Wednesday, January 07, 2015

In Defence of Liberty!



All those who cherish Liberty and Freedom will stand in utmost SOLIDARITY with the People of France tonight and forever in defence of these fundamentals of human civilisation and progress. 

They will condemn utterly the barbaric crimes of those who perpetrate these crimes in the name of an inhuman and alien ideology worse than any virus of nature as it is done as conscious acts of terror and indiscriminate violence for ends which, as history has shown more than once, are unachievable and always end in DEFEAT!

The butchery in Paris today shames the perpetrators claims to be any part of the human race and sets them apart from the majority of the civilised world as outlaws to be shunned and opposed at every opportunity.

No Surrender to the purveyors of anti-human evil murder and violence! 

Vive La France!

Vive La Liberté!

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