Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ukraine ceasefire extended:


 Measures to extend the September 5th ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine were agreed at the Contact Group meeting in Minsk, the Belorussian Capital, last weekend. It was agreed that the positions held by each side on September 19th would be retained. Weapons of calibre greater than 100mm would be withdrawn 15 kilometres either side of the ceasefire line creating a buffer zone of 30 kilometres without such weapons located there. No aircraft or drones would be flown by either side. Prisoner exchanges would continue as supervised by OSCE monitors. The entire ceasefire line would be monitored by OSCE, who would be allowed use drones.

The buffer zone would prevent shelling of Donetsk city by Junta forces still located at the northern side of Donetsk Airport, which they have been doing even since the September 5th ceasefire was agreed. Also the Junta forces located close to Lugansk would be prevented from shelling there.

In the meantime, Poroshenko was in Washington making a grovelling speech to the US Senate and House of representatives selling out his entire country to Washington's anti-Russian agenda. The speech, obviously not written by himself, but by some backroom neo-con hack, was overloaded with neo-con clichés, soppy sentimentality and sob stories of Junta military losses in the conflict calculated to produce regular bouts of applause and standing ovations from one of the most corrupt legislatures in the world, most of whom are in the pocket of some corporate business lobby or other and at least half of them paid agents of the US Military-Industrial Complex. The whole vomit-inducing charade lasting over 40 minutes of prime TV news time on US channels.

It seems the whole set-up was an insipid, Hollywood style mock-up of Winston Churchill's infamous "Iron Curtain"  speech at the same locale in 1946, with cued-in applause outbreaks and standing ovations according to script.

 More interesting than the absolute drivel of his staged rant, was what Porkypie left out; he failed to mention the shelling of civilian areas with heavy weapons and ballistic missiles causing thousands of deaths and injuries and destruction of property. He also had several pleas for arms sprinkled throughout the speech indicating that the Pentagon has not made any deliveries yet on the military aid that Porkypie was boasting about at the NATO summit in Britain two weeks ago and neither have any of the other NATO members Porkypie was relying on. This also indicates that from Washington down, the NATO gang are unsure whether Porkypie  would still be "President" when the arms arrived.

The political situation in Kiev continues to deteriorate. The Nazi thug elements, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor, have attacked Porkypie for agreeing to the ceasefire and likewise, recent jailbird and EU fav, Julia Tymoshenko, has opposed the ceasefire agreement and declared Porkypie a "traitor" for accepting it. Queen Julia, political prostitute par excellence, continues to be the most scurillous russo-phobe in the Junta, uttering threats and racist comments on Russians and the Eastern rebels, daily calling for Ukraine to be allowed into NATO immediately. Snowball's chance in Hell of that happening now. "Rat"senyuk, the Muppet "Prime Minister" of the Junta and another EU fav, has split from Queen Julia and resumed leadership of his own faction. Porkypie, fearful of being ousted if he leaves the country again, has cancelled a trip to New York for this weeks UN General Assembly meeting and "Rat"senyuk is going instead. "Rats" being Brussels' favourite anti-Russian ranter.
 The military situation on the ground now is that Novorussiya is an established entity outside Kiev control and occupying the southeast quarters of the Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts with control of both cities. The people's militias of both areas have been united as the Novorussiya Armed Forces (NAF) but the political administrations remain separate for the present. Novorussiya controls their side of the Russian border from due east of Lugansk city all the way south to the Sea of Azov coast road and the town of Novoazosk.

From August 27th, the NAF launched surprise attacks on all fronts from Lugansk to Donetsk and opening a new front to the south capturing  Novoazosk on the road to Mariupol, the Junta occupied main port on the Sea of Azov. The smaller, faster NAF units were able to surround the larger Junta encampments destroying large quantities of equipment and inflicting heavy casualties. The Junta Forces (KJF) were forced to abandon their offensive and switch to defensive tactics with large units surrendering in order to avoid destruction and others abandoning the field altogether and taking advantage of any gaps in the front to escape to non-rebel territory. Other units crossed the Russian border seeking asylum there. It was this catastrophic defeat which forced Porkypie to accept the September 5th Ceasefire agreement in Minsk. Porky later admitted in a television broadcast that KJF losses of men and equipment were in the region of 65%. Today, KJF units have been seen building Berlin-style fortifications on their side of the Ceasefire line which is a tacit admission by Kiev that they have lost the War. Not that they wouldn't try to resume their offensive if they had the means to do so but their fourth mobilisation order has been a failure and the renewed faction fighting in Kiev means no direction and no coordination for running a military campaign.

The international situation is that Novorussiya has survived the NATO/Junta plan to eliminate the eastern rebellion and extend full NATO hegemony over Ukraine. At the same time, NAF inflicting a humiliating defeat on the Junta and its Fascist thug allies. Ratsenyuk still ranting about "19 Battalions" of Russian troops operating in Eastern Ukraine. Now, if there really were 19 battalions of Russian troops in Ukraine they wouldn't be sitting in Donetsk, they would have arrived in Kiev in 24 hours and cleaned out Rats and his nest of fascist criminals in bloody short order and restored the dignity of the entire Ukrainian people forthwith.

 Russia has played its cards expertly. They have de-escalated the conflict in Ukraine, refusing to respond to NATO baiting to promote an actual invasion and face isolation in Europe ( much to the satisfaction of the Chancellory in Berlin). They have forced the Kiev Junta to the negotiating table and de-facto recognition of Novorussiya (of whose security they remain the principal and permanent guarantor; and the Pentagon has realised this). NATO/EU now have to pay the bills of a bankrupt and corrupt regime in Kiev which is falling apart by the day. With the winter arriving soon and the doubling of gas prices as the result of EU/NATO's stupid anti- Russian sanctions, unrest will breakout in all major Ukrainian cities and towns and if the Junta hasn't collapsed by then, it will be done-in shortly thereafter.

 This is the poisoned chalice handed to the Ukrainian people by their criminal overlords promising an EU/NATO paradise. Ain't gonna happen. Time the Ukrainian people started to organise in their own interests after 24 years of Oligarchical corruption.

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