Monday, May 28, 2012



Peeved by the publicity generated by the Sinn Féin Árd Fheis 
in Killarney this weekend and having refused a TV debate with
Party Leaders on the Austerity Treaty referendum to be held on 
Thursday, 31 May, Taoiseach Enda Kenny arranged a ministerial 
broadcast of his own on Sunday night to try to counteract the speech 
given by Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams in the Kerry town on Saturday.  
His government clearly rattled by the slippage of the Yes vote indicated in 
this weekend's opionion polls, Mr Kenny trotted out the tiresome list of 
cliched falsehoods which has been the sole basis of the government 
campaign since the referendum was announced last month.

In his televised address, Mr Kenny admitted the treaty will not solve all 
of Ireland’s problems, but was a step to keep the country moving in the
right direction.

It won’t solve anyone’s problems; it is a puritanical nonsense 
without any economic credibility invented by Merkel’s German
government to stave off debt default which would cause losses to
the big German banks.

“This treaty strengthens the economic and budgetary rules that apply to 
countries like Ireland that use the euro,”

No, it doesn’t, it only re-writes what was in the Masstricht Treaty 
previously with a further reduced limit on government deficits as 
percentage of GDP. The Maastricht rules were breached at will by 
France and Germany when it suited their interests. These rules
have nothing to do with basic economic factors of production but, 
only the administration of government fiscal policies.

“It will create stability in the euro zone that is essential for growth and job 
creation. A strong yes vote will create the certainty and stability that our 
country needs to continue on the road to economic recovery.”

No, it won’t. The instability in the Eurozone will continue as a result 
of structural flaws in the setting up of the single currency at the 
beginning. This Treaty does nothing to correct these flaws only 
interferes with the ability of Eurozone Governments to expand economic development by state investment. Voting for this Treaty cannot create 
anything only the reinforcement of austerity programmes which have already 
failed in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and most of all Greece.


Mr Kenny's collection of threadbare cliches advances no knowledge and
clears no vision of solutions to the actual crisis which engulfs the EU at
present. The crisis is not economic, but political, the result of the
imposition of the blinkered ideology of neo-liberalism, invented in
the USA to allow the creation of massive amounts of unjustified
credit by monopoly finance institutions solely for the scooping up of huge
profits not related to any productive enterprise, which led inevitably to the
property bubble in the USA and here in Ireland and the consequent 
bank and finance capital failures when the pyramid scheme finally 
collapsed at Lehmann Bros in 2008.

Contrary to Irish Government claims, and intransigent noises from Berlin,
the Austerity Treaty as presented to Irish voters is a dead duck, a political
corpse awaiting burial. It is a scandal and a contempt of the Irish Constitution
to propose that voters be asked to consider voting for such a rotting
carcass. The proper answer to this Government's abhorent necrophilia is a
resounding NO vote next Thursday.

Áth Cliath/Dublin 28 Bealtaine/May 2012.

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