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Irish people were shocked by the savagery of the Israeli assault on the people of Lebanon during the aggression of last July 2006 and the spinelessness of our Government’s response to it. Only when the USA had withdrawn its threat to veto any UN Security Council ceasefire resolution did Irish Foreign Minister, Dermot Ahern, begin to publicly support the demands of Lebanon and several European countries for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression.

The Irish Government stayed dumb as the US cynically manoeuvred to prevent any UN attempts to bring a halt to the Israeli aggression thus tacitly supporting the criminal moves of the Washington Warlords who were supplying Israel with the weapons to continue its war against Lebanon.
On Saturday, 04 Samhain/November, 2006, Ibrahim Al-Musawi, a leading member and spokesman for the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance visited Dublin and spoke to an overflow meeting at the Royal Dublin Hotel in O’Connell St. The meeting was organised by the “Stop Bush Campaign”, a coalition of Irish anti-war groups and political party affiliates which intends to make the Irish Government’s logistical aid to the US Military by allowing their aircraft to land at Shannon Airport, Co Clare, an election issue in the Republic’s next general election due in May, 2007.

The large attendance heard Mr Al-Musawi describe the appalling conditions of the civilian population of south Beirut and the south of Lebanon during the Israeli aggression earlier in the year. Mr Al–Musawi denied the description by Western media and Government leaders of his movement as a terrorist organisation and stated that Hezbollah was a popular resistance movement with both political structure and military defence capabilities which had a legitimate right under the UN Charter to resist the Israeli aggression and the continued occupation of Lebanese territory by Israel.


It is quite clear, as events have unfolded, that Israel’s Nazi-blitzkrieg on the civilian population of Lebanon was no spontaneous outbreak prompted by a minor action of the militant Hezbollah resistance (itself a result of the previous invasions of Lebanon by Israeli forces) but, a long planned and mapped out assault in keeping with the Buckfush regime’s strategic interests in the oil-rich Middle East. The programmed assaults on Lebanese infrastructure and assets could not have been done on a whim of local commanders but, must have been the result of careful planning and forethought and completed some considerable time before, something which should have been apparent to any objective observers. Condasleeza Rice’s deliberate stalling tactics in preventing the UN Security Council from taking immediate action against the Israeli aggression and the continued delivery of specialist US weaponry to Israel in support of that aggression are further damning evidence of Washington’s warmongering and imperialist policies, despite the grandiose “peace” rhetoric which emanated from Ms Rice and her employer, Buckfush.


The brass-faced hypocrisy of Condasleeza Rice in turning up in Lebanon during the Israeli blitz-krieg to shed crocodile tears for the people suffering daily assault from bombs and missiles supplied by her government showed the depth of cynicism which characterises the infamous Buckfush regime in Washington and its globe-trotting hit-woman, an official who isn’t embarrassed by lying in public. Ms Rice has used her academic qualifications as a shield to cover up her falsehoods and as a weapon against her critics when found out. She lied to the US Congress about the prior knowledge she had, as National Security Adviser to Buckfush, about the presence of the Saudi hijackers in the USA prior to the 9/11 atrocity in New York; she lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, a concept now dumped by the regime but, only after the bloody invasion of Iraq cost thousands of lives and continues to wreak bloody mayhem in that tortured country. A bloodshed which disturbs not Ms Rice’s regular round of cocktail parties and her impromptu piano recitals.

The appalling outrage, towards the end of the latest aggression, of the deliberate targeting of a UN observer post which had been in the same location for more than twenty years, and thus its position well known to the Israeli Army, resulting in the death of several personnel, again undermined the lies of Ms Rice and her Israeli allies that this aggression was some form of self-defence action by Israel.


And now, it has been publicly admitted by besieged Israeli premier Oilschmertz, in evidence to the Winograd Committee, which was set up to investigate the Israeli government’s tactics during the war on Lebanon, that the War was planned at least four months before the capture by Hezbollah on 12/07/06 of two Israeli military from a border post. Oilschmertz, trying to spread the blame for the failure of the aggression to achieve its aims, for which he was being accused by then Chief of Staff, Dan Halutzination, and other military leaders, admitted that he had been planning the War since January 2006 and detailed planning had begun in March, 2006. It also emerges that, since Oilschmertz only took up office as Acting Premier on 04/01/06 following the collapse into coma of previous incumbent, indicted war criminal Shitron, and his first meeting to discuss attacking Lebanon was on 08/01/06, there must have been a previous longer-standing Israeli blueprint for an aggressive war against its neighbours already in place by the military. This revelation, of course, contradicts the military contention that Oilschmertz was keeping them uninformed of the planning of the War.

The story which is emerging now shows a planned aggression against Lebanon which the Zionist aggressors and their masters, the Washington War Hawks, expected to last only a few days, a week at most. Then, a provocation would have been staged on the Syrian border and the attack would be extended to Syria knocking out Syria’s military capability as stage one of a following attack against Syrian ally, Iran, thus consolidating US Imperialism’s occupation of oil-rich Iraq and the Zionist occupation of Palestine while neutralising the main opposition forces to their schemes for continued domination of the oil-producing region of the Middle East. With continuing threats being made against Iran, it can be seen that the usurper Buckfush regime and its nuclear-armed Zionist ally, Israel, are the most reckless and ruthless menaces to world peace since Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Reich, ready to risk WW3, and the disaster that would be for the whole of humanity, for their own selfish interests.

FearFeasa Mac Léinn
Áth Cliath/Dublin, 22 Márta/March 2007.

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