Sunday, May 11, 2014

Victory Day in Russia, May 9, 2014


Парад Победы 9-ого мая 2014г. The Moscow Victory Parade of 2014 was held on the Victory Day on the 69th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War ending in the defeat of Nazi Germany.

In a colossal struggle over four years, 1941-1945 the Soviet peoples and their armed forces defeated the evil of Nazi Germany liberating the German people and all of Europe from the fascist grip, to their eternal credit of a never to be forgotten achievement.

In Moscow, Russian Federation President, Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Prime Minister Medvedev, members of the Government, Army Chiefs and invited guests,
took the salute as 11,000 troops and military vehicles paraded across Red Square,
with a climactic display by the Russian Air Force.

Later in the day, President Putin visited Sevastopol and inspected the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet to the loud acclaim of the thousands of the local population who attended the event.


To see the full Moscow video just click on the YouTube logo.



Parades were held in all major cities of the Russian Federation. The St Petersburg Parade which never gets any coverage from Western media, included Womens’ marching units, a military choir and a stirring musical finale of Ден Победы (Den Pobedi- “Day of Victory”)   by the massed bands with the entire attendance joining in:

To see the full Petersburg video just click on the YouTube logo.

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