Friday, July 10, 2009


Irish taxpayers money is being spent on buying defence equipment from Israel, a country which has been condemned by the Irish Government in public for its inhuman assaults on the civilian populations of Lebanon in 2006 and more recently, Gaza, 2008/9.

Despite its public stance and assurances of support to the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, this Government apparently sees nothing wrong in trading in arms with those it condemns for using the same arms in its vicious war policies in the Middle East.

The situation was revealed in an article in this month’s “Flying in Ireland” an aviation magazine which also covers military aviation here. Here is the direct quote from the magazine:

The Government has been making great play of its commitments to Irish neutrality in the context of the proposed second Lisbon Treaty referendum yet, here it is, arms trading with one of the belligerents in the chronic conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours. This disgraceful hypocrisy should be ended immediately. There are other sources for this equipment which do not involve us in supporting the war industry of an aggressive Zionist state which wreaks havoc on its neighbours in flagrant violation of the UN Charter which we are supposedly committed to and all standards of human rights agreed internationally.

It is no real surprise that this is happening as the Government has been allowing the US military to pass over a million troops for its agressions in Iraq and Afghanistan through Shannon Airport and refusing to inspect the transport of prisoners to the torture camp at Guantanamo for years now in complete violation of international laws. Shame on Cowen and his Green collaborators! Boycott Israel Now!

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/DUBLIN, 10 IÚIL/JULY, 2009.

And here is what our money is being spent on: (Warning: these images are explicit)

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