Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Israel's Agenda: Genocide


The latest ceasefire in Israel's 50-day war on Gaza, announced in Cairo today is unlikely to produce any real change since the major issue, the blockade maintained by Israel remains in place until further discussions take place sometime in the future.

 Undoubtedly, the people of Gaza will be relieved that the murderous Israeli bombardments of homes, schools, hospitals, public utilities such as power stations and not least the horrendous casualties of over 2000 dead and thousands more injured, almost half of them children, has temporarily ceased. Yet, nothing in the attitude of the Zionist state has changed. The pattern has been the same since Israel ended its direct occupation of Gaza and instead imposed the blockade which was deliberately intended to make life impossible for the people crowded into the 30 mile strip.

 The statute of the International Criminal Court explicitly states:

"The intentional infliction of conditions of life, inter alia, of deprivation of access to food and medicine, calculated to bring about the destruction of part of a population constitutes a crime against humanity when committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against any civilian population with knowledge of the attack".
 This is defined by the ICC as "extermination" or "genocide"
 Nothing describes the Israeli assaults on the people of Gaza more accurately. This is what the blockade is intended to do and has been the pattern of the previous assaults in 2006 and 2008/9.

Israel surrounds the Strip by land and sea; everything that moves in or out is controlled by Israeli Army checkpoints. Palestinians who manage to leave Gaza are not allowed to return. Only a minimum of starvation level rations are allowed in as a cover for Israel's obligations under the Geneva Conventions. Israel has bombed the only airport and harbour which used to exist preventing the Palestinians from importing or exporting anything for themselves.

Israel is allowed to get away with this criminal abuse of an imprisoned population by the continuous support of its principal ally, the USA. The powerful Zionist lobby in the USA, holds American government in its thrall, exacting massive subsidies from US taxpayers every year. Almost $82bn between 1948 - 2000 according to a Congressional report. Currently, Israel receives $3.1bn a year and further advantages of early disbursement which allows Israel to pocket the interest on the deposits to the disadvantage of the US taxpayers. Between 1994-98, Israel also received $29bn in "waived loans", in other words they didn't have to pay back any of the money.

 The US uses its veto at the UN Security Council every time any resolution critical of Israeli war-crimes is proposed. So, no worries there for the criminal Zionist regime. The only thing which causes them any concern is the International Boycott organised by peace groups, Palestinian support groups and civic organisations world wide (see sidebar link). The Boycott received additional support recently by the public outrage over the latest Gaza attacks which occurred in Europe in recent weeks. Massive demonstrations, of a size not seen since the protests against the Iraq invasion in 2003 rocked European capitals and unnerved the Zionist lobby everywhere.

As well as supporting the boycott, it is now time for legal actions against the the political and military leaders of the Zionist state who have been quite explicit in their intentions to cause, death, destruction and mayhem among the imprisoned population of Gaza. To the Hague with them and without further delay.

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