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Mentally unstable Georgian dictator, Mikhail Saakashvili, came a cropper last week when, probably after taking an overdose of Viagra to enhance his macho-ness, he suddenly launched a massive attack with troops, artillery and aircraft against the principal town of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, the capital of the self-governing region which declared independence from former Soviet Republic of Georgia in 1992.

In a deeply cynical move, while the rest of the world was preparing for the start of the peaceful endeavours of the world’s sportspeople at the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, China, Shitfacevili started a cruel artillery bombardment against the peaceful town of Tskhinvali at a quarter to midnight on Thursday, 07 Lúnasa/August 2008. Shells from Grad rocket systems, mobile artillery and large-calibre mortars began falling every few minutes on the 30,000 population of the sleeping town, destroying many buildings including the main Hospital and University campus and staring numerous fires all over the town. Five Su-25 Georgian aircraft began bombing South Ossetian villages along the border. Casualties were estimated at more than 1,400 civilian deaths in the first 24 hours after the attack. The President of the Republic of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoity, referring to the heavy losses of civilian lives said in a statement; “It is the third genocide of the Ossetian people from the side of Georgia, and Saakashvili is the main murderer,”

In connection with the attacks in South Ossetia, Abkhazia’s armed forces were moving to the border with Georgia, the Republic’s president Sergey Bagapsh said on Friday morning:“Irrespective of the development of situation in South Ossetia, we won’t stop moving to the border with Georgia. Today they launch a military aggression against South Ossetia and tomorrow it could be Abkhazia. It cannot go on like that,” Bagapsh said.

The roots of this conflict arise from the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990 with the Russian Federation, it’s largest component, becoming the Union’s legal successor and the other 14 members following their own destiny as separate entities. Under the leadership of Boris Yelstin, the Russian Federation’s first President, no arrangements were made for an orderly transition to independence for the remainder of the country and, soon enough, conflicts broke out in several peripheral areas including Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia and within Russia’s borders, Chechnya. While the borders of the Soviet Union were recognised international frontiers, the internal administrative boundaries did not have such status and thus, were liable to various forms of dispute. A similar situation occurred with the break-up of Federal Yugoslavia which devolved into the most vicious civil conflict in Europe since WW2.

In the case of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, non-Georgian minorities in South Ossetia and further to the West, Abkhazia, both of which were autonomous republics within the Soviet Union, were not satisfied to remain part of an independent Republic of Georgia and declared their own independence, recognised only by Russia, after civil conflict erupted between various political factions in Tbilisi in 1991-2 and thereafter hotly disputed by successive governments in Tbilisi. Since coming to power in Georgia , however, Shitfacevili has been the most militant opponent of the self-governing regions and has long threatened military invasion to end their separate existence.


The situation has been worsened by the interference of the EU/NATO bloc in the affairs of the Caucasus republics as part of their long-term aims to surround Russia with hostile NATO-member states. The NATO frontier against Russia in the West now stretches from Poland, in the Baltic, through Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, to Greece and Turkey in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, thus confronting Russia in all its land and sea outlets to the West. Only Serbia provided a break in this line until recently and the NATO/EU imperialists have since temporarily succeeded in overthrowing the pro-Russian government in Belgrade, through bribery and corruption, and installing a pro-NATO/EU stooge regime there.

Shitfacevili, placed at the vital East-West juncture between the Caspian and Black seas, was an important stooge to have in this area of the Caucasus and only last month was wined and dined at champagne dinners in the Brussels palaces of the NATO/EU elite by Scumbag Solana and leading members of the NATO/EU bureaucracy. A week later, large-scale military exercises under NATO auspices, and attended by Condasleeza Rice, the piano-playing Public Liar of the despicable Buckfush regime in Washington and a horde of US “advisors”, were held in Georgia allowing Shitfacevili to concentrate large numbers of troops and equipment near the border of South Ossetia in preparation for the sneak attack on Lúnasa/August 7. Is it a coincidence, do you think, that the same Condasleeza visited Israel a week before the massive assault launched by Israel against Lebanon in 2006? Was Shitfacevili given some sort of ‘nudge and wink’ approval to go ahead with his plans for aggression against South Ossetia and Abkhazia? The USA and NATO were hardly equipping and training Georgian forces merely for picnics on the beaches of the Black Sea coast!


However, Shitfacevili’s own particular picnic was interrupted by the arrival of massive Russian reinforcements for their already present peace-keeping force in South Ossetia which had been fired on by Georgian forces attacking Tskhinvali. Russian aircraft bombed shit out of Georgian units in South Ossetia and went on to neutralise Georgia’s air force at a base near Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. The Russians also flattened dockland facilities at the Black Sea port of Poti and later the Russian Navy arrived in force to mount a sea blockade along the Black Sea coast. Russian reinforcements also began to arrive in large numbers in Abkhazia, to the west. In a major naval action, 4000 Russian marines were landed at Ochamcire on the Abkhazian coast close to the capital Sukhomi.

Paratroopers from Russia's Ivanovo, Moscow and Pskov airborne divisions arrived to counter attack Georgian units in Tskhinvali and by Saturday afternoon, 9 Lúnasa/August 2008, Georgian forces were routed and in retreat on all fronts. By Sunday morning, Shitfacevili’s insane gamble had ended in military disaster and humiliation at the hands of the Russian forces and the reprobate gangster was forced to send a grovelling note to the Russian embassy in Tbilisi begging for a ceasefire and negotiations for an end to the conflict, begun with such bravado only three days earlier.

The NATO/EU imperialists have only themselves to blame for this shameful debacle perpetrated by their stooge in Tbilisi and the shocking loss of life which has resulted. Further, the number of displaced persons has continued to increase over the three days since all-out fighting began. 26- 30,000 South Ossetians are estimated to have crossed into Russian territory in North Ossetia. In Georgian towns close to the conflict areas, thousands are leaving for relative safety further South in Tbilisi. The International Committee of the Red Cross estimated that over 46,000 people had left their homes in all areas by Sunday.

The latest reports from the area today suggest that Russia is not content to allow Shitfacevili ever again to be in a position to threaten or invade the self-governing regions and will pursue this aim to a conclusion and to hell with NATO/EU hypocritical protests. The Russian press is also beginning to publish articles suggesting associate status or even full membership of the Russian Federation for both South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This development would be the proper response to continued NATO/EU meddling in the Caucasus and elsewhere and make a clear statement that Russia’s borders and interests will be defended to the limit of the resources available to the Government and People of the Russian Federation.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 12 LÚNASA/AUGUST 2008.

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