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British General election 2015


Exit Poll hints at Tory victory:

Historic decline of rottenTwo-Party 
system in Britain: 

Smaller parties to hold 
balance of power?

SNP sweeps Scotland, Labour
ousted from traditional bases:

The counting of votes has begun in the 2015 British general election. An exit poll taken during the day has surprised party officials since it appears to give David Cameron's Conservative Party enough seats to retain power if the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg retain at least 10 or 12 of their outgoing total of 57 including Clegg's own seat.. The Lib Dems and Scottish Labour look like the biggest losers in this election. The Scottish National Party, led by Nicola Sturgeon, appears to be making a clean sweep of Scotland expected to gain 58 of the 59 seats there with Scottish Labour Leader, Jim Murphy already having lost his seat to the SNP.

The campaign overall was mediocre and bland from the two largest parties, Labour and Conservative with the usual lies, false promises and bluster from Cameron with only modest policy differences from Miliband with a continuing austerity programme and no challenge at all to the inhuman neo-liberal dogma which has been consolidated in the EU with the passing of the Lisbon Treaty in 2010.

The Tory claims that the British economy is recovering are nullified by the facts that wages have not increased and low productivity, partly as a result of this, is still the major problem for British output. The Tories have also concealed their plans for massive cuts in the National Health Service and the social services generally and if they do get back into Downing Street these issues will arouse widespread social unrest against what will be a short-term minority government with another election in twelve months or less.

Both Cameron and Miliband carried on a vicious assault against the SNP which has now rebounded disastrously on Miliband with Labour on course to lose all of their seats in Scotland collapsing Miliband's chances of being Prime Minister this weekend. Miliband failing to understand how he could be Prime Minister of a so-called "United" Kingdom while spending half his campaign insulting the people of Scotland and their elected leaders.

The Liberal Democrats have suffered catastropic losses with Industry Minister Vince Cable, Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Danny Alexander and Justice Minister Simon Hughes losing their seats and Party Leader Nick Clegg just managing to cling on with a much reduced majority. Looks like the party will retain only 6 seats in the next parliament.

Cameron might hang on as Prime Minister but, with the least authority of any British Prime Minister in history, in effect being only Prime Minister of England with no authority whatsoever in Scotland.


Conservative Leader David Cameron returns as Prime Minister having secured a small majority in the general election. In a speech outside Downing Street riddled with ad-man cliches typical of Cameron's rhetoric of contrived falsehood and promises he can't keep even with a majority government, as his backbenchers now have more power to frustrate his government if they don't like his legislative program. The spectre of independent Scotland now looms large on the British political scene and despite Cameron's promises of more autonomy for the Scottish Parliament the stumbling block will be that the financial arrangements for this will be impossible for Cameron to resolve without alienating a large contingent of his own backbench MPs.

Political shockwaves in Britain as three opposition leaders resign;

Labour leader Ed Miliband, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage all resigned their positions this morning (Friday).

Miliband made a defiant but stupid speech failing to acknowledge the reasons for his defeat and leaving his party with nothing to bring forward except his obviously failed policies. It was a "So long, comrades, I'm getting off at this station so good luck and see ya sometime"

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