Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The Curse of the Baghdad Mummy’s Tomb seems to have fallen on those politicians who started the “War on Terror” and all that goes with it; the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; the Guantanamo Torture Camp and the abuse of prisoners and detainees there and in Iraq; the CIA Kidnappings and so-called “rendition” flights; the daily slaughter of civilians in both countries; the lies and deceptions perpetrated on the public about non-existent weapons of mass-destruction and the continuing suspicions of the authorship of the September 2001 terrorist attacks on New York; the scandalous misuse of power to force through repressive legislation on the people of the USA and Britain under the guise of “anti-terrorism”;


Buckfush and his cronies lost the mid-term elections and their control of the Washington power centres in Senate and House of Representatives, as the military situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan deteriorated and it gets worse day by day. Buckfush poll ratings are now the lowest of any President in history.

Cheneyshite nearly got his come-uppance at the end of February, in Afghanistan, when a Taliban bomb near-missed him and his entourage on a fleeting visit. It would have been a supreme irony if the bomb had been one of those supplied to the Taliban by Cheneyshite and his Halliburton arms company when Ol’ Sam Bin Lid was their main man in Afghanistan up unitil June 2001. Cheneyshite is now only one step from the guillotine as his former top aide, “Scooter” Libby, was convicted by jury this week for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice with a possible 25 years in jail as prospect. As “Scooter” scoots to the Pen, can arms-dealer Cheneyshite be far behind? After all, “Scooter” didn’t scoot on his ownio; he must have gotten a starting push from someone and all the fingers of fate point towards Cheneyshite like compasses to the North Pole.

Portents of Doom must now be haunting the nightmares of the rest of the Neo-Con cabal which planned the war in Iraq and the “New World Order”; Bremerprick; Wolfspits and Eagleburgercrap; as time runs out for them and their protectors in the Whitewash House….
..tick-tock...tick-tock… tick-tock…..tick-tock….


Blairschmuck is in the deep shit-pits now as the noose tightens around him in the Friggers of the Yard Special Investigation into the “Cash for Favours” scandal which alleges handing out Lordships and appointments to quangos in return for donations to the Brit Labour Party. Blairschmuck’s Runner-in-Chief, Lord (Cashbags) Levy, has already been arrested and questioned by the Friggers and is likely to be dragged back to the dungeons as a result of the discovery of a shock e-mail revealing more of the Downing Street efforts to cover up the trails which might lead to Princess Tony’s private boudoir in said Downing Street. Lord Cashbags is now crying “anti-semitism” in the Brit media, referring to his Jewishness and his other job as post-boy between Blairschmuck and besieged Israeli premier Oilschmerz.

Even more worrying for Blairschmuck is the re-emergence of questions on the Mysterious Death of Dr David Kelly, the government scientist and weapons expert on chemical and biological warfare who allegedly committed suicide in the aftermath of the “Dirty Dossier” scandal which Blairschmuck’s No 1 practitioner of the Black Arts of media manipulation, Alastair Bungle, cooked up to help Blairschmuck fool the British Parliament into thinking that nuclear missiles from Irag would be raining down on London in 45 minutes if the Brit/Yank invasion didn’t go ahead forthwith. People will remember that when the BBC fingered Bungle as the author of said dossier, he ran amok, in an unprecedented display of arrogance, petulance and dour pique, barging into the studios of Channel 4 News and demanding to be allowed his own political broadcast to attack the BBC reports.

Downing Street then launched a shoal of demented piranhas from the Labour “We Love Tony” back-bench squad to savage anyone in the media who dared to question the Messianic Leader’s credibility. Headed by “Shadowman” Peter(sacked three times) Manhandlesohn, the piranhas got short shrift from the media and the whole thing backfired badly on the Blairschmuck clique.

Worse was to come, though, when Dr David Kelly, blamed for leaking the truth about the dodgy dossier to the BBC, was found dead in a field near his home and a subsequent inquiry declared “suicide”, to the horror of his family and the general public which didn’t believe a word of it. However, Alastair Bungle had to be shipped out of Dowdy Street for good, although he still has a buddy in the Irish media where Pat Kenny has regularly invited him on his RTÉ (Irish National Radio) morning talk-show to continue to spit venom against his enemies, especially the BBC. Shadowman Manhandlesohn had to be shipped over to Brussels where he is still ensconced as EU Trade Commissioner.

Shadowman has learned no new tricks, however, and everyone is on to his propaganda style of denying everything and substituting his own prepared diatribe of all opposition to his ideas.

But, with Blairschmuck now in irreversible decline, Shadowman has only this week come out of his lair snarling and attacking his former master accusing him of making too many “concessions” to Sinn Féin in the Northern Ireland peace process. What “concessions” would they be now? An honest Police Force publicly accountable, non-sectarian and impartial enforcers of the law? Equal rights and opportunities for all people living in Northern Ireland? Free and fair elections without gerrymandering and vote riggging? An end to British state-terrorism and murder through the medium of Mi5 spooks and their hirelings? It beggars belief that this despicable parasite, who never did an honest days work in his life would have the brass neck to make such comments when he was the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland when these gross abuses of human rights were taking place there.

Blairschmuck will leave office in a few months with all this hanging like a cloud over his tattered and shattered reputation and more serious repercussions still a possibility if the several cases of war crimes against Iraqi civilians eventually get into court. Irish right-wing monthly MAGILL tried out a whitewash on Blairschmuck’s career in their current issue and conjured up a laughable list of “friends” whom, it claims, will save the People’s Princess from going on trial.

According to McShrill, people like Vaclav Havel, former President of the Czech Republic, and José Ramos-Horta, Foreign Minister of East Timor, will leap to the defence of Princess Tony because of a speech he made in Chicago in 1999 backing Clinton’s threats to intervene in Kosovo where Albanian residents were in rebellion against the Federal Yugoslav government in Belgrade. When that intervention turned out to be massive NATO/US bombing of Belgrade and other Yugoslav cities and towns on mostly civilian targets including hospitals, schools and public transport buses and trains and even the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, it was condemned worldwide including by Mr Havel and Mr Horta. Not much hope in that quarter now for Blairschmuck trying to avoid the hand of Justice.


Former Italian Prime Git, Slitherio Spagghetti-Balonisconi has fallen foul of the Curse big-time, as well. Relations with his wife broke down shortly after the Iraq invasion and the glamour-puss Signora, former model, Veronica Lario, was soon stumping the country undermining Hubby’s
career with her own anti-war campaign. The Signora had open-door access to all except Hubby’s TV and Newspapers throughout Italy and neighbouring France and Switzerland, where gleeful tabloid editors were only too glad of the opportunity to heap embarrassment on Slitherio. In a situation resembling some of the grotty soap-operas on Balonisconi’s TV stations, the Signora sent one of her children to a private school where one of the professors, a left-wing Marxist, was supposedly the latest object of the estranged Signora’s interests.

In one of his monumental gaffes, Balonisconi, at an EU Council meeting, made a loud remark that the Danish Prime Minister was better looking than the Marxist Professor. Having just before antagonised the entire German nation by calling one of their MEP’s a “nazi camp-guard”, all infernodamante broke loose and Balonisconi has since remained box-office poison everywhere except in Rancho Buckfush, in fly-infested Texas, and of course, Dowdy Street, thanks to Blairschmuck and Missy Cherie getting free use of the Balonisconi homestead for their regular Italian holidays.

Last year, finally, it was arrividerchhe Roma for Balonisconi and his party as they lost the general election and were replaced by a Centre-Left coalition led by Romano Prodi. This meant that Balonisconi could then be brought to court on outstanding charges and in fact, his trial begins in Milan this week on charges of corruption and obstruction of Justice. In a bizarre twist, one of his co-defendants is David Mills, the estranged husband of a minister in Blairschmuck’s own government, Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell. Mills is being charged with perjury in regard to a previous court hearing investigating Slitherio’s media deals and both could face up to 8 years in jail if convicted.

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