Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kiev Junta breaches ceasfire after only one hour of start..


A shaky ceasefire has come into force along the front line in the Ukraine conflict despite breaches by Kiev Junta forces (KJF) shortly after the midnight deadline on Saturday. Novorussiya Armed forces (NAF) have announced that they will not reply to random shootings from KJF units but only to serious attempts to cross the demarcation line by KJF or the private nazi battalions attached to the KJF side.

The Minsk Agreement which was brokered by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin in defiance of Washington’s wish to continue the conflict in Ukraine and increase EU sanctions against Russia, was then inevitably pushed on Kiev Junta muppet “President” Poroshenko whose forces got their asses kicked all along the front with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the latest attempt by the Junta to suppress Eastern opposition to their illegal regime.

Porky Pie had been begging EU/NATO for weeks to send more military equipment to the Junta but, despite bellicose rhetoric from the Washington Neo-Cons McCain and others, nothing substantial was delivered. Low morale and incompetence in the KJF and the Ukronazis resulted in another military disaster for the Junta, a virtual repeat of the same thing in the fighting last summer. The announced fourth “mobilisation” by Kiev was again a failure with over 1.2 million Ukrainians fleeing across the border to the “enemy”, Russia, in order to avoid being conscripted. An additional 500,000 civilian refugees from the fighting have also been accommodated in Russia. In Bessarabia, in the extreme south west of Ukraine, an area seized by Stalin from Romania in 1945 and attached to then Soviet Ukraine, the Kiev conscriptors were arrested by the local administration and the conscription documents burned in public. The Junta clowns were then sent packing back to Kiev with orders not to return.

The shakiest point in the ceasefire line is now the enclave of Debaltsevo, northeast of Donetsk still occupied by KJF forces of about 7,000 but completely surrounded by NAF units and artillery. Near Debaltsevo the cease-fire lasted the least. At about 2am the KJF detachments opened artillery and mortar fire against the militia positions on the Debaltsevo direction. The militia carried out precise counter-battery fire, the representative of the Ministry of Defence of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, told journalists in Donetsk. At  2am the remains of the encircled Ukrainian military opened fire. As a result, there are dead among civilians. The DPR detachments performed precision fire against them, – said Eduard Basurin. The NAF have offered a peaceful withdrawal, sans equipment, to the encircled KJF:

"We suggest that the Ukrainian soldiers in Debaltsevo stay alive. There is just one condition: that they lay down their weapons. We didn't talk about them becoming prisoners. Lay down your weapons and get out of here," said DPR commander Eduard Basurin

Kiev Junta military spokesman, Vladislav Seleznyov, said government troops would not leave as the town lies within territory under Ukrainian control in accordance with the ceasefire deal reached in Minsk last week. "There are the Minsk agreements, according to which Debaltsevo is ours. We will not leave," he said by phone. DPR spokespeople stated that the Minsk Agreement did not include Debaltsevo. According to the Junta, it was planned to do everything possible in order to recapture Logvinovo until midnight and beat a corridor to the encircled Debaltsevo group, but as of 9pm the same situation was observed where the NAF managed to hold the encirclement ring but didn't have enough time to eliminate the group itself until February 15th. Therefore, if the cease-fire holds, then the situation is formed when a part of the encircled Junta forces remains effectively encircled even after the truce, because the attempts to break out of the cauldron will be decisively stopped, according to Zakharchenko, the DPR President.

The fighting hasn't stopped there yet, but apparently after the front units of the Junta got very close to Logvinovo and were pushed out of there, the peak of offensive activity of the junta appeared to pass and the question of Debaltsevo will gradually migrate into the main problem area of the "truce". Keeping Logvinovo, Nizhnyaya Lozovaya, Kalinovka, and Sanzharovka allowed the NAF to maintain control over the communication lines of the Debaltsevo and Svetlodarsk group of the Junta forces. Meanwhile it is worth noting that the KJF tried to transfer the majority of the weight of its offensive from Logvinovo to Nizhnyaya Lozovaya. The fighting in the area of Debaltsevo by the evening of February 14th also didn't deliver a decisive result and no change  of the defence system of the Junta has been observed yet.

The fact that both sides failed to achieve their goals here to full extent (the Junta failed to unblock the cauldron until the 15th and the NAF failed to destroy it) in essence leads to the fact that the military situation has added a very explosive factor of the Debaltsevo cauldron to the diplomatic situation, which risks becoming the second "airport", the presence of which constantly led to the escalation of military action during the previous September 25 2014 ceasefire.

Shelling and firefights along the front line hasn't stopped yet, but serious changes in the front line may be expected only near Debaltsevo. On other locations the line has long since stabilised in general, however in the area of Mariupol fighting continued today near Shirokino.

It is reasonable to assume that during the night there will be a complete stop to firing near Debaltsevo. The published order by Zakharchenko and the announcements from the LPR of heavy weapons being withdrawn in a way pass the ball to the Junta offering it to state its position, but for now, according to the reports from the front, the Junta seems to be pulling forces towards the front rather than starting some kind of withdrawal.

Both sides already say that provocations are being prepared by each other and by other sides, which are interested in the immediate escalation.

For now there has been a significant reduction of the intensity of military action on the majority of the front locations, which suggests that overall the orders of Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky(LPR), and Poroshenko are fulfilled. Nevertheless, there are also incoming announcement about firefights in the area of Peski and Logvinovo, which is to be expected, because few hoped that everything will stop right away. But overall the observers note that the front, which rumbled for more than a month, became unusually calm. Overall, it appears more likely that there will be a truce than that there wouldn't be one. 

Speaking in Kiev on Saturday afternoon, Poroshenko said his government would take urgent measures if the Minsk agreement collapsed.


“If there is no peace, we may have to take the decision to impose martial law,” he said. “In this event, martial law will be imposed not only in the Donetsk and Lugansk (regions), but across the whole country.”

Given the opposition to the "mobilisation" announced by Kiev, this would only alienate more of the population against the Junta's attempts to extend the conflict.

The unpalatable facts for the Junta and its Washington Masters are that the current offensive and attempts to draw Russia into direct conflict with Kiev have failed miserably at huge cost to the civilian populations of the conflict area and further economic deterioration of the bankrupt Kiev regime which survives only by heavy subsidies from Washington, IMF and Brussels

Opposition of the public in all EU countries to Brussels’ financing of Porky Pie’s military adventures is growing in intensity especially since the Brussels dictatorship is refusing to relieve pressure on Greece, supposedly an equal member of the EU under the founding Treaties, and insisting on continuation of the failed austerity policies which have brought untold hardship and impoverishment to millions of Greek citizens. 

A protest was held in the centre of Dublin yesterday against the genocidal acts of the Kiev Junta war criminals. Members of several peace groups and anti-war, anti-Nato groups joined with anti-junta Ukrainians in O'Connell Street opposite the General Post Office, site of the Proclamation of the independence of the Irish Republic in the 1916 Rebellion against British rule. Other nationalities present were Georgian and Polish residents of Dublin. A visiting group from North Korea also attended the protest.

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