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Geo-political aspects of Ukraine crisis:

Neo-Nazi flags unfurled side-by-side with the European Union’s – with the revised 3-fingered salute on Svoboda’s party flag, the familiar Nazi black and red of “Right Sector,” and flags of the Hitleresque “Fatherland Party,” all hidden in plain sight in front of the world. The Western media’s selective omissions and its intentional failure to investigate and expose the true nature of an opposition they portrayed as “pro-democracy” and “pro-West” helped build international support for a movement the global public would otherwise have recoiled in disgust from.



The crisis in Ukraine is an entirely manufactured one and the HQ of these manufactured “crises” is Washington, USA. Here, for decades, various ngo groups with titles suggesting campaigns for “democracy”, “freedom” “human rights” financed by the billionaires of Wall Street and the US thieving financial sector which now dominates international capitalism and its concomitant ideology known generally as “neo-liberalism”, have initiated schemes of blatant subversion and interference in the internal affairs of one country after another in a world-wide plan to destroy any state or government or political movement which dares to resist their long-term aim of complete capitalist globalisation with political, economic and social control in the hands of the Washington elite and their flunkeys everywhere.

Ukraine is just one of the recent targets in this conspiracy along with Syria and now Venezuela and Argentina. The latter two having committed the enormous crime of rejecting IMF and World Bank tutelage and deporting the agents of Washington organised subversion from their countries.

The Ukraine, for instance, has been one of the states that is of particular interest to the “National Endowment for Democracy” as can be seen from NED’s financial program.  Here the NED has been specially sponsoring young cadres in various sectors of society, including “educating” electorates on how to vote, in a foreign country, an activity that Washington does not allow by any means on its own territory. The 2012 NED financial report (the last published) lists the NGO’s in the Ukraine that received $3,380,834 during that year;

The amount represents the largest part of funds sent by NED throughout the world.

Ukraine was among the states targeted for a “colour revolution” in 2004; the “Orange Revolution.” Hence, ever since it has been regarded as “not sufficiently democratic,” a euphemism for not being sufficiently under the influence of US/globalist hegemony. A symposium on the Ukraine held by the NED-linked “International Forum for Democratic Studies” complained that:

 “following its failure to consolidate the democratic gains of the much-celebrated 2004 ‘Orange Revolution,’ Ukraine, under the rule of authoritarian President Viktor Yanukovych, has suffered numerous setbacks in its struggle to achieve a more democratic system.”

 So, the conspirators had to try again after the failure of their stooges, Yuschenko and thieving oligarch, Tymoshenko, to secure the country for neo-liberalism and EU/NATO membership. NED funding for the new “Orange Revolution” includes the rather obvious organisation named Aplesin (meaning “Orange”), more usually entitled “Center of Progressive Young People", founded in 2001. Aplesin lists its “international financial partners” as the U.S. Embassy; NED; Freedom House;

Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation; International Relief and Development, another U.S.-based globalisation front; Princes Foundation Benefactors Ostrozki Ruslan Kraplych, a Ukrainian based organization receiving funding from Microsoft Ukraine and USAID (the official US Government international aid program) among others.The George Soros  global network of neo-liberal subverters  also operates in the Ukraine through the International Renaissance Foundation.

Hence the outbreak of protests in Kiev since November with more influence by the right wing extremists, Svoboda and Right Sector provoking riots and clashes with police culminating with the Fascist Coup on 22 February, 2014.

  Leading US Neo-Con, John McCain, stands with Fascist leader,
Tyahnybok(R) on platform in Kiev

Coup Regime favours Oligarchs:

One of the first actions of the illegal Coup regime was to give some oligarchs political positions. Kolomoisky and Serhiy Taruta, were given governorships over two regions and responsibility for preparing defence against a Russian invasion. Kolomoisky was  appointed head of the regional government of Dnipropetrovsk in eastern Ukraine and Taruta  governor of Donetsk, in the far east of the Ukraine.

Rinat Akhmetov, the wealthiest of the oligarchs, head of the SCM group employing 300,000 people and spanning the entirety of the Ukraine, is said to have had influence over a bloc of forty members of the Ukraine parliament. Petro Poroshenko, billionaire confectionery and automobile manufacturer, TV channel owner, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs and of Trade and Economic Development, also headed Ukraine’s National Bank (2007-2012). He was a major supporter of the 2004 “Orange Revolution,” and chief campaign manager for Viktor Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine Bloc. Forbes recent profile states of Poroshenko that he “was a major supporter of anti-government protestors in the Ukraine.” He is a member of parliament and is considered a likely presidential contender. His business focus is on external markets, particularly in E.U. states, having been excluded from Russia. Perhaps this explains his enthusiasm for Ukraine’s entry into the European market?

Victor Pinchuk is second wealthiest oligarch in the Ukraine, behind Akhmetov, and is a longtime advocate of capitalist globalisation. He is founder of EastOne LLC investment, London, a media magnate, and a proponent of Ukraine’s entry into the E.U. His international links include being an adviser for the Brookings Institution, and a friend of former U.S. president Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and notorious string-puller George Soros. He founded the Yalta European Strategy (YES) to promote Ukrainian entry into the E.U. Pinchuk has long promoted closer ties between Ukraine and the EU.  YES -  is promoting Ukraine's European and globalised integration. Its annual meeting has become the main high-level platform in the region to discuss strategies for Wider Europe by the global elite.The Victor Pinchuk Foundation supports the Clinton Global Initiative; the educational programs of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and of the Peres Center for Peace.

The Pinchuk Foundation is associated with the Open Ukraine Foundation, which focuses on youth leaders. Open Ukraine was founded by Arseny Yatsenyuk, Minister of Economics (2005-2006), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007), and chairman of the Supreme Council (2007-2008). He headed the Front for Change party (2009-2012), and during the last half of 2012 headed the “United Opposition,” also known as the All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland. Arseny Yatsenyuk has been appointed Junta "Prime Minister". An article in Forbes calls Yatsenyuk “Washington’s man.” Correspondent Kenneth Rapoza alludes to a leaked phone call where Victoria Nuland, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, told the Ukrainian ambassador that the USA wants “Yats” in. “Yats” was elected by the Ukraine parliament, with just one dissenting vote, despite previously being behind other opposition leaders as choice of prime minister, because he “had friends in high places and while he does not have strong support of the electorate, and would have no chance of winning an election, he is pro-IMF austerity and apparently the bulk of parliament is as well.”


Yatsenyuk’s most immediate effort is to secure loans from the IMF and U.S. and E.U. banks. Yanukovych resisted IMF demands to raise taxes and devalue the currency. Yatsenyuk had stated that talks with the E.U. and the IMF are his top priorities. An IMF team arrived in the Ukraine on March 4, Yatsenyuk having stated just prior to the delegation, that Ukraine would meet all IMF requirements.The IMF had suspended loans to the Ukraine twice since 2008 because of the failure to carry out IMF policies. In December 2013 the IMF and the Ukraine failed to reach agreement in talks. The Coup regime under the oligarchs has pledged to the IMF that it would undertake “wide ranging reforms,” according to the Fund’s spokesman Gerry Rice. Yatsenyuk has stated he expects to be the most unpopular leader in Ukraine’s history, indicating that, in keeping with usual IMF demands, the first measures will include cuts in state subsidies, particularly for domestic energy consumption, and welfare, a typical neo-liberal agenda as applied to Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland within the so-called EU paradise.

Co-founder of Open Ukraine is Dzhymala Zbigniew, director of the financial and industrial group Inter-Groclin. Pinchuk is a member of the governing body of Open Ukraine. Other O.U. luminaries include corporate board directors such as Roman Speck, CEO of JSC Alfa-Bank. Association with the Front for Change party is continued through party leader Svetlana Wojciechowski. “Partners” of Open Ukraine include the Victor Pinchuk Foundation; the veteran globalist think tank Chatham House; Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST), “a project of the German Marshall Fund,” a U.S. entity founded in 1972 to promote “Atlantic relationships,” “in the spirit of the Marshall Plan; NATO Information and Documentation Center; “Democracy, Public Affairs Section,” U.S. Embassy in the Ukraine; International Renaissance Foundation, the Soros Open Society front in the Ukraine; Embassy of Poland; Horizon Capital Advisers LLC, focusing on investments in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

Open Ukraine has made its position unequivocal, proclaiming the “eternal memory and glory of the heroes” involved in the riots causing the present crisis.

The Front for Change, with its close relationship with the oligarchs and globalists, merged into the All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland in 2013. The Fatherland Union, or United Opposition, traces its origins to the 2004 “Orange Revolution.” What is being played out in the Ukraine now is the attempt to complete what was attempted in 2004.

The Obama regime in Washington, which inherited the disastrous Bush-Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has developed new tactics to try to overcome the failures experienced in those countries.

The entire period of the US Obama regime recently has been taken up with reversing the retreat of empire-building.  To that end Obama  has developed a primarily military strategy: confrontation and encircling China and Russia, (2) undermining and overthrowing independent governments in Latin America and re-imposing neo-liberal client regimes, and (3) launching covert and overt military assaults on independent regimes everywhere.
The empire-building offensive of the 21st century differs from that of the previous decade in several crucial ways:  Neo-liberal economic doctrines are discredited and electorates are not so easily convinced of the beneficence of falling under US hegemony.  In other words, empire-builders cannot rely on diplomacy, elections and free market propaganda to expand their imperial reach as they did in the 1990’s.

To reverse the retreat and advance 21st century empire-building, Washington realised it had to rely on force and violence but, perpetrated by mercenaries and proxies rather than their own military forces The Obama regime allocated billions of dollars to finance arms for mercenaries, salaries for street fighters and campaign expenses for electoral clients engaged in destabilisation campaigns. Diplomatic duplicity and broken agreements replaced negotiated settlements – on a grand scale.

Throughout the Obama period not a single imperial advance was secured via elections, diplomatic agreements or political negotiations.  The Obama Presidency sought and secured the massive extension of global spy networks (NSA) and the almost daily murder of political adversaries via drones and other means.  Covert killer operations under the US Special Forces expanded throughout the world.  Obama assumed dictatorial prerogatives, including the power to order the arbitrary assassination of U.S. citizens. The unfolding of the Obama regime’s global effort to stem the imperial retreat and re-launch empire-building “pivoted” almost exclusively on military instruments: armed proxies, aerial assaults, coups and violent putschist power grabs. Thugs, mobs, Islamist terrorists, Zionist militarists and a medley of retrograde separatist assassins were the tools of imperial advance. The choice of imperial proxies varies according to time and political circumstances.

In Ukraine, it is the neo-Nazi Svobadas and Right Sector thugs and their front man muppets like Yatsenyuk and Klitschko.

On 21 February, the day before elected President Yanukovych was overthrown, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland (Laurent Fabius, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Radoslaw Sikorski) acting on behalf of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton (who was in Iran) had brokered an agreement which provided for very different governing arrangements for Ukraine.  These arrangements included:

  • Within 48 hours, re-introduction of 2004 constitution thereby reducing presidential powers

  • Within 10 days, creation of a “national unity government”
  • Constitutional reform “balancing the powers of the President, the government and parliament” to be completed in September 2014
  • Presidential elections, once a new constitution is agreed
  • A 3rd amnesty for participants in the recent disturbances

The implementation of these arrangements would not have involved any action in breach of the Ukranian constitution, unlike the removal from power of the President on 22 February.

This agreement was signed by President Yanukovych and three opposition leaders and supported by Russia – and it was wholeheartedly endorsed by Catherine Ashton on behalf of the EU:

 “I welcome the agreement reached today by the President and the opposition leaders. This agreement opens the way for a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine. A democratic and peaceful solution is the only way forward…  Implementation is now key. I call upon all signatories to respect the agreement and recall full Ukrainian ownership and responsibility for its immediate implementation.”

The opposition signatories did not honour the agreement and proceed to its immediate implementation.  Instead, the day after they signed it, they reneged on it and backed the unconstitutional overthrow of a co-signatory to the agreement, President Yanukovych, and the establishment of a “government” representative of the opposition, and not a “national unity government” provided for in the agreement.

And what did the EU do then?  It backed the Junta, led by people who had made a deal on 21 February and reneged on it a day later.  In a press conference, on a visit to Ukraine on 25 February, Catherine Ashton never mentioned the EU brokered deal of 4 days earlier in her opening statement, a deal which 4 days earlier she had said “opens the way for a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine”.

When she was asked about the deal, she muttered that “the situation has moved on”.  Indeed it had, a President had been overthrown by unconstitutional means, which had it happened in other parts of the world the EU would most likely have condemned it.  When asked if she agreed with the Russian government that “the situation in Ukraine is illegal”, she avoided answering the question.Thus, the EU signs a solemn agreement with the elected President of Ukraine and the Russian Federation but dumps it when the extremists in Kiev and the opposition leaders who also signed renege on the whole thing. Now they talk hypocritically about “upholding international law” while supporting and funding a totally illegal entity in Kiev.

It can be seen clearly now that far from being a “campaign for democracy” or “open government” the establishment of the Kiev Fascist Junta is just another regime change plan by the Washington elite to encircle Russia as they have already partly achieved with the subsuming of members of the former Warsaw Pact into the NATO/EU bloc. The destruction of Socialist Yugoslavia was part of the same scheme planned decades ago by the neo-liberal “think-tanks” in the USA. As of now, the key figure of that policy of intervention in the affairs of other nations in the Obama administration and prominent in the events in Kiev since last November, is Victoria Nuland  an Assistant Secretary of State for European and Euroasian Affairs at the State Department. She has been at that post since May 2013, although she has previously worked with both Democratic and Republican administrations.
Nuland is the wife of historian Robert Cagan, a Council on Foreign Relations member, and one of the co-founders with William Kristol of the infamous “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) founded in 1997. The PNAC called for, among many things, regime change in Iraq and a strategy for securing global control for the United States.

The PNAC group of neoconservative thinkers has been credited for providing the rationale behind the push for the U.S. to invade Iraq in 2003.One of its prominent members, Richard Perle wrote, in 1996, a famous report entitled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" that called for the removal of President Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, as well as other ideas to bring change to the region. The report was delivered to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In 1998, Richard Perle and other core members of the PNACPaul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Elliot Abrams, and John Bolton—were among the signatories of an open letter to President Clinton calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein. In September 2000, the PNAC published an even more controversial 90-page report entitled "Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century". The report listed as Project Chairmen Donald Kagan and Gary Schmitt. They expressed “the belief that America should seek to preserve and extend its position of global leadership by maintaining the pre-eminence of U.S. military forces.” All of these operators,  both overt and covert, have links with Wall Street and US corporate businesses just like prominent regime figures,  US Vice-President,Richard Cheney and Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld at the time of the invasion of Iraq, 2003.

Currently, the people of Ukraine have no say in the government of their own country and the situation will worsen if the Fascist Regime is allowed to establish a grip on power. Russia’s prompt action in strengthening its garrison in Crimea has halted the plans of NATO/EU for the time being. It is up to the Ukrainian people themselves to act in defence of democratic rule, stand by their Constitution and sweep the usurpers from their illegal perches forthwith.

     The faces of EU "democracy" in Kiev today; Dimitry Yarosh, leader of the neo-Nazi
  "Right Sector" and "Deputy Minister for State Security" in the illegal Junta regime
with "minder".

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