Monday, July 02, 2007

So, Who are the Anti-Americans?
The latest opinion polls taken in the USA show that 73% of the American public are now opposed to the Buckfush regime’s disastrous War in Iraq. The question has to be asked then; who are the Anti-Americans? Those who agree with the majority of the American public or those who ignore, defy and show only contempt for the democratic opinion of the American people?

We know who THEY are, don’t we? Buckfush and his discredited, shambling, crumbling regime of incompetence and corrupt manipulation of political power and daylight robbery and plunder of the US Treasury; Blairschmuck and his fawning cronies now ousted from power in Dowdy Street, and the miserable collection of ratbag dictators and despots who have joined up the so-called “War on Terror” for dollars and despoliation.

The “War on Terror”, far from defeating terrorism or even containing it, has, in fact, increased the danger and provided more propaganda opportunities and conflict areas for the jihadists and other extremists to join in. As the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, and the Palestine –Israel conflict is even further from any resolution as a direct result of Anglo-American pro-zionist policies, a new area of conflict threatens to open up in Europe with the attempts to separate NATO-occupied Kosovo from Serbia. The extreme stupidity of the EU-NATO moves on this issue, blinded by US military expansionism in Eastern Europe, will cost Europe dear if this situation is not resolved strictly in accordance with the UN Charter and International Law.

With Irish troops stationed in Kosovo in the direct line-of-fire if conflict resumes there, the spineless Irish Government has failed to make any efforts to assist a peaceful and law-based solution to the conflict there. But, then, this is par for the course with them since they continue to assist the US war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan by allowing US Military aircraft facilities at Shannon Airport despite clear breaches of the Geneva Conventions in respect of these activities.
FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/Dublin, 02 IÚIL /JULY 2007.

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