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A Serb villager greives over desecrated graves in Kosovo, a regular
event in the UN/NATO ruled enclave. Photo: K.I.M.

NATO Aggression

At the end of the Yugoslav civil wars in 1998, wars provoked and financed by the USA and some of its NATO allies in an attempt to destroy Socialist Yugoslavia, a Russian ally, and pave the way for further NATO expansion up to Russia’s borders in Eastern Europe, further provocations began in the Serbian province of Kosovo mounted by the Albanian terrorist group, the KLA (“Kosovo Liberation Army”) When Yugoslav forces challenged and resisted the terrorist attacks they were accused of “genocide” by NATO and the whole raucous chorus of the Western monopoly media and in March 1999, quite illegally and without any authority of international law, NATO forces led by Clinton and Blair began a bombing campaign against Yugoslav cities and towns hitting mostly civilian areas schools, hospitals, homes, public transport and civilian infrastructure, killing hundreds of men, women and children and rendering thousands homeless.

During the warfare, Croatian aircraft, with Yugoslav markings, were used to attack civilians on roads fleeing cities and towns to bolster the NATO propaganda lies about Yugoslav “genocide”. Yugoslav forces, Army and Police were eventually forced to withdraw from Kosovo under threat of continuing the air assault and invasion by NATO land forces. A “ceasefire” dictated by Clinton and Blair forced Yugoslavia to allow NATO Occupation of Kosovo and only a swift, peremptory occupation of the airport at Pristina, the Kosovo capital, by Russian troops which were part of the UN forces stationed in neighbouring Bosnia, prevented total NATO control and allowed a token UN force which includes a small Irish contingent, to also be stationed in Kosovo.

Clinton's Secretary of State, Madelena Ne'er-too-Bright

with Hashim Taci, KLA terrorist leader.

At the 1999 negotiations between NATO and the Yugoslav representatives at Rambouillet, near Paris, Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madelena Ne’er-too-Bright , imposed Hashim Taci, leader of the KLA as representative of the ethnic Albanians. Washington and London had already decided to mount the air attacks on Yugoslavia and needed the KLA gangsters to triangulate positions on the ground for the attacking NATO aircraft. The US sponsorship of Taci led to the eventual displacement of Ibrahim Rugova, the moderate leader of the ethnic Albanians and the foundations were laid for the criminal narco-statelet which Kosovo has become under NATO/UN Occupation. The KLA was supposed to disband and its members join the “Kosovo Protection Corps” to be set up to police the territory under NATO administration. Instead, the KLA remained to continue as the muscle for the criminal activities of the Albanian Mafia and the KPC was totally infiltrated and rendered ineffective by this means.


In 2001 the KLA , through its off-shoot in Macedonia, the NLA, instigated a campaign of violence against the Macedonian Army and Border Police in which hundreds of civilians were also killed and thousands left homeless and made refugees in their own country. On March 18, 2001 Macedonia's Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski launched a dramatic appeal to the nation; "It is obvious that the international community cannot run away from the fact that this time we are dealing with the creation of a new Taliban by the Western democracies within Europe" he said. But, the appeals of the Macedonian Government were ignored in favour of NATO/EU “strategic” considerations.

A ceasefire, supposedly arranged by Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO and current EU Security Commissioner, forced concessions from the Macedonian Government on unjustified increased political representation of “ethnic” Albanians in the Macedonian Parliament and coerced the Macedonian Government to allow NATO bases to be established in the country and thousands of NATO troops to be stationed there. Solana threatened to withdraw EU aid from Macedonia and block its application for EU membership unless it complied with NATO’s diktat. Intimidation, murderous violence, blackmail, bribery, mafia gangsterism, all used in NATO’s plan to establish military bases in all the former Eastern Bloc countries bordering Russia. Only Serbia stands in the way of these schemes but, the pro-NATO parties in Serbia, bribed by Washington financing and the promise of EU membership in the future, are actively trying to undermine the country’s independence and sell-out to NATO/EU at the earliest opportunity.

Solana, a complete imperialist stooge, carries out NATO and Washington orders against the interests of the EU which he supposedly represents. Solana is the leading lobbyist for militarisation of the EU and its involvement in neo-colonialist military adventures across the globe.


Subsequent NATO/UN rule in Kosovo has proved disastrous, allowing the territory to become a hotbed of criminality, subversion, ethnic violence against the remaining Serb population, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and money laundering on a massive scale. The “Taliban within Europe” is now a well established fact. Both Interpol, the international police organisation and Europol, its EU equivalent, have condemned the deteriorating situation in the enclave and warned EU ministers that lack of action by them was allowing the creation of an uncontrollable situation with dire consequences for the whole of Europe.

European police forces estimate that 5000 tons of heroin per month are passing through the KLA/Albanian Mafia organisation in Kosovo, and the amount is steadily increasing. As far as Albania is concerned "We do not talk in kilos any more but in tonnes of drugs," a senior Western diplomat in Tirana told the “Irish Times” in July of 2006. "Albania is like a big drugs warehouse," the diplomat concluded. 19,500 Kosovo Albanians are clogging German jails for selling drugs; 2,500 Kosovo Albanians are in Swiss jails for selling drugs; Hungarian anti-mafia chief Djerd Holosi says Albanians control 80% of Hungarian drugs; Czech's attribute 70% of drug distribution to Kosovo Albanians. The Azuri coast in Spain is now controlled by Kosovo Albanian Mafia.

Agim Ceku, a lying terrorist war-criminal of the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA) is now NATO appointed “prime minister” of this lawless territory and making belligerent statements threatening unilateral declarations of “independence” for his mafia-run enclave. There is no normal economy in Kosovo anymore, only criminal enterprises which function undisturbed right under the noses of the NATO/UN Administration and these activities could not continue without some active collusion by the supposed “Authorities”. "Ethnic Albanian groups have escalated from being simple service providers to other OC [organized crime] groups to reaching the highest echelons of international OC," declared the Council of the European Union in Brussels, 17 November 2005, and continued: "They are hierarchical and homogeneous, mainly involved in drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings (THB; often with disproportionate use of violence), exploitation of prostitution, facilitating illegal immigration and all kinds of property crime."

It is difficult to understand, then, why the EU is continuing to support the insane policy of separating Kosovo from Serbia and advocating “independence” for this lawless enclave. The Irish Government which has a contingent of troops in Kosovo, has done nothing to oppose these developments or bother to inform the Irish public of what is going on in the territory. We have seen in the past two days the extent of the efforts being made by international criminals to smuggle drugs into this country with the seizure of €120M worth of cocaine off the coast of West Cork yesterday. Cocaine comes from Latin America, mainly Colombia and Bolivia. There are now proven links established between the Colombian and Albanian Mafias. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the Colombian cartels have set up supply bases in the Albanian port of Durres for transport of cocaine overland to the rest of Europe via Kosovo.


The introduction of thousands of “mujahadeen” fighters from the Arab world and further east into the Bosnian civil war at the end of the 90’s with the direct collusion of the Clinton regime in Washington, allowed Al Qaeda to gain a foothold in Europe which it has since consolidated and expanded into militant offshoots now based in Kosovo and neighbouring Albania. With the turn of events since September 11th, 2001, the US is now waging bloody war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in Iraq but the “Taliban within Europe” as the Macedonian Prime Minister described it, is being supported and facilitated in its criminal enterprises. Within sight of the KLA drug-trafficking villages in Kosovo is “Camp Bondsteel” one of the largest US Military bases ever constructed overseas, on a vast site, near the village of Uresevac, and accommodating over 4000 troops.

"Camp Bondsteel", US Military Base, Kosovo. (Photo: GlobalSecurity)

This shows that the US has no intention of moving out of Kosovo, which it would have to do if the province was returned to Serbia, and this military presence fits in with the overall Balkans and Caspian Sea strategy of Washington. This is also the reason why the US is bullying its NATO allies and other EU countries into supporting the stupid “UN Plan” for Kosovo independence. There is nothing in the UN Charter which entitles the Security Council to detach territory from any member state and set it up as a separate entity. This is pure diktat by the Washington regime in pursuit of its own interests and the UN should not be misused and corrupted for this purpose.

The Irish Government should oppose these manoeuvrings both at the UN and at the EU Councils if its alleged commitment to International Law is to have any credibility.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn

Áth Cliath/Dublin, 05 IÚIL /JULY2007.

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