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The shocking and outrageous attacks on the civilian population Paris last night has aroused world wide condemnation and popular expressions of solidarity and support from ordinary people in all civilised countries.

These inhuman and cold-blooded attacks carried out by suicide bombers, with signs of training and pre-planning with easy access to the centre of Parisian night-life and entertainment venues, are an indictment of the French Security Services and Government following a similar event last January in the same general area after which “enhanced security” measures were introduced by the Hollande Government with the same assurances from its NATO allies as given yesterday in the same rhetorical utterances and as far as the population of France is concerned, TO NO PRACTICAL EFFECT!

Revelations continuing to emerge today show that several of the killer squad and possibly all of them were known to French Security as extremists and a danger to the public. They were also known to Belgian and German Security and most likely, British Intelligence as well. One of the killers carried a passport which was registered as entering Greece with a group of Syrian refugees last October. Belgian police today arrested three individuals from Brussels known to them who were part of the killer squad who obviously had left France before Hollande closed the frontier. The People of France, and of the whole of Europe, are entitled to answers from their Governments and Security services as to how these murderous and barbaric attacks were allowed to happen for a second time in the French Capital.

The most hypocritical statement of all was that from Mr Obama in Washington who knows well that his administration has been training, financing and arming jihadis and transporting them to Syria via both Turkey and Saudi Arabia. With US allies Saudi and Qatar doing the same thing locally. This hypocrisy again repeated in Vienna today at the start of the international conference on Syria, initiated by Russia, by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, declaring support for a “united front” against terrorism. This brass-faced lie, while the US shows no sign of ending its finance and weapons deliveries to terrorists in Syria, is a public insult to the victims of the Paris terror and all the other victims of IS attacks elsewhere. Kerry again distorted the reality by blaming Syrian President Assad, the elected leader of the country, for the establishment of IS when it is the US and its allies, trying to oust Assad as part of their anti-Russia geopolitical agenda, who are the real culprits.

The US Defence budget for 2016, going through the US Congress, has this clause in   Section 1225 of the Senate bill, titled MATTERS RELATING TO SUPPORT FOR THE VETTED SYRIAN OPPOSITION, allocating resources for logistical support including “Defensive supportive fire, Intelligence, and Medical support.”. The “vetted Syrian opposition” means the so-called “free Syrian Army” which , whatever it was at the beginning of the civil war in Syria in 2011, is now just a front for the Al- Nusra Brigade, the Al Queda affiliate in Syria.

The long association of the CIA with terrorists is known since the war in Afghanistan against the Russian military presence there in the 70’s-80’s and the importation of Osama Bin Laden there as a CIA agent. Despite all the crocodile tears and hand-wringing on the Western whore media in the past two days none of these issues were raised for discussion at any time; nothing on BBC, Sky News, CNN or the newspapers all with horror headlines today. No investigation of how US/NATO aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria has led to the destruction of state structures there and the establishment of IS in Syria and Iraq. No comment on NATO Turkey’s hindering of the Kurdish militias in northern Syria who only this week re-captured Sinjar from IS cutting off their main route from Raqqa to Mosul.

These questions demand immediate answers and an end to Washington and NATO’s double game in the Middle East. An end to illegal military interventions in the internal affairs of other countries and total respect and compliance with the UN Charter.

These events are prime ammunition for the right-wing, anti-immigrant National Front in France whose leader, Marine Le Pen will be a challenger to Hollande in the next Presidential election there. It also helps the neo-fascist rising opposition groups in Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and other east European countries which have become prominent recently with larger demonstrations in public and arson attacks on refugee centres in several countries. The danger to democracy and civilised living is stark and immediate. The response should be calm and determined and firstly based on an end to current conflicts, the rejection of US/NATO aggressions and russo-phobia. Solidarity among peoples is the real answer not support for militarisation and false "security" measures instituted by the political and military elites entirely in their own interests.

Over 6,000 marched in Dublin in solidarity with Paris

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