Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Afghanistan Peace Conference, Bonn, Germany, 2012


International Peace Congress 2012 on Afghanistan

 Organisations  of the German Peace Movement, as well as Afghans living in Germany, are preparing an International Peace Congress on Afghanistan

The initiative goes back to Petersberg II Protests in 2011 (documentation PII Protests)

At that time there was already the idea to convene a Peace Congress, which is being organised at the moment.

The Peace Congress "Stop the war - Roads to peace in Afghanistan" will take place in Bonn on 13th and 14th of October 2012.. The location is the LVR-Landesmuseum Bonn,(Colmantstr. 14-16, 53115 Bonn), 5 minutes away from the main railroad station, Hauptbahnhof.

The entire Congress will be translated in English, as well as in Dari and Paschto.
In case you have a question or you want to apply for the congress please contact : 


The enormous cost, and waste of resources, apart from the shocking casualties
and loss of life, over 750,000 Afghan civilians killed and millions displaced, can be seen here:

Irish governments shameful collaboration with US Imperialism:

Ireland, a supposedly neutral country, has been implicated in this vicious war by successive
Irish Governments allowing the US Military to use Shannon Airport, near the city of Limerick on the Atlantic coast, as an airbase for transhipment of troops and equipment to Afghanistan and later to Iraq and other Middle East destinations such as Israel, in defiance of Irish and international law and against the will of the Irish people expressed in many opinion polls since this shameful collaboration with US Imperialism began in 2002.

The current Irish government continues the same unacceptable policy by allowing 600 armed US troops a day to pass through Shannon on their way to and from Afghanistan. Furthermore, by supporting sanctions against Iran and closing the Irish embassy there, this government seems intent on supporting the same terrible mistakes that led to millions of deaths in Iraq.

It was truly appalling that the Government of a supposedly neutral country like Ireland supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq nine years ago. It is even more appalling that the Labour Party Ministers who opposed the invasion of Iraq back then are now presiding over Shannon Airport’s use as a hub for US military occupation forces.

Irish Peace Groups, notably Shannonwatch and Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA)
have maintained a monthly protest gathering at the gates of Shannon Airport since these Imperialist wars began:

Irish police outnumber 80-year-old protester, Margaretta Darcy, at the gates of Shannon Airport
as Dennis Halliday,former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations intervenes.

Áth Cliath/Dublin
Meanfhomhair/September 18 2012

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