Friday, January 16, 2009


Israel’s bloody War of Terror against the defenceless population of Gaza scored a new low of barbarity on Thursday when the UN HQ in Gaza city was attacked with phosphor shells by Israeli invasion forces totally reckless of the lives and welfare of the UN staff and the 700 refugees, mostly women and children, sheltering there from Israel’s cruel and inhuman bombardment of everything in Gaza which they chose as their targets. Despite a UN Security Council demand for an immediate ceasefire and worldwide condemnation of their actions, the Israeli military and their political leaders in Tel-Aviv continued to show utter contempt for the UN, world opinion, and the suffering of the Gaza people in the worst onslaught on a civilian population since the depredations of the Nazi Reich in WW2.


Israel has lost the political battle as a result of this brutal warfare which makes their military actions redundant and massively counter-productive. Following the American tactics in the illegal Iraq war in 2003, the Zionist leaders banned journalists from the Gaza strip which meant the Western media in the US and Europe, usually their best allies, had nothing to show their viewers but Israeli propaganda spokespeople like Regev and Liebovicz with their cynical euphemisms for murder and mayhem, or, actuality footage coming from Palestinian cameramen and women showing the reality of Israeli war crimes and the devastating affect on the population of Gaza of these brutal and illegal attacks on themselves, their families, homes schools and hospitals by the latest weapons supplied by the US taxpayer. While Liebovicz was seen on television denying Israel’s use of phosphor shells in Gaza, her lies were accompanied by actuality pictures showing Israeli tanks and aircraft using these weapons. Score 0 for Zionist propaganda.


Meanwhile, the spineless EU leaders continue with their rhetoric of condemnation but, have made no effort whatsoever to restrain Israel or impose any sanctions which they have the power to do, and as we have stated previously, these sanctions would be the only thing that would make the Zionist leaders take notice. Tomorrow, Saturday, Eanáir/January 17 has been declared International Boycott Israel Day by the worldwide Anti-War Movement and is a way in which ordinary people throughout the world can express their horror and disgust at the Israeli terror campaign against Gaza by identifying Israeli products in their own countries and organising a total boycott of such products. In Dublin tomorrow the campaign begins in the city centre, Dame Street, at 2pm and groups will attend at all the main shopping outlets where Israeli products will be identified and citizens asked to join the boycott. The campaign will later be extended to the suburban outlets. As boycott was invented in Ireland in the 1880's “Land War” where English landlord Captain Boycott was subjected to social and economic isolation which led to the eventual success of the Irish Land League, strong support is expected from the Irish public in this endeavour in defence of the human rights of the Palestinian people. The boycott of South African products by Dublin supermarket workers in the 1970’s was praised later by President Nelson Mandela as contributing to the defeat of Apartheid in his country. We have an excellent tradition to follow.


The Boycott of Israel is something practical and effective we all can participate in and bypass the inaction of the hypocritical US and EU leaders in failing to restrain their Zionist friends, and let the Zionists make no mistake, will be pursued relentlessly and effectively from now on whether there is a ceasefire in Gaza or not. They have roused the conscience of the world and they will now have to bear the consequences.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/DUBLIN,16 Eanáir/January 2009.

View video of Dublin protest, 10.01.09, here:

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