Saturday, August 23, 2014

Russian Convoy did not breach International Law


 The Russian convoy of humanitarian aid which entered the  Eastern  Ukraine yesterday was fully in accordance with international humanitarian law and did not require any permission from the illegal Junta in Kiev which claims to be the government of Ukraine although nobody elected it,

 In fact, it was the Junta and its Washington backers who were in breach of international law by causing arbitrary delays  and attempting to block the aid reaching the besieged people of Lugansk and Donetsk.

  The Fourth Geneva Convention, Articles 53 and 55 requires states to allow "rapid and unimpeded passage of all relief consignments, equipment and personnel" to civilian populations in a war zone. The Convoy, therefore did not require to wait any longer for Kiev to cease its delaying tactics.

 The predictable raucous chorus of hypocritical Western outrage followed, with hysterical rantings from NATO Secretary General, Rasmussen, matching that of the Junta in Kiev which was engaging in the delaying tactics in the hopes that its forces could seize Lugansk and Donetsk before tomorrow's "independence day" shindig.

 Junta forces have been using heavy artillery and ballistic missiles to attack the civilian population also illegal under the Geneva Conventions and reports are coming in of the use of illegal white phosphorus bombs as well. There are no stocks of white phosphorus in Europe, so the source has to be the USA.

 This shows the utter hypocrisy of the US/NATO/EU warmongers when they complain about breaches of international law as they themselves are the worst violators. 

 Russia's direct action also proves to the world that the claims of "sovereignty" by the Kiev Junta are a myth and they do not control the territory of the former Ukrainian state which they overthrew by coup on 22 February last. Despite the bloodthirsty rhetoric emanating from Washington, Brussels and NATO headquarters, there will be no direct confrontation with the Russian convoy. In a statement to reporters today by Nalivaichenko, head of Kiev's security services the SBU, it was made clear that no force would be used against the Russian vehicles. Nalivaichenko is Washington's main agent in Kiev and would be mouthing official Washington policy.

It doesn't suit Washington's agenda to have any provocative covert action by Junta forces against Russia. Such events are managed by "false flag" operations responsibility for which can be denied. Apart from which, an attack on humanitarian aid would be a direct breach of the Geneva Conventions and would put Kiev and its NATO backers in the dock.

 In a significant political move, German Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, head of Merkel's government coalition partner, the SPD, in an interview to be published tomorrow in "Welt Am Sonntag" has declared that the problems of Ukraine can only be solved by "federalisation" which is exactly the same as Moscow's policy. This has previously been ruled out by Poroshenko as having "no grounds" in Ukraine. However since Germany is the main supplier of finance to Kiev currently, Willie Wonka had better take out his earplugs and listen.

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