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The massive majority for independence voted in the Sunday referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine in defiance of NATO/EU bullying threats and lying propaganda is clear evidence that the Kiev Junta regime set up by Washington and the EU can never provide a civilised and democratic government for Ukraine and the denial of facts repeated this week by US and EU propaganda statements can only prolong the crisis in Ukraine and delay a peaceful settlement for which only a short time is now available for such to be achieved.

The visit to Kiev Monday by Herman Van Reptile, so-called EU “president”, in reality a stuffed-shirt, unelected bureaucrat of stultifying mediocrity, indicated the total lack of any responsible statesmanship coming from those quarters. If there was a shortage of brass in Ukraine, then not to worry, Van Reptile’s neck was made of it as he quoted from the recent Geneva Agreement with po-faced cynicism well knowing that NATO/EU sabotaged the agreement by failing to restrain the criminal violence of the Kiev Fascist Junta, dependent on political and financial support from NATO/EU, which was launched within 24 hours of the agreement being signed. 

Coup strikes against an elected President are defended and financed and proclaimed as “legal and constitutional” while actual voting, as the population of Donetsk and Lugansk have just completed, is described as “bogus”, “a farce” and “illegitimate” by the forked-tongue representatives of so-called “rule of law” countries in the NATO/EU imperialist bloc. The Western whore press joins in with thousands of articles demonising the opponents of the Junta whenever any kind of resistance is mounted against the newly organised, Washington financed and trained “National Guard” attempts to terrorise the civilian population into submission. Despite ruthless killings in several cities, the population has stood firm against the Fascist Guard (merely Svoboda and Pravy Sektor in new uniforms) and in several instances routed the cowardly fascist scum from their cities and towns.


In a notorious incident on the morning of the 9th of May, while the population of Mariupol was gathering for the annual Victory Day parade to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, an attack on the Police Station  was reported by Western Media as an attack by “pro-Russian separatists” on the local police. The truth is entirely different.

On that morning, the new Junta- appointed head of the Police Department in Mariupol, Valery Androschuk, called a meeting of local police personnel. He was accompanied by the head of the special battalion “Dnepr” (a newly formed death squad of the neo-nazi Fascist Guard). During the meeting the police chief read to the policemen an order to disperse the rally on Victory Day. The policemen refused to obey the order of the Junta traitors. Then Androschuk  pulled out his gun and shot one of the officers wounding him severely . His colleagues immediately shot back  wounding Androschuk and the head of the death squad ‘Dnepr’ was killed on the spot. The police officers  refused to obey any orders and declared that they would not wage a war against their own people.  

Androschuk fled and barricaded himself in one of the offices of the building and called the Fascist Guard to help him in the police department. The Fascist Guard and Right Sector militants were sent to suppress the defection of the police to the people of the city. In Mariupol, there was a whole unit of them, who recently had received an "award" from Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky for their loyalty to the Kiev Junta: 500,000 Ukrainian hryvnia.

The Fascist Guard arrived promptly in several armoured vehicles. They were accompanied by militants of the "territorial defence battalion" organised by  Kolomoysky and the Junta “Ministry of Internal Affairs”. Infamous Junta supporter and presidential candidate Oleg Lyashko  also arrived in Mariupol. Lyashko brought a group of his personal thugs, from whom he promised to create a "separate battalion." or, in other words, a death squad.

                            The Police Station ablaze in Mariupol after the Fascist Guard attack.

At least 14 APCs and tanks were deployed to Mariupol on orders from the Junta in Kiev. When they arrived they immediately mounted an attack on the Police Station, firing at the building and also at civilians (who arrived to defend the Police station) with machine guns and rpg’s. These weapons were reported by Western media as being fired by “pro-Russian seperatists”. Lyashko was yelling into a megaphone: "The Russian Ivan, surrender! Who surrenders, will die an easy death. Whoever does not - will die hard." In the end the police department was set ablaze. Some of the policemen were burned alive inside the building. The police chief Valery Androschuk tried to escape from the police building during the assault. Locals caught and beat him. There is no information yet on his current whereabouts. Roasting in hell would be the common wish of the local population.

                           Civilians confront Fascist Guard unit in Mariupol, 09.05.2014

As more civilians arrived in numbers the Fascist Guard began to retreat. One of their APC’s was cornered by the crowd and the crew fled abandoning the vehicle which was wrecked and burned by the crowd after the ammunition was removed. People on the streets started to chase the fascists and build barricades. The rest of police personnel, who survived the onslaught, joined them. After the strong confrontation the Fascist Guard had to retreat from the town. The mayor also fled the town.

The following day, 10th of May 2014, local residents started a spontaneous rally under slogan: “Glory to our policemen – our defenders! Down with police-murderers and the National Guard”. In the afternoon of the day there were still dozens of dead bodies lying around in the streets of the city, who were killed by the Fascist Guard the previous day. But, the Fascist Guard has now withdrawn and the city is now completely under control of the local population. According to preliminary data from the militia headquarters of the city, on May 9, the Fascist Guard killed 46 police officers and 143 civilians. As in Odessa, the true face of the Kiev Junta was exposed in Mariupol.

On the on the 11th of May 2014, when people of Donetsk were going to the ballot-boxes to vote in a referendum for or against the independence of the Donetsk Republic, about 6 pm that day the Nazi battalion “Dnepr” which was already involved in the massacre in Mariupol and is also part of the Fascist Guard assaulted and killed unarmed civilians in town of Krasnoarmiisk (Donetsk region). The incident happened when the Fascist Guard tried to steal the ballot-boxes where citizens were called to vote. Citizens, who previously voted in the referendum tried to stop them from suppressing the election. Two civilians were killed and two wounded. In the other cities the voting was held without major incident. The referendum was ultimately supported by 89.7 percent of the votes were in favour of the independence of the territory Donetsk. In Lugansk, there were even 96.2 percent of the participants for independence. The turnout was at 75 percent.


Washington and Brussels are now backing the unelected Junta government in Kiev to the hilt, as they deploy their Fascist Guard in the East to put down the popular opposition.  Washington accuses Russia of stoking protests in the East, but is unable to substantiate its claims with any hard evidence. Washington and the Kiev Junta are unwilling to admit that the protests in the East are grassroots opposition to “regime change”, so they would rather characterise their opposition as the results of covert Russian interference. Washington and Brussels championed the cause of pro-EU protesters occupying state buildings and denounced the elected government for sending in riot police armed with batons to disperse the crowds. Today, they denounce Eastern Ukraine protesters as terrorists and endorse the unelected Junta’s deployment of tanks, soldiers, and ragtag paramilitaries against the civilian population.

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