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Russian forces have begun to withdraw from areas of Georgia outside the autonomous regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia after a week in which the nefarious attack on Tskhinvali in South Ossetia by NATO trained and armed, with significant Israeli assistance, Georgian troops was defeated and the NATO puppet army fled in disarray from the scenes of conflict leaving behind massive quantities of US and Israeli supplied equipment in their barracks and encampments.
Once on the spot and in charge, the Russian forces began eliminating the military resources of the Georgian government, led by mentally unstable dictator Mikhail Saakashvili, in Tbilisi.

Shitfacevili, installed in power in 2003 by a CIA organised coup, badly miscalculated both the level of support his backers in Washington were actually prepared to give and the swiftness and power of the Russian response to his unprovoked and genocidal attack on the peaceful town of Tskhinvali in South Ossetia last Thursday. With massive upgrading of his armed forces by NATO (see previous articles) and the help of up to 1,000 advisers hired from private security firms in Israel, including assembly in a plant near Tbilisi Airport of reproduction Su-25 Soviet design jet bombers, Shitfacevili thought he had the opportunity to attack without much opposition. There are no military installations in Tskhinvali. It is a small town with basic industries like lumber mills and some light manufacturing plants, otherwise residential. Most consumer goods are imported from Russia. To attack a town like this with heavy artillery, rockets and bomber aircraft would inevitably lead to massive civilian casualties and this is exactly what happened. Shitfacevili and the commanders of his military engaged in this attack must have known this which, under international law, makes it an indictable war crime.

The hypocritical response of the NATO/EU Alliance to this crime was not one word of condemnation or one bag of aid for the 30,000 South Ossettians who had to flee their homes
into neighbouring Russia, but, a twisted propaganda cover-up aimed at justifying the insane actions of their lapdog, Shitfacevili, and the misrepresentation of the situation as a Russian “invasion” of “poor little Georgia” and an absolute lying refusal to accept their responsibility for preparing the ground for this conflict through their arming and political support for the war criminals of Tbilisi. The tied media of the NATO/EU elites performed to task, reporting only on the Russian “invasion” and the raucous demands of the Washington Warhawks for “respect” for international law and the “territorial integrity” of Georgia. Some irony, isn’t it, the murderer of over a million Iraqi’s and the illegal occupier of that country calling for “respect” for anything?


Georgia doesn’t have any “territorial integrity” since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1990. No treaty was ever made defining its borders with its immediate neighbours, South Ossetia and the Russian Federation to the North, Abkhazia in the west, Turkey and Armenia to the South and Azerbaijan in the East. The border with Turkey is the only one with previous international recognition as an external boundary of the Soviet Union. The politicians in Tbilisi, firstly Ghamsakhurdia, followed by Shevernadze, just assumed that they were entitled to the same territorial extent as the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, which no longer exists and did not have the status of an independent state with recognised boundaries.

The Georgians can blame Yelstin and the other two scoundrels for that. However, they gave popular support to Ghamsakhurdia's attempt to annex South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 1991-2 which led to hostilities and the defeat of such attempts. These two regions have enjoyed de facto independence since then. South Ossetia and Abkhazia were never part of a historical Georgian nation, having their own languages and culture and a closer relationship with Russia than the Georgians ever aspired to. It was Josef Stalin, Soviet leader 1923-53, himself a Georgian born in Gori, a town in contention in the current conflict, who divided Ossetia in two and transferred the southern part to Georgian administration, not for any love of his fellow countrymen but, to balance out Georgian nationalism with a pro-Russian minority on their doorstep “just in case” they might get stroppy with Moscow one day. Likewise with Abkhazia in the West.

The second grand irony of this conflict is the sight of Buckfush, Condasleeza and Co getting their knickers in a twist over “territorial integrity” which is predicated only on Josef Stalin’s mischievous map-making in the previous century. And isn’t it a further delicious irony that Buckfush was governor of a US federal state, Texas, whose territory was outright stolen from neighbouring Mexico in 1836. “Territorial Integrity” how are yiz!


Earlier today the full gathering of NATO foreign ministers was held in Brussels to vent their anger at Russia’s whacking of the Georgian upstart last week. Condasleeza, now the Banshee of international conflict as, wherever she turns up, thousands of civilian deaths follow soon after, led the foot-stamping rage brigade in condemning Russian actions but, still failed to acknowledge the criminal attack launched by their puppet on 07.08.08. Nevertheless, the NATO herd of frothing- at-the-mouth hyenas stopped short of offering Shitfacevili full membership of their bandits club. Instead they shoved everything off the table into a “Commission” which will look at means for future support for the naughty puppies in Tbilisi. And, of course, they threatened not to talk with the Russians if they wouldn’t do as they were told. Woo-hoo! I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots. More likely he will be glad his day's work will be less likely to be interrupted by unwanted visits by Condasleeza or Sarkynoze wanting to give their usual boring lectures on international politics.


It seems the NATO gang haven’t yet got the message from these events and might need a few more little reminders from Russia. Russia has no intention of allowing the Georgian dictator ever again to mount a threat of any kind against South Ossetia or Abkhazia which is why their army will neutralise all assets of the defeated Georgian military in a wide area of country before withdrawing to their original positions in the autonomous regions, which have now been given further guarantees of security at a meeting with Russian President , Dimitry Medvedev. This is a salutary lesson to the arrogant manipulators of the NATO/EU alliance who encouraged, armed and egged-on Shitfacevili in his insane rantings as part of their tactics to isolate Russia by surrounding it with hostile NATO puppet states, mainly constructed from former territories of the Soviet Union.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 19 Lúnasa/August 2008.

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