Monday, May 28, 2012



Three opinion polls published last Sunday all indicated that the Yes
side vote has been slipping on a daily basis in the last two weeks of
the referendum campaign in Ireland. The poll results caused panic in
Government circles as it seems their campaign of lies, disinformation,
intimidation and scaremongering was starting to crack as more undecided
voters began to swing to the NO side.

The polls were conducted by Red C for the Sunday Business Post,
Behaviour and Attitudes for the Sunday Times, and Millward Brown
Lansdowne for the Sunday Independent.

However, the outcome is still in the hands of undecided voters. Asked how
they were likely to vote on the treaty, 39% of voters said Yes, 30 % said No,
22% said they did not know, and 9% said they would not be voting.

When the 31 per cent of undecided and non-voters are excluded, support for
the Yes side stands at 57 per cent with No support at 43 per cent. Support for
the NO side has gone up by seven points since last week’s polls and the trend
seems to be continuous.

The number of undecided voters has come down by 17 points since the last poll.
The poll was taken between lunchtime on Wednesday and lunchtime Saturday
among a representative sample of 1,000 voters aged 18 and over, in face-to-face
interviews at 100 sampling points in all 43 constituencies. The margin of error is
plus or minus 3 per cent.

The increase in support for the NO side is quite remarkable considering the
level of sheer bullying intimidation and scaremongering emanating from the
Government, Employers, Newspapers and TV, Economists, and loudmouth
individuals dragged out of nowhere to provide soundbites on Radio and TV
on a daily basis while spokespeople for NO have been marginalised and
denied access to mainstream media. The level of viciousness is unprecedented
even by the appalling rhetoric of the Lisbon 2 campaign in 2010.


The Government has relied on this tactic of rubbishing all critics of the
Austerity Treaty while failing on all occasions to discuss the details of
the Treaty itself and the follow-on European Stability Mechanism amendment
Treaty which has been mentioned as if it already existed and the people were
being asked to vote on a proposal to accept the terms of this Treaty in addition
to the Austerity Treaty. This is patently untrue. The ESM Treaty must come before
the Dáil for ratification. The only way we can be legally excluded from access to ESM
is if the Irish Government itself agrees to this blackmail clause in the draft ESM
being accepted by themselves with their majority in Dáil Éireann.This is the BIG LIE
at the heart of the Government’s campaign. The EU cannot force us to accept the
blackmail clause if the Dáil votes against it ! Kenny, Noonan, Gilmore and the rest
are lying to the voters and carrying out the worst deception ever attempted to
be imposed on the Irish electorate. But, the people can defeat this lie and deception
by voting a resounding NO on Thursday next:

Áth Cliath/Dublin 28 Bealtaine/May 2012.

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