both of which were autonomous republics within the Soviet Union, were not satisfied to remain part of an independent Republic of Georgia and declared their own independence, recognised only by Russia, after civil conflict erupted between various political factions in Tbilisi in 1991-2 and thereafter hotly disputed by successive governments in Tbilisi. Since coming to power in Georgia , however, Shitfacevili has been the most militant opponent of the self-governing regions and has long threatened military invasion to end their separate existence.


The situation has been worsened by the interference of the EU/NATO bloc in the affairs of the Caucasus republics as part of their long-term aims to surround Russia with hostile NATO-member states. The NATO frontier against Russia in the West now stretches from Poland, in the Baltic, through Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, to Greece and Turkey in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, thus confronting Russia in all its land and sea outlets to the West. Only Serbia provided a break in this line until recently and the NATO/EU imperialists have since temporarily succeeded in overthrowing the pro-Russian government in Belgrade, through bribery and corruption, and installing a pro-NATO/EU stooge regime there.

Shitfacevili, placed at the vital East-West juncture between the Caspian and Black seas, was an important stooge to have in this area of the Caucasus and only last month was wined and dined at champagne dinners in the Brussels palaces of the NATO/EU elite by Scumbag Solana and leading members of the NATO/EU bureaucracy. A week later, large-scale military exercises under NATO auspices, and attended by Condasleeza Rice, the piano-playing Public Liar of the despicable Buckfush regime in Washington and a horde of US “advisors”, were held in Georgia allowing Shitfacevili to concentrate large numbers of troops and equipment near the border of South Ossetia in preparation for the sneak attack on Lúnasa/August 7. Is it a coincidence, do you think, that the same Condasleeza visited Israel a week before the massive assault launched by Israel against Lebanon in 2006? Was Shitfacevili given some sort of ‘nudge and wink’ approval to go ahead with his plans for aggression against South Ossetia and Abkhazia? The USA and NATO were hardly equipping and training Georgian forces merely for picnics on the beaches of the Black Sea coast!


However, Shitfacevili’s own particular picnic was interrupted by the arrival of massive Russian reinforcements for their already present peace-keeping force in South Ossetia which had been fired on by Georgian forces attacking Tskhinvali. Russian aircraft bombed shit out of Georgian units in South Ossetia and went on to neutralise Georgia’s air force at a base near Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. The Russians also flattened dockland facilities at the Black Sea port of Poti and later the Russian Navy arrived in force to mount a sea blockade along the Black Sea coast. Russian reinforcements also began to arrive in large numbers in Abkhazia, to the west. In a major naval action, 4000 Russian marines were landed at Ochamcire on the Abkhazian coast close to the capital Sukhomi.

Paratroopers from Russia's Ivanovo, Moscow and Pskov airborne divisions arrived to counter attack Georgian units in Tskhinvali and by Saturday afternoon, 9 Lúnasa/August 2008, Georgian forces were routed and in retreat on all fronts. By Sunday morning, Shitfacevili’s insane gamble had ended in military disaster and humiliation at the hands of the Russian forces and the reprobate gangster was forced to send a grovelling note to the Russian embassy in Tbilisi begging for a ceasefire and negotiations for an end to the conflict, begun with such bravado only three days earlier.

The NATO/EU imperialists have only themselves to blame for this shameful debacle perpetrated by their stooge in Tbilisi and the shocking loss of life which has resulted. Further, the number of displaced persons has continued to increase over the three days since all-out fighting began. 26- 30,000 South Ossetians are estimated to have crossed into Russian territory in North Ossetia. In Georgian towns close to the conflict areas, thousands are leaving for relative safety further South in Tbilisi. The International Committee of the Red Cross estimated that over 46,000 people had left their homes in all areas by Sunday.

The latest reports from the area today suggest that Russia is not content to allow Shitfacevili ever again to be in a position to threaten or invade the self-governing regions and will pursue this aim to a conclusion and to hell with NATO/EU hypocritical protests. The Russian press is also beginning to publish articles suggesting associate status or even full membership of the Russian Federation for both South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This development would be the proper response to continued NATO/EU meddling in the Caucasus and elsewhere and make a clear statement that Russia’s borders and interests will be defended to the limit of the resources available to the Government and People of the Russian Federation.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 12 LÚNASA/AUGUST 2008.