Thursday, September 24, 2015

Greek elections win for Syriza:




Last Sunday’s General Election in Greece produced a different result than expected by the critics of Alexi Tspiras and his left-wing Syriza Party who outpolled the right-wing Bankers’ and Brussels favourites the so-called “New Democracy”(in reality the same bunch of crooks who brought Greece to bankruptcy and hideous debt in the last ten years). In the week leading up to the election most of the Western Whore Press were gloating over the apparent downward turn in opinion polls for Tsipras and Syriza and predicting a humiliating defeat for the Greek Prime Minister.

The results were a big shock for Brussels and Washington and the Neo-Liberal Cabal running the EU. Syriza retained power by a larger than expected margin – achieving a 7.4% margin over New Democracy, 35.5% for Syriza to 28.1% for the ND caballeros. Syriza will hold 145 seats in the 300 member parliament and Tsipras wasted no time in renewing his coalition with the Independent Greeks (10 seats) creating a majority for his new Government which took office on Wednesday.The Wall Street Journal was forced to report that Syriza’s victory “confounded opinion polls suggesting a much closer race, and possibly even a defeat for Mr. Tsipras’ party.”

Party totals were:

SRYIZA – 145 seats, New Democracy – 75 seats, Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn – 18 seats, Pasok(Social Democrat) – 17, KKE (the Greek Communist Party) – 15, Potami (New Socialists)– 11, Independent Greeks (Anel) – 10, Union of Centrists – 9. The breakaway ultra-leftist group from Syriza, which named itself “Popular Unity”, wasn’t as popular as they thought as they failed to reach the minimum of 3% of votes required to gain any seats in the Parliament, so Mr Tsipras disposed of his left-wing rivals as well as the ND.

In his victory speech, Tsipras said: “Today in Europe, Greece and the Greek people are synonymous with resistance and dignity. This struggle will be continued together.” He then warned of “difficulties ahead … Recovery from the crisis can’t come magically, but it can come through tough work.” On Monday night after he was sworn in as Prime Minister designate and in a calculated move to spike Mutti Merkel and the Germans, he was driven to the Kesariani rifle range, a memorial to Greek resistance fighters that is revered in the country as the "altar of peace." It was at this place, just outside Athens, that WW2 German occupying troops shot a total of some 600 resistance fighters -- some just before the end of the war, on May 1, 1944 -- along with some 200 communists from the Haidari concentration camp. The youngest victim was only 14 years old.  

As Tsipras stepped out of his car and made his way through the park to the memorial stone, he was surrounded by a large crowd and who acclaimed the newly elected Greek Prime Minister. As he laid flowers at the foot of the simple memorial, the crowd applauded and they chanted: "Resistance is the path that the nations must take!" "The German occupation is finally over". Afterwards, Tsipras stood in  front of the memorial for a minute of silence. It was a gesture of defiance with a barely concealed message. His remembrance of the suffering under the German occupation was coupled with the accusation that the Germans were trying to subjugate Greece once again and a somber reminder to Berlin and Brussels that Greece has a different kind of Prime Minister than they have been used to dealing with.

With three democratic mandates now behind him, the two General Election wins and a Referendum victory, Tsipras can proceed with an orderly demolition of the previous Pasok/ND corrupt clientilist structures while avoiding a precipitate exit from the Euro (which repeated polls show the Greek people are opposed to) which would result in economic chaos and collapse of democracy with civil conflict and starvation. If there is to be an exit sometime in the future and this may apply to other countries as well, as the Euro is by no means out of a state of crisis yet, the interests of the majority of the people require proper planning and economic and political stability to achieve this. Tsipras and Syriza are best positioned to deliver this which is why they have retained the trust of the Greek people for a third time. The ultra-leftist critics who demand otherwise offer no solutions to any of the problems which the EU as a whole is now faced with. Attacking Tsipras and ignoring the neo-nazi “Golden Dawn” and the main enemy, Wall Street and the Neo-Liberal dogmatists is divisive populism of no use to anyone except global corporatism.

Tsipras already has the backing of the IMF, who are not participants of the current  EU bailout, for re-starting talks on some kind of debt relief either with some write-offs or extensions of loan payback periods and even Juncker has moved somewhat from the intransigent European Central Bank headed by Draghi, so the strait-jacket imposed by Brussels has some bits that can be pried loose over time. The new cabinet also discussed extending relations with Russia and the Eurasian bloc. The already agreed gas pipeline deal with Moscow will give Greece an independent fuel supply not dependent on the chaotic Middle East or grudging transfers from the EU.

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