Thursday, July 09, 2009


As 10,000 electricians began official strike on Monday, 06.07.09, the Employers and Government reacted in the usual manner. Rattled that their wage cuts and job cuts policies were being challenged on the streets they repeated the usual list of lies they churn out at times like this; the “greedy workers” holding the country “to ransom”; “selfish sectional interests”; “we are pricing ourselves out of the market” and other such shibboleths.

The fact is, the Government and the Employers, both cronies in the creation of the property bubble which has brought the Irish economy to its knees, are now pursuing an agenda of bullying, socially-regressive capitalism in a determined effort to cut wages and conditions and increase their own profits at the expense of workers and their families. They have, in effect, declared war on working people and their basic living standards.

As mentioned below by FPB, one of the leading figures in this war is Tom Parlon, Director General of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) which acts for the employers who employ most of the striking electricians. Parlon, a former minister in the corrupt Ahern government and leading figure in the Harney-led “Progressive Democrat Party” which was wiped out in the 2007 election when Parlon lost his Dáil seat, was one of the instigators of the de-regulated financial and property development sectors which went on the rampage in Ireland of the so-called “Celtic Tiger” years up to 2008 and produced the local economic collapse here, inevitable given the deliberate connections made between the Irish economy and the perpetrators of global financial fraud based in the USA by Parlon and his developer cronies. Scumbag Parlon, who arse-licked every cliché-ridden sloganiser of US fraudster Corporate Finance who came here, now has the brass neck to demand wage cuts from workers who have been denied wage increases already signed up to by his CIF and their associates.

The electricians are in the front-line of the war at the moment and deserve the support of every trade union member and progressive political forces in Ireland. The future welfare of all workers in this country depends, in great measure, on their success in this dispute.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 08 IÚIL/JULY, 2009.

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