Friday, August 22, 2014

Willi Wonka losing war in East Ukraine


 Despite massive support from Washington and NATO, the forces of the Kiev Junta are losing their attempt to suppress the independence movement in the east of the country. The Junta's puppet  President, Willie Wonka Poroshenko (he owns the country's biggest chocolate factory), who only weeks ago boasted a swift end to the independence movements is now stuck with a military impasse as resistance grows in the rest of the country to enforced conscription and the imposition of a "war tax" on the already impoverished population.

 In addition the Junta forces are losing massive numbers of equipment to the opposition. Since June, the DPR forces have captured 65 T64 tanks, 69 BMP apc's, 39 BTR armoured vehicles, 124 antiaircraft units, 33 self-propelled guns(SPG's) and large quantities of mortars and rockets.

 Nevertheless, the fascist militias sent by Kiev have caused over 2000 civilian casualties in the towns being attacked, a fact being ignored by the Western Whore Press.

The Brussels Dictatorship, which along with Washington is financing the whole operation continues to defy public opinion in the EU which is overwhelming in its opposition to this illegal and genocidal war  on behalf of the global elite who want to plunder the resources and people of Ukraine as they have done everywhere else.

 The furore over the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines MH 17 has diminished in the western press propaganda as both Washington and Kiev have failed to handover to international investigators the evidence of their radar and satellite recordings at the time  of the incident, much less the "evidence"  they claimed to have that it was DPR or Russian assisted groups which caused the aircraft shooting. One more propaganda lie bites the dust.

 We are still waiting on the evidence that Russian vehicles  which Willie Wonka alleged crossed into Ukraine last week were "destroyed" by his forces. The Russians must have invented an invisibility device to hide their equipment, NATO  must surely be interested in that.

 Thousands of police officers in the Donbas region have been dismissed or quit according to the Junta's Interior Ministry in Kiev. Herashenko, a senior official issued a statement saying that 1,490 officers had been dismissed for refusing to obey Junta orders and a further  1,217 had quit of their own accord. This demonstrates the crumbling structures of the fascist regime which is totally dependent on Brussels and  Washington for finance and is still begging for more while pretending to be in control of the country which it manifestly is not.

EU taxpayers are outraged that their money is being used to support this illegal and murderous fascist regime and denying democracy to the Ukrainian people.

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