Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kiev Junta facing military disaster:


The Kiev Junta faces military disaster as its main forces in Eastern Ukraine were outmanoeuvred in a surprise move by militia opposition of the DPR who struck South along the coastal area on the 23/24 August cutting off the supply route to Junta held Mariupol and isolating three of the Junta's leading battalions in the East; Azov, Shetersk and Donbass 1 consisting of about 5,000 troops and 180 military vehicles. DPR forces seized Novoazosk and Starobeshevo on the road to Mariupol on 25/26 August.

The surprise move caused consternation and collapse of morale among the Junta forces. Azov, one of the most brutal and boastful of the Fascist Guard units sent by Kiev to the East disintegrated and large numbers of them fled back to Mariupol by side roads causing panic in the city which has been held by the Junta since June led by criminal Oligarch, Akmetov. The remainder are now encircled by DPR forces and have been given the option of immediate surrender or face wipe-out artillery shelling. The Greek government today moved its consulate out of Mariupol to Dnieperpetrovsk claiming a deteriorating security situation in the city.

 Earlier indications of the collapse occurred on Sunday, when 438 Ukrainian troops, including  146 Border Guards who accompanied them crossed the border into Russia seeking asylum. Major Vitaly Dubinyak, Commander of the group, told Russian journalists: "Other than giving us a command to 'hold on', Kiev provided us with no further assistance and during the last week they've aborted all communication, they've  simply given up on us".  Major Dubinyak praised the treatment his men received from Russian authori ties who accomodated them in a tented camp just across the border in the Rostov region. "Kiev lied to us" he said, " they told us we were at war with Russia.. We are not at war with Russia, we have received brotherly treatment here".

Large scale public unrest broke out in Kiev today as hundreds of protesters blocked streets outside the Ministry of Defence headquarters calling for the resignation of Poroshenko and Defence Minister, Valery Geletei and the commanders of the Junta forces in the East. Public anger will only increase as the extent of the collapse becomes more widely known and the lies of Poroshenko and his NATO/EU backers are exposed. The  Washington/NATO/EU conspiracy to install a permanent pro-NATO regime in Kiev has failed. Ukraine is now another failed state in the list of the NATO warmongers disastrous military interventions, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Central African Republic.

 There is now no prospect of the Eastern regions ever accepting
 Government from Kiev again. The ruthless shelling of their towns and cities by Junta forces causing death and injuries and destruction of property on a wide scale means that no sane authority would give up their arms and leave themselves completely at the mercy of the bunch of criminals and Nazi psychopaths running Kiev.It's just not on. NATO/EU can go jump in the Atlantic and forget about their mad scheme to turn Ukraine into an anti-Russian military base. Russia was never going to allow it, which has to call into question the sanity of the Washington warmongers who planned the whole thing.

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