Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kiev Junta plans new War


Donbass Towns and cities shelled
for hours:

Heavy guns being moved
to frontline:

Russia warns of direct action:

The current outbreak of hostilities again on the ceasefire line in eastern Ukraine is just a preliminary event before the renewed assault on the separatist People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk being planned and organised by the Fascist Junta in Kiev. In the previous round, the Junta (KJF) got its ass kicked and its nose bloodied in no uncertain fashion by the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) who inflicted a decisive defeat on the KJF and its Ukronazi cohorts. It might be asked why the Junta  wants another go on this field despite warnings from Russia that any attempt to re-conquer lost territories in Donbass will invoke a direct and resolute riposte from Russia. But, the political situation in Kiev is ever more volatile with political factions at each other’s throats and muppet “President” Porky Pie Poroshenko trying to consolidate power in his own hands by removing as many other faction leaders as possible from positions of authority and appointing cronies he thinks he can trust, notably a bunch of foreigners imported from Georgia along with former Georgian President, wanted criminal Saakashvili and entourage(all on Interpol's wanted list) who have been given ministerial appointments in Kiev along with Ukrainian citizenship.

The dire economic situation with the Treasury bankrupt and the state dependent on EU/IMF loans, accompanied by harsh “reform” demands for more privatisations and sale of state assets with severe cutbacks in social spending, as has been the formula applied world wide in recent times, [Ukraine’s external debt, both state and commercial, totalled $125.97 billion, or 110.5% of country’s GDP as of April 1, 2015, the National Bank of Ukraine reported. Government loan payments coming due in the course of 12 months are $6.6 billion. Payments on obligations totalled $5.4 billion, including $3 billion owed to Russia—plus interest] leaves the Junta powerless to promote any local election bribery that would garner popularity so another war is seen as a way to create a threat which the Junta can claim to  be defending the country against and also attract more military and financial support from Brussels and Washington in defence of “poor little Ukraine” victim of “Russian aggression”. This card has been well overplayed and is actually causing alarm in EU capitals hence the renewed calls from Brussels and Washington for strict adherence to the Minsk Ceasefire Agreements.

The political situation in Kiev has deteriorated by the day since the shoot-out at Muckachevo in Transcarpathia last month (see previous article). In the days after the shoot-out Kiev responded by sending extra troops in to little effect and a Junta helicopter firing at nothing in particular but close to the Polish border where the Muckachevo culprits were supposedly hiding out, fired rockets which crossed into Poland causing damage to local farms and properties. This provoked a local response there with the setting up of ‘volunteer’ border patrols to stop the Ukrainian smugglers causing more problems on the Polish side. Unusually, though, the volunteer groups started flying the Donbass Republic’s flags at their makeshift border posts.

Volunteer patroller at Polish border flies Donbass flag.

They are using all-terrain vehicles to traverse the difficult and roadless terrain of Bieszczady Mountains, and conducting monitoring directly on the border. The patrols are bearing national patriotic insignia, including emblems with the slogan "We Remember Volhyn" (a WW2 massacre of 30,000 Polish in this area by the Banderistas, the Ukrainian collaborators with the Nazis in the war when the area was part of Occupied Poland). Carrying the Novorossia flag, familiar to every Ukrainian, which unambiguously signals to the neo-Banderites of the Pravy Sektor today that they are as "welcome" on Polish soil as they are on the insurgent Donbass. The Bieszczady border with Ukraine is long and vulnerable to infiltration. Polish locals declared their willingness to deploy additional patrols and, should the situation in Ukraine take a negative turn, to begin a regular observation mission.

Despite bellicose statements from the “Pravosekis”, particularly those based in Lvov, who set up road blocks for a short while on the road to Kiev, the threatened confrontation with Kiev fizzled out, at least for the time being. Yarosh, the PS leader in Kiev, found himself politically isolated and lacking support for an all-out faction fight with Porky Pie and the others in the squabbling Junta, so at the end of July he began making statements distancing himself from the “official” stance of the Junta and declared himself in favour of Ukraine's non-aligned status and against joining the EU and NATO. This position diverges from the official Kiev stance, but it converges with that of the Ukrainian opposition, including the Donbass insurgents. Yarosh also made a conciliatory reference to the "Donbass miners."

"The Right Sector has not been and is not in favour of Ukraine joining the EU. We believe that Ukraine ought to be a subject, not an object, of geopolitics. We are in favour of Ukraine's non-aligned status. Like the Donbass miners, we are against NATO bases in Ukraine, which means we are against Ukraine's NATO membership. We are talking both to people who favour the EU and those who desire an alliance with Russia. I'd like to emphasise: we are in favour of Ukraine's non-aligned status," Yarosh said on TV channel Ukraine.

Yarosh also said that the Right Sector will not march on Donetsk. "Donbass is our own, Ukrainian land, therefore I am counting on normal relations with people who live there. I have no problem entering into a dialogue with the miners, I myself come from the Dnepropetrovsk Region. It's not all cut and dried in the Donetsk Region. These very miners in 1989-1990 played an important role ensuring USSR fell apart and Ukraine became an independent country," Yarosh argued. This is a clear bid for influence in a re-organised Ukraine following another Junta defeat in Donbass.

Obviously, Porky Pie can no longer trust the “Pravosekis” to remain loyal camp followers hence the increased reliance on the Georgian ratbags who are now appointed Ministers in the Junta Government. Wanted criminal Saakashvili has been appointed “Governor” in Odessa to the utter disgust of the majority of the population who are mainly Russian speaking and are sympathetic to the Donbass rebellion. Interior Minister Azakov and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk both made conciliatory statements towards Pravy Sektor and soon found themselves on Porky Pie’s hitlist. Azakov has already been pushed out since he went on “vacation” on 10 August and was replaced by another of the Georgian mafia, Ega Zguladze, a scurillous russophobe and a Washington stooge who worked for the US foreign aid agency “Millenium Challenge Corporation” which promotes “free markets” and “democracy”, Washington style, until she was appointed Deputy Interior Minister in the despised Saakashvili Government in 2006. Saakashvili and his gang were ousted from power in Georgia in 2012. Yatsenyuk is next to go and will probably be ousted after the October elections in Kiev as his faction is in complete decline and showing less than 2% poll ratings currently. None of this is pleasing to Washington as they prefer to have competing factions which they can play off one against the other and don’t want a one man show which can be portrayed as a “dictatorship” by opposition forces and international critics.

Saakashvili and Zguladze during their heyday in Georgia

The military situation is no better than the political farce that reigns in Kiev. There is no unified command and there are constant defections from the unwilling conscripts who have to be rounded up by police and sent to “boot camp” to be “trained” by the hundreds of US military “advisers” now present in Ukraine.  The so called “National Guard” is controlled by the Interior Ministry not the Defence ministry. The so-called “volunteer” battalions of the Pravy Sektor and Azov Ukronazis have their own commanders and political leaders and don’t answer to the Junta. There is no combat experience whatsoever at General Staff level in Kiev. At least 1.5 million men of military age have defected to the “enemy” –Russia, a serious loss of population which will have demographic consequences for years to come as these men will inevitably set up families in peaceful Russia and won’t be in any hurry to return to basket case Ukraine. [UN estimates current Ukraine population at 44.8 million but predicts just 35.1 million in 2050 and just 26.4 million in 2100]

Kiev has been unable to replace the “60% losses of equipment” admitted by Porky Pie after last year’s defeat in the battlefield and the older Soviet models of tanks and armoured vehicles still being produced, not very efficiently or timely enough by the remaining arms factories in Ukraine, are outclassed by the modern Russian equipment now held by the Donbass Republics. Divided, lacking morale and tactically witless, the KJF are in no condition to mount a successful campaign in the East and if Russia’s warnings are ignored another disastrous and likely final defeat awaits the Junta clowns. No wonder there are thousands of defectors.


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