Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Micheal D slams US shock-jock

President Michael D. Higgins inspecting the Army Guard of Honour at Dublin Castle after his inauguration.


Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, has become a hit on Ytube for a broadcast he did in 2010 opposing Michael Graham, one-time stand-up comedian (obviously failed at that job!) who decided to become a radio shock-jock in the US espousing right-wing extremist views aligned with Sally-get-yer-gun Palin and other Tea-Party nutters in that benighted country.

Invited to do a weekly slot on desperate-for-audience Irish commercial radio “Newstalk”, Graham partnered with host George Hook to spew his vitriolic mouth lather at Irish listeners and promptly went down like a lead balloon.Unused to being opposed by intellect and reason, Graham was speechless when confronted with Micheal D. on one of the broadcasts. 

Forensically diced, sliced and wiped off the table by the redoubtable Mr Higgins, the deflation of Graham is now a hit on Ytube being enjoyed by millions. Now President Higgins, elected by the largest majority in the history of the Irish Presidency, Mr Higgins is more popular than ever and greeted with acclaim at every public event he attends.

Go n- eiri leat, a Mhichil uasal!


Áth Cliath/Dublin
MeánFhomhair/September 26 2012

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