Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Smarmy Brit Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, has been let loose in Europe in a vain attempt to stir up more anti-Russian agitation among the disparate clutch of politicians now running Eastern Europe. First stop was turbulent Tbilisi where he assured dotty Georgian dictator, Shitfacevili, that his territorial integrity was fully supported by Britain and all her might. Such territorial integrity now extending three feet beyond Shitfacevili’s office desk, the sofa and the private loo.

Next stop is calamitous Kiev where a vicious hair-pulling row has broken out in the Government quarter between paranoid President Yuschenko and foul-tempered floozy, Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister in the shaky coalition government there. The row is about who is going to be the first to get back in Moscow’s good graces after the dust settles on the recent Georgia-Russia conflict in the Caucasus. So, slim pickins for Militant Milli there. Romania and Bulgaria don’t count for anything and Poland has already done a deal with Buckfush on stationing US missiles on its territory to which there is widespread public opposition so that only leaves Slovakia which isn’t interested in antagonising Russia and Milli is box-office poison in Belgrade.

Russian President,Dimitri Medvedev, signs the decree recognising South Ossetian
and Abkhazian independence. (PHOTO: Novosti)


Milli has been desperately chasing the TV cameras for the past two months as rumblings of discontent against Brit Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the British Labour Party threatened to explode into a leadership contest ahead of the Labour conference next month. Milli fancies himself as front runner and is a media dahling in what passes for “newspapers” in Britain but, his smarmy Blairite demeanour has cut no ice with the rank and file who are fed up to the gills with Blairism and expected Gordo to ditch such tripe as soon as he moved into 10 Dowdy Street. Gordo dithered too long in the past year and has steadily lost favour in the polls leaving Milli with the chance to make a flanking movement via media exposure while still professing complete loyalty to Gordo.

Standing on the corpses of a million dead Iraqis, and the hundreds of young Brits dead in futile wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while preaching morality and the rule of Law ,won't do Milli any good in a Labour leadership contest so it has to be down to sheer arrogance and puffed-up intellectual conceit that motivates the smarmy upstart.

Abkhazians celebrate Russian recognition of their independent Republic. (PHOTO: Novosti)

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 28 Lúnasa/August 2008.

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