Saturday, March 08, 2014

EPP conference in Dublin



In Dublin this weekend the European Peoples Party held their major conference principally to confirm Jean Claude Juncker as their candidate for President of the European Commission to replace Manuel Barrosso who is retiring. The EPP is no more the “peoples” party than Rupert Murdoch or George Soros. It represents the Big Business, Bankers, Legal Corporatism, Vulture Capital of the EU and acts on their behalf utterly and completely. No surprise then that they enthusiastically welcomed the formation of the Kiev Junta in Ukraine and gave a royal welcome to such figures as convicted criminal embezzler, Julia Tymoshenko, recently released from prison by the Junta and discredited and failed Georgian ratbag, Shitfacevili.

Irish television, RTÉ, insulted its viewers intelligence  by giving Shitfacevili twenty minutes anti-Russia rants two nights in a row as part of the current western media prostitution of “news” as anti-Russian propaganda across Europe taking its cue from Washington as usual. 

The EPP and its constituent parties in EU member states have been to the forefront in formulating and implementing austerity measures, especially in smaller countries such as Ireland. This savage push for austerity has not prevented them from benefiting from a grant of some €9.5 million from the European Parliament budget; in effect Irish taxpayers are helping to pay for the EPP political jamboree in Dublin‘s Convention Centre.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, EPP parties have pursued major remodelling of the EU's economic administration designed to favour the elite in every case. These “reforms” are designed to lock in fiscal policy at a national level and enforce austerity at the European level. The ultimate agenda being to reverse all the gains made by the working class since 1945 and to commidify and privatise the entire economy with the state role being reduced to security and social control.

The European Parliament itself as the EU’s only elected body has been sidelined from much of a process that has included putting in place a whole set of additional rules and institutions whose primary purpose is to further transform Europe in the image of organisations such as BusinessEurope, Europe's largest business association, whose policy is the same; to lock in fiscal policy at a national level and enforce austerity at the European level.

IBEC is the Irish voice of this grouping. Despite all the high pitched  rhetoric about “democracy” , EPP parties see only advantage in a situation where fiscal policy is less and less determined by political bargaining between elected governments, political parties, and social interests and more and more is the outcome of inflexible and invariable rules (except when business interests have to be taken care of).

The most visible manifestation of the alliance of the EPP and big business is so-called ‘Six Pack‘, which delivers the binding fiscal rules BusinessEurope  has demanded. These measures favour neo-liberal structural reforms and prohibit state investment in social progress if there is no visible economic value. Resultant measures include privatisation of health care or abolition of labour protection laws.

The European Commission, where the EPP is strongly represented, provides the framework to lock in national economic and budgetary policies, because it is neither transparent, nor accountable to the public. Political power is being transferred to the un-elected EU institutions in Brussels. The result is that the European Union is becoming more authoritarian at an alarming speed. This alliance between the EPP and big business  can only be to the detriment of ordinary citizens and further the rapidly evolving militarisation of the EU. 

The gullible Ukrainians who were taking part in the Kiev demonstrations since last November in the hopes of progressive change in their country will not get any such thing from the likes of EPP and its corporate cronies, only a different kind of oligarchy, one that hides itself under the label of "democracy" but, despite all the elections and appearances of 
changing governments, the will of the people is just as surely ignored.

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