Monday, May 26, 2014

Ukraine Election Farce


According to exit polls, Pyotr Poroshenko was in the lead with more than 55 percent, with Fatherland Party rival Yulia Tymoshenko gathering approximately 12 percent of the vote, but, Poroshenko has already claimed victory although no official count has been declared

According to the Central Election Commission, the overall turnout (6pm local time) was exceedingly low. Officially the number of polling stations is 32,244. Even in areas controlled by the Kiev Junta regime, the voter turn-out was low.

According to official Kiev sources, there are 33.594 million registered votes on “mainland Ukraine” (i.e. excluding Crimea which is now under the jurisdiction of The Russian Federation).  According to the official sources, 474,000 Ukrainians living overseas can cast their vote at 114 polling stations in 75 countries. While turnout in the two seperatist oblasts of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk) was less than 10 percent, in most of the other regions, it did not exceed 45 percent of registered voters (6pm local time), with only one oblast in Western Ukraine in excess of 45%. 

At 8pm local time the CEC announced, according to the Kiev Post, an overall turnout of 55.33 percent. This figure, however is misleading because  it is based on an incomplete number of electoral precincts and it also excludes the Eastern Ukraine oblasts. While the data, which is subject to political manipulation is preliminary, the overall turnout is less than 50 percent. According to official sources, there were 3600 international observers but German Radio, Deutsche Welle, placed the number of observers at 1200.

The US observer team is led by Madeleine Albright, (Clinton’s Secretary of State) who –in contradiction with her role as international observer- openly expressed her preference for Tymoshenko, having a kiss and hug session with Queen Julia as soon as she landed in Kiev.

The Right Sector, which now controls the SBU (Ukraine’s Security Service) is exerting pressure on the offices of the Central Election Commission (CEC). According to recent reports, the electronic files of the CEC were hacked by a group of anti-Junta hackers “CyberBirkut” three days before the elections, which suggests that a manual recount will be required.

Poroshenko has already been declared the winner by the Western whore press. Moreover, Obama has officially congratulated him prior to the actual vote count.
While Poroshenko has declared victory, based on exit polls, under prevailing conditions, there is a possibility that the official vote count could be rigged (for instance in favor of Tymoshenko), with a view to ensuring a runoff.

If this were to occur, it would only contribute to worsening of the Ukraine crisis. Tymoshenko is supported by the Fatherland Party and the two Neo-Nazi parties. Right Sector and Svoboda. While Tymoshenko has little chances of winning in a runoff, she is the preferred candidate of the US establishment including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The US is anxious to bring Queen Julia back into playing a more central political role, particularly with regard to Ukraine membership in NATO. Tymoshenko recently declared that she would start a new round of demonstrations and protests if Poroshenko won.

No doubt, the NATO/EU Imperialist bloc will immediately recognise Poroshenko and Moscow has publicly indicated it will "respect" the result, but, the legitimacy of the election will be contested as it is wide open for fraudulent manipulation by murky elements of the Kiev Junta. Even if Poroshenko is eventually installed as President he is in a weak political position as the Junta regime altered the Ukraine Constitution in February, following the illegal coup, and reduced the powers of the President. Poroshenko has no credibilty in Donetsk and Lugansk which are determined to remain outside Kiev's rule and this problem will not be resolved by any internal measures such as the murderous assaults on the civilian population in the East by the Junta fascist militias.

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