Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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The events of the past two weeks should be a clear warning to the people of Europe that their peace and security is being seriously jeopardised by the reckless and irresponsible projection of US foreign policy agendas using their control of NATO for outright imperialist military adventurism and needless confrontations in the world’s most volatile conflict areas.

European territory has now been arbitrarily drawn in to the paranoid fantasies of the Buckfush regime in Washington with the signing of an agreement to install US missile launchers in Poland despite serious warnings from Russian leaders that they would regard such a development as a hostile act directed at their security and they would respond accordingly. Using bribery and diplomatic pressure the USA has imposed its warmongering agenda in an EU member country regardless of any objections of the local population or of other EU neighbouring countries. So-called “Common foreign Policy” of the EU is now exposed as a farce and the fact revealed that it is US/NATO which dictates the agenda in these matters.

We are seeing the results on the ground of the decision in the Nice Treaty to hand over European “defence” to NATO and what it amounts to, in effect, is ceding EU territory to the Pentagon military commanders for whatever tactical or strategic moves they want to effect in pursuit of their warmongering global agenda. NATO is now the principal author of aggression in a wide geographic arc from Eastern Europe across the Middle East and Asia to the Pacific Ocean. One might ask now what “North Atlantic” has to do with any of these areas and the question must now be brought forward immediately as to what justification there is for the continued existence of NATO and its misuse of European territory solely in the interests of a foreign Empire.


We have seen, only days ago, the NATO inspired aggression by the war-criminal, Shitfacevili, against the civilian population of South Ossetia, fully supported by Washington politically and militarily. A few months ago NATO opened a new round of conflict by illegally detaching the province of Kosovo from Serbia and setting up a puppet regime there run by indicted war criminals, drug dealers and people traffickers. The illegal occupation of Iraq by NATO forces, begun in 2003, continues, with over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian dead and widespread destruction of
Cities and towns. The brutal war in Afghanistan continues with increasing civilian casualties while NATO forces there are losing against a growing insurgency. Next door, in unstable Pakistan, encouraged and aided to develop nuclear weapons by NATO leading power, the USA,
through a series of corrupt and brutal military dictatorships, the political situation deteriorates daily creating serious doubts about the security and control of these nuclear weapons. The whole frightening scenario here a direct result of US/NATO policy.

NATO breeds aggression; destruction in Tskhinvali after Georgian Army criminal attack
(PHOTO: Novosti)
In the Middle East, NATO surrogate and principal US ally,Israel, was given the arms and equipment to invade Lebanon in 2006 in the worst outbreak of warfare there since 1973. Thousands of civilians died as the Israeli air force mercilessly bombed Beirut and other towns and cities in Lebanon and the use of cluster bombs against the civilian population aroused wide international condemnation. Israel was also involved in the training of the criminal Georgian Army which attacked South Ossetia this month. Israel and the USA are together involved in racking up tension against Iran and publicly threatening invasion and attacks against that country in a further example of US/NATO state terrorism.

NATO breeds aggression; residents of peaceful Tskhinvali shelter underground
from bombing of criminal Georgian Army, 07.08.08. (PHOTO: Novosti).
The US/NATO Alliance has shown total disregard for International Law and the UN Charter while arrogantly demanding that other countries comply with these instruments whenever US interests are involved. This situation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. The time is now for the Europe-wide campaign to begin for the abolition of the NATO warmongering alliance; for a peaceful, democratic Europe with friendly relations with Russia and our Mediterranean neighbours. Make the Mediterranean and Black Sea seas of Peace!




FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 26 Lúnasa/August 2008.

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