Saturday, September 12, 2015

British Labour elects radical new Leader




In a stunning victory earlier today in London, left-wing contender for the Leadership of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, anti-war stalwart and veteran peace campaigner, swept the board with almost 60% of the vote and trounced his opponents the Blairite “Gang of Three”, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. Burnham, a turncoat Blairite who re-imagined himself in true ad-man style as a grass-roots candidate looked absolutely stunned as the result came up on the screens while the other two had the grace to congratutlate Corbyn on his victory.

Corbyn won almost 50% of the votes among full party members.  Corbyn achieved 59.5% of the vote – 251,417 of the 422,664 votes cast – against 19% for Burnham, 17% for Cooper and 4.5% for Kendall. But his election was followed almost immediately by a rash of senior resignations, including those of shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie, shadow Education secretary Tristram Hunt, shadow Communities secretary Emma Reynolds and shadow Work and Pensions secretary Rachel Reeves.

Cooper had already indicated she would not serve under Corbyn, while Burnham had been approached but is thought unlikely to do so. On Saturday night, the party announced that chief whip Rosie Winterton would stay in post, while other top officials – including chief Blairite Liam Byrne, former health spokesman John Healey, former vice-chair Lucy Powell and Mary Creagh – said they would likely accept shadow cabinet posts if asked to serve by Corbyn. Powell stated, however, that she would want someone other than John McDonnell, chair of the leftwing Campaign Group of MPs in the House of Commons and a close Corbyn ally, to be appointed as shadow Chancellor before she would join the team. Shadow Business secretary Chuka Umunna issued a statement calling for “unity”, but a source said he had not been approached to take on a role in the new shadow team, and it is unlikely he will play a role beyond this week.

In his victory speech, Corbyn stated: “We go forward now as a movement and a party bigger than we have ever been in a very, very long time, stronger than we have been for a very long time, more determined than we have been for a very long time, to show to everyone that the objectives of our party are intact, our passion is intact, our demand for humanity is intact.”

 “We understand aspiration, and we understand that it is only collectively that our aspirations can be realised. Everybody aspires to an affordable home, a secure job, better living standards, reliable healthcare and decent pension. My generation took those things for granted and so should future generations.”

 “On Monday, the Conservatives are introducing a trade union bill which will make it harder for workers to get a fair deal at work, to fight for fair pay and for a better work-life balance. Trade unions are a force for good – a force for a more equal society. United, Labour will vote against this anti-democratic attack on trade union members.

“On Tuesday, the government will set out regulations to cut tax credits, leaving thousands of working families worse off. Tax credits are a vital lifeline to many families and Labour will oppose these cuts.”

Tom Watson, the new deputy leader, who triumphed after three rounds of voting, also called for senior figures to rally round the new leader.

He said: “I promised to back the new leader 100% and I plan to do exactly that. Only through unity comes strength – strength we need to fight the Tories. “In the Tory second term, Labour is the last line of defence for the millions of people who suffer in their homes. Only Labour can speak for the real Britain: we haven’t always, but we will have to do again – we can and we will, I promise.”

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband called on the party to support his successor, although he said he would not serve in the shadow cabinet.

New Left parties across Europe sent their congratulations to Corbyn on his victory. “Syriza salutes today’s historic election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of Britain’s Labour party,” the Greek radical party said. Inigo Errejon, political secretary and deputy leader after Pablo Iglesias in the Spanish party, tweeted: “The wave of change has arrived to the north of Europe. It is time to build a European Union for its people. With @jeremycorbyn, Podemos!”

The Corbyn victory is a political earthquake in British politics and the new leader has the chance to both unite the party on a credible programme of socially progressive policies as a clear alternative to the inhuman neo-liberal austerity rampage of the Tories and their allies in the Brussels Dictatorship in the EU, and lead a new popular movement of protest and action similar to what is taking shape in Greece; Syriza, Spain: Podemos, Ireland; Right2Water which is capable in due course of the overthrow of the Neo-Liberal scourge which is engaged in the oppression of the ordinary people who constitute the majority of the population but whose interests are being subordinated to the unjust and greedy demands of a corrupt elite.

Sunday's papers in Britain are dripping with vitriol against Corbyn as they were throughout the 100 days campaign. The Whore Press, particularly the Murdock shitrags "The Times" and "Sunday Times" are incensed with fury at the victory over their lies and slanders and their failure to stop the Corbyn landslide as more and more ordinary people can see through the falsehoods, misrepresentations, cover-ups, not only on this issue but on the world issues of war and peace as alternative media run by people themselves cuts through the paper wall protecting the interests of their masters, the Wall Street Bankers and the Military Complex of war profiteers.

The more War-criminal Blair attacked Corbyn in public the more people lined up to vote for the left MP.

One of the regular slanders of the Whore Press against Corbyn was the claim that he would be "unelectable". The assumption behind this was that only parties which accept the received wisdom of the capitalist/market model are acceptable to the British electorate. But, since the 1970's the British people have not been given any choice except the right-wing Tories, the center-right Liberal Democrats and a center-right Labour Party which hasn't had a left-leaning Leader since Michael Foot. A similar political situation exists in most EU countries as well. Nevertheless, the "unelectable" Corbyn has been re-elected MP for Islington North for the past 32 years! So, according to the Whore Press then, the people of Islington North are the most unintelligent voters in Britain! This contempt for the ordinary voters is characteristic of their daily slander-mongering. Now that the political landscape is changed utterly they might find that they are in for another profound shock when the next General Election comes around.

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