Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Kiev Junta slaughters civilians


In a murderous attack on Slavyansk in Eastern Ukraine, a city held by anti-junta forces, last weekend,numbers of civilians were murdered by so-called “National Guard” troops sent by the Kiev Fascist Junta in a last gasp effort to gain control in the Eastern Oblasts. In Odessa, over 70 people were burned to death in a Trade Union building attacked by mobs of Junta supporters imported into the city while local police stood idly by.

The killings are part of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” initiated by the tottering Kiev regime on the instructions of Washington, desperate to provoke Russia into invading the failed state they have tried to establish in Ukraine since June last year.

The so-called “anti-terrorist operation” is coordinated by the “National Security and National Defense Committee" (RNBOU). (Рада національної безпеки і оборони України), which is controlled by openly fascist groups Svoboda and Right Sector. Dmytro Yarosh, Neo-Nazi leader of the Right Sector delegation in the Junta parliament, oversees the "National Guard", a civilian militia created in March with the support of Western military advisers. Paramilitary training of the "National Guard" commenced in mid-March, north of Kiev.

While the Western whore press has presented the crisis as a confrontation between “pro-Russian” and “Ukrainian nationalists”, the grassroots movement in Eastern Ukraine has widespread support. It is largely directed against the Neo-Nazi Kiev regime supported by the Washington and EU/NATO.

The “National Guard” is intended to be 60,000-strong and completely independent from the country’s military and police. Recruitment across Ukraine began on March 13, with around 20,000 people already joining the new uniformed service.

In eastern Ukraine, the “National Guard” has been given the mandate to “reinforce regular military units defending against a feared Russian invasion… it is intended to act as a counterinsurgency force.” Members of this civilian militia operating alongside Neo-Nazi mobs have been set loose in Eastern Ukraine and Odessa.

Right Sector can be identified by its members openly wearing Nazi insignia, as well as carrying crimson and black banners. Mobs supporting the Svoboda party are also present among recent clashes, wearing yellow armbands with the Nazi “wolfangel” symbol upon them.

Fierce resistance to the Fascist attack on the outskirts of Slavyansk stopped the bandits in their tracks and another of their helicopters (the third in a week) was shot down by defenders.

In Odessa trouble began ahead of a football match between the home side, Chornomorets Odessa, and the visitors, Metalist Kharkiv.

Ukraine’s football ultras were strongly in favour of the so-called “revolution” in the “Maidan”  Independence Square in the heart of Kiev. The two rival sets of supporters arranged to join a march for Ukrainian unity organised to take place ahead of Friday's match.  The crowd, which included ordinary members of the public as well as members of the “Maidan Self Defence forces” and a large number of  members of Right Sector(Pravy Sektor), an openly Fascist group, began to gather at around 2pm in Cathedral Square.

Before they reached the stadium, however, witnesses said the march was attacked by men who appeared to be pro-Russian activists, sporting the black and orange ribbon of St George. These were actually Right Sector thugs operating a Washington inspired “false flag” operation to blame pro-Russian supporters for initiating the violence The assault by the “pro-Russians”  was planned well in advance. Witnesses and video footage show the attackers were well equipped for a street fight, with shields, helmets, sticks and body armour. 

Right Sector Thugs wearing "pro-Russian" armbands in a pre-planned "false flag" operation instigated by Washington's military
"advisers" in Kiev assault the pro-Kiev demonstrators in Odessa. How did some of these agents provocateur gain access to the roof
of the building which is locked off and only accessible by officials with keys?

Dr Andrei Vegerzhinsky, the chief doctor of Odessa’s Hospital No. 1 recalls  ”The stream of casualties began about 4pm and it continued until 1am,” added Dr Vegerzhinsky. “In principle, we’re ready to deal with lots of casualties - we’re prepared for earthquakes, bus crashes, you name it - but we weren’t ready for this.” Both sides were fighting with bricks, improvised clubs, petrol bombs and firearms, although it is not yet clear whether they were loaded with live rounds or rubber bullets. 

The battle lasted into the evening, when a group of pro-Russians, heavily outnumbered, managed to break away. At this point, an enraged crowd decided to march on the House of Trade Unions, located beside a park where pro-Russians had set up a small protest camp some weeks ago.

”They decided to clear them out. They were angry after what had happened on the streets,” said Alexandra, a local resident who was among the crowd that day.

The pro-Maidan football fans and self-defence units quickly destroyed the camp, setting fire to the tents. The pro-Russians tried to make a last stand on the steps of the House of Trade Unions, throwing up barricades around the great stone pillars in front of the doors. Finally, they were forced to retreat inside.

It is not clear how the fire broke out inside the building but, some mysteries have yet to be explained. Bodies were found burned in areas where there was no fire. Some bodies were burned only on head and shoulders which suggests they were doused with inflammable liquid and then set on fire. Since the photo shows agents provocateur on the roof suggestions are being made that they were already in the building before any demonstrators sought refuge there.

As people tried to escape from the burning building, however, some were set upon by pro-Maidan demonstrators. But, many of the friends and relatives of the dead are convinced that extreme elements in the crowd had murder on their minds from the beginning. “Those Nazis set themselves the task of herding people into this building and killing them,” said one man, who asked not to be named. “They were peaceful protesters here. We have been here for months in these tents.” Moris Ibrahimov said: “The people who lived in the tents went into the building simply to avoid bloodshed. But those fascists had the task of killing the people who were here.” 


   Overall a shocking atrocity which Washington and EU leaders must take criminal responsibility for. Since the Kiev Junta is an illegal entity its acts have no validity in international law and its attacks on the civilian population are war crimes aided and abetted by the Western powers.


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