Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotland vote on knife-edge


Despite massive intervention by Westminster politicians, threats by Bank of England governer, Mark Carney, a Canadian (whose country gained independence in the 19th Century), Business moguls, Supermarket bosses,Uncle Tom Cobbley 'n all, the Scottish 'Yes' vote is holding at 49% in the latest poll released by the "Guardian" newspaper tomorrow. More significantly, in the most active population group, the 25-45 age bracket,  'YES' has a majority of 55%.

 With 5 campaign days left before the referendum poll on Thursday the factionalised 'NO' campaign is dismayed that their 'big guns' Westminster organised effort this week has failed to stop the advance of the 'YES' side to any significant extent to be certain of victory on Thursday next. With Cameron caught out this week calling Supermarket bosses into his office to ask them to make negative statements about Scottish independence, there is an easy answer for the Scottish people to this kind of political skullduggery which is to start boycotting these supermarkets immediately; there is always a competitor waiting to take their place and of course, vote a resounding 'YES' in Thursday's referendum.

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