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Paris greets New President Hollande!

In the historic Place de la Bastille in Paris,last night, a massive crowd gathered to greet the
newly elected President of France, Francois Hollande. The Socialist Party candidate had defeated incumbent UMP candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, in a fiercely fought campaign in which a clear choice was given to the French people either to continue with the insane austerity policies of the Sarkozy regime and his partner German Chancellor, Angela Merkel or adopt socialist policies of investment and growth in the Eurozone economies including Ireland. Austerity Europe is now redundant. In a few weeks, parliamentary elections in France will elect a new government which will bin Sarkozy’s  right-wing necronomics and begin a new deal for a progressive Europe of growth and prosperity.


The result of the French election has gazumped the Irish Government’s May 31 referendum on the Merkozy Austerity Treaty which tried to make legally permanent the neo-liberal agenda of abolishing the welfare state across Europe. If they are wise, they will cancel this unneeded poll and join Hollande in forging a new deal in Europe to restore economic growth and cease punishing the ordinary population for the delinquency of the thieving banks and the financial manipulators. If not they will stumble on to ignominious defeat on May 31 and possible collapse of their Government soon afterwards. The tide has turned in Europe against austerity regimes and the Brussels dictatorship led by Barroso and Rumpoy. Merkel is next for the chop in Germany as her Coalition has been losing state elections one after the other all through the past twelve months. Her Coalition partners, the German Free Democrats, are now below the minimum 5% support to gain any seats in the German Bundestag in the next election.


In a related event, the Greek General Election, also yesterday, produced a shock result as the left parties made substantial gains across the country on programmes of complete rejection of the Merkozy necronomics solutions to Europe’s financial problems. In a stunning outcome, Syriza, or the coalition of the radical left, a vehement anti-Bailout party,  got more votes than the ruling PASOK social democrat party: 15.5%-18.5%
The  conservative New Democracy polled 17-20%  and  Pasok 14-17%
  Independent Greeks polled 10-12%.
Up to 60% of the new parliament will be anti-bailout (at least according to exit polls), and needless to say these results are very significant and make any prospect of a pro-bailout coalition cabinet virtually impossible. This means the Greek bailout programme has to come back to the negotiation table with uncertain results.

Large amounts of valium and paracetemol being delivered to Leinster House tonight.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 07 BEALTAINE/MAY, 2012.


A third major trade union has come out against the European AUSTERITY  TREATY and will urge its 40,000 members to vote NO in the referendum. The Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) executive has followed UNITE and MANDATE in opposition to permanent restrictive EU controls on domestic budget rules. Eamon Devoy, TEEU general secretary, said the decision to call a NO vote was not taken lightly.

"It is becoming increasingly obvious that austerity is not working. The right wing agenda of Chancellor Merkel might make sense in Germany but it is a death sentence for our economy and people," he said. The TEEU and MANDATE move followed SIPTU’s  recent decision to publish a detailed document  which portrayed the Treaty as a one-sided austerity proposal and call for a huge stimulus package.

Mr Devoy said: "Under no circumstances can we embed the draconian Austerity Treaty in our Constitution. This would condemn Irish working families to decades of financial servitude to the banks. It would effectively transform a Social Europe into a Financiers Europe permanently. "It is ironic that even the IMF can see current EU policies are suicidal for Ireland." Mr Devoy said it was inexplicable the Government did not adopt the Irish Congress of Trade Unions idea of using a proportion of reserve pension funds to generate growth and jobs. 

Mr Devoy said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has suggested that severe austerity is not the only solution to the economic crisis and he warned that it was senseless to vote on the treaty when a country as influential as France could change its stance following the French presidential election.

This is a significant difference from the Union stance in the previous Lisbon referenda when it
did not recommend a voting choice to its members.


FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 07 BEALTAINE/MAY, 2012.

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