Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkish aggression escalates Syria conflict

Russian Su-24 aircraft.


Hypocrisy of Western powers
again on public display;

Possibility of unity against IS
terrorists shattered by Erdogan 
reckless gamble; 

The shooting down over Syria today of a Russian Su-24 by Turkish F-16’s is a serious escalation of the conflict there. Turkish president Erdogan is taking a gamble that could easily backfire and create the opposite of what he hopes to gain from this clear act of aggression. The shameless hypocrisy of Stoltenberg, the NATO warmonger’s Secretary General and Mr Obama declaring that Turkey had the right to defend its borders when the evidence shows that the Russian aircraft was shot down over Syrian airspace is typical of the NATO gang’s attempts to justify every act of aggression by themselves as they have done since the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. In that time they have killed over 3,000,000 people and rendered over 25,000,000 people refugees in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and now Syria. 

Perhaps the next time Mr Obama sends a warship into China's territorial waters he won't object to the Chinese sending a missile cruiser to blow it out of the water. Only defending its
borders, don't you know.

Understandably, the Russian reaction has been furious and widespread. In the State Duma, in Moscow, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has been called upon to sever diplomatic relations with Turkey following its shooting down of a Russian Su-24. The request was put before the head of the country by deputies Valery Rashkin and Sergey Obkhov (both from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation). A copy of the request was sent to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov. Rashkin and Obkhov earlier proposed that the president sever flight connections with Turkey due to the threat of terrorist attacks.

“The aggression of Turkey once again confirms the overwhelming support of the Turkish Republic for international terrorism, especially the Islamic State, which is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia. Signs of this have been clearly manifested before, such as when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey issued a statement that seven states are unsettled by Russia’s actions in Syria in the framework of the counter-terrorist operation,” the deputies remarked in a letter to Putin.

Rashkin and Obkhov believe that the actions of Turkey warrant urgent responsive measures:

“In relation to this, we ask you to summon our ambassador to the Republic of Turkey to clarify the situation and simultaneously consider the question of downgrading diplomatic relations to the point of severing them, raise the question of the responsibility of Turkey for its aggression against Russia in the UN security council, recognize Turkey as a country which is an accomplice of terrorism, and take measures to curb this state’s support for ISIS and other terrorist groups,” the deputies requested. 

The deputy chairman of the State Duma, Nikolay Levichev (A Just Russia Party), stated that “Turkey has shown solidarity with terrorists.”

“This act of aggression is comparable to the attack on the Russian plane in the sky over Sinai. Now, as the link between Ankara and ISIS is obvious, we need to minimize the risk posed by Turkey to our citizens. To this end, it is advisable to cease flight connections with this country and evacuate Russians living there. It is worth considering the immediate withdrawal of our ambassador from Ankara to Moscow for consultation. Our response should be swift and decisive,” Levichev said. He stated that a relevant request for the federal agency of air transport is already being prepared. 

Russia can easily counter this Turkish aggression by introducing S3-400 SAMS  to Syria
which will put a quick end to Turkish violations of Syrian airspace. 


Erdogan, a serpent of double dealing and a neo-Ottomanist who wants to replace Turkey’s secular constitution with one of his own stripe with himself as leader, has been doing underhand oil deals with the IS terrorists via his son, Bilal, who has been photographed with IS leaders recently. 

Bilal Erdogan with "friends"

Russia’s air strikes against IS oil convoys has obviously disrupted this profitable business and annoyed Erdogan no end. What he forgets is that Turkey’s importance in the region is totally dependent on its membership of NATO and its links with Washington and Brussels. In the case of the EU which recently amounted to blackmail, extorting money from Brussels to finance refugee camps in Turkey. But, if EU/NATO decides that eliminating IS is more important and necessary cooperation with Russia is part of this, then Erdogan loses the gamble and the Turkish people suffer the consequences.

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