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Both houses of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council and the State Duma, Monday (25 Lúnasa/August 2008), in Moscow, passed a resolution recognising the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia and recommended that Russian President Dimitri Medvedev formally legalise the decision which was accomplished, Tuesday 26 .08.08, when the President signed the decree giving effect to the parliamentary decision. The decision was greeted with celebrations in the two Republics.

This puts paid to any dreams of mentally unstable Georgian dictator, Shitfacevili, that these Republics would ever again be a part of any Georgian state and ends centuries of Georgian oppression against the peoples of these Caucasus territories. South Ossetia will likely apply for full membership of the Russian Federation in the near future as the majority of the population are already Russian citizens and are kin to the people of North Ossetia which is a full member of the Federation. Abkhazia will likely remain independent for the time being but, will chose a close alliance with Russia like nearby Armenia. Thus the US/NATO scheme for establishing a hostile presence on Russia’s southern flank comes to an ignominious end with the collapse of the Georgian puppet army which fled from the battlefield leaving behind vast quantities of military hardware which is now in the possession of Russia and its local allies.

Abandoned Georgian tanks left behind in the Kodori gorge area of Abkhazia as

NATO-trained Georgian troops fled from a determined Abkhazian advance (PHOTO:Novosti)

You now have the same pack of EU/NATO leaders who illegally detached the province of Kosovo from Serbia only months, ago and recognised its “independence”, crying for international law and territorial integrity of states to be respected. Brass-faced hypocrisy their only resort having been caught with their trousers down. Nevertheless, the shock-wave from the Georgian conflict has severely rattled the cabinet tables of the Western cohort of the EU/NATO alliance and brought a pronounced division into an already shaky coalition as Paris and Berlin realised how close it came to a direct confrontation between Russian and US forces in the Caucasus and the horrendous consequences of such an outcome.

Israeli supplied Gun-howitzer left behind as the Georgian rabble fled Abkhazian forces (PHOTO: Novosti).

The Milli & Villi Show
London, as usual, played lapdog to Washington’s furious leaping up and down as Condasleeza nearly swallowed her false teeth with hyperplexy at various media shindigs. Mincing Milli, British Foreign Secretary, rushed to Tbilisi to console Shitfacevili and offer more air-balloons of “support” for his crumbling regime. The Milli and Villi show, played out on Georgian television, was a replica of scenes from a “Carry-On” movie as Milli arrived with vast quantities of elasto-plast, Yorkshire puddings, cheese & onion crisps and Vimto. Essential supplies for an Army that has fled the battlefield.


There was a severe outbreak of teeth-gnashing in Kiev this week as paranoid President Yuschenko turned on Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and accused her of trying to arrange a secret deal with Moscow for political support in return for her staying stumm on the Georgia conflict. Yuschenko ordered his secret police to investigate Madame Yulia's movements and contacts, not a difficult job since she spends most of her time at a certain hairdressing salon in central Kiev. More likely, though, the always opportunist Madame Yulia has seen the writing on the wall and with the ever fading chances of her country getting into NATO she has cutely covered the obvious option of renewing relations with resurgent Russia.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 27 Lúnasa/August 2008.

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